Saturday, October 21, 2006

Adventures. They're everywhere....

If someone had told me back in my cynical days that we can find adventures everywhere, I would have called 'em crazy and fed 'em grapes!

This morning, I went shopping. That always means lots of walking. Since I'm really bad about exercising in place, the walking is 75% of my exercise. It's not unusual for me to walk five or six miles a day.

Today, my shopping required not only the Thai store but Target. Target is 1.5 miles from my house in the opposite direction from the Thai place and is quite large. A walk or two around the periphery at Target will really provide a fairly good workout. It also, of course, results in impulse purchases. I bought Barack Obama's new book, "The Audacity of Hope" which I can neither afford nor read any time soon since my stack is quite high. Just the same, I saw him interviewed and definitely want to read what he has to say.

But I digress. My store rounds found me in the food section as well, where I bought the last package of all wheat English muffins.

I went to the checkout counter after three walks around the store and got in line behind a woman who was near my age. One person ahead of her was being tended. She looked back, saw the wheat muffins and commented that she likes them very much but hadn't been able to find them for quite a while. Where are they, she asked. I explained that I'd taken the last package and seriously considered just giving them to her. The truth is though that my diet requires them. There are a few health conditions that are improved by all-wheat bread and I don't like sliced. Quickly I had to think this through. Finally, I looked at her and said, "let's split them. You wait for me in front and when I'm done checking out, I will split them with you."

She looked at me and smiled. I wasn't quite sure whether she thought I was nuts or sincere. She probably wondered herself in the immediate sense. You know, it doesn't happen very often but it seemed the perfect solution in my mind.

Finally, she said, "Well, sure. That would be very nice."

We met in front and split the package. As that went on, we got into a conversation about the war, about Bush, about Keith Olbermann, about various domestic issues in the country. We also had quite a little talk about music.

We stood out there for an hour.

I find it amazing how much people truly do enjoy talking with one another. If I had my way, we would all do this more often. Conversation without a goal, without an agenda and with no intention of anything future. Just right here. Right now. I had no intention of pursuing any plans to meet her again. It was just a very nice way to spend some time, hear what others are thinking about, sharing a few of my own thoughts, too, and making a momentary connection that was hopefully pleasant for both of us.


Thailand Gal



Annie said...

Just dropping by to tell you thanks for your info on the dieting link. I will be checking it out later today & reading your latest post, too. I'm just kinda sneaking-a-peek on my blogs right now and then have to get going to work. Dot "tagged" me for a meme (my first ever!) so come back and see me for spine-tingling insights into Annie! LOL

Thailand Gal said...

Sounds interesting, Annie. :) I have seen a few of these "memes" in my blogtravels. I'll check in to see your answers.

I use SparkPeople to keep track of my walking and how many calories I've burned. It's quite a resource.

Thailand Gal

Annie said...

I'm back! Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I agreed completely. Conversations like that are like finding expectations, just here-n-now visits. Lovely. I'm off to go look at that link....Have a happy tomorrow!

Stephen Newton said...

Gal, your day shopping sounded like fun. There's nothing like adding another new book to the stack for a future read. You've mentioned your poor vision a few times. Exactly what's the nature of your problem? While I was climbing Bays Mountain, I chatted with mountain bikers, other hikers and a couple of families out for a picnic. I agree that sharing our thoughts with others is a rare commodity these days.

Anonymous said...
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