Monday, September 25, 2006

Huzzah, duzzah, rama, dama do!

All is going well. V. woke up in a cooperative mood and is in the shower. The three of us will to to the emergency room and then Che will come over to take him to rehab! We are all elated at the progress and truly have some hope now! So, off we go! V., the tall skinny guy, D., the owner of the house who is a perfectly coiffed, perfectly dignified woman and eccentric little Thailand Girl. The earth will shake at Sutter Hospital today because as odd a crew as we are, we are all determined to save V's life! We were joking, all of us - even V. - that we would be a good TV series, like "Tales of the City".

More later ~ and thank you for continuing good thoughts! We're not finished yet but this is the best beginning we could have hoped for! We are very, very happy!

May all be at peace ~

Thailand Gal

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Bonnie said...

We're praying here, Lis.