Monday, October 23, 2006

A little bit of afternoon....

Some good news:

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for his role in one of the biggest corporate scandals in U.S. history, AP and Reuters report. I would certainly expect appeals, but from the gist of the article on CNN, those close to the situation say Mr. Skilling getting his sentence reversed is like "a Hail Mary pass with no time left on the clock."

So mote it be!


The UPS guy came around noon. Two fairly large packages were for me. The clothes I ordered earlier in the month are beginning to arrive. I'd forgotten about this bunch. No wonder my cash flow has been so constipated. I'm broke. Some of the clothing is made from hemp. If I get too hungry, maybe I can roll 'em up and smoke 'em.


Seriously though.. it is extraordinarily beautiful! It was made in the northern province by the Hilltribe Hmong people. I was reluctant to buy some of this because it is very distinctive. My other clothing is "Thai Lite". This is "100% Proof" Thai. In looking at it now, I'm glad I have it. It is very well-made and very pretty!

Here are a few examples. I am having some trouble with alignment so hopefully, this isn't too annoying to view. Both of them are warm so will work well during the winter.

Enough of this! Sorry for the crummy layout. For whatever reason, I can not type in that gap. One day, I will learn to do this stuff. Today isn't that day. :) When I went to Target, I found a digital camera for twenty bucks. Once I've learned to use it, I'll be able to share a lot more. If it goes well and I can see well enough to take pictures, I'll get a better one. This camera is good for training ~ not much else!

Leh, it will be okay. It will all be okay ~ as soon as my brain gets back.

It is still on hiatus and should return soon. If anyone out there sees it, please be kind. It may have trouble finding its way home.

Peace all,

Thailand Gal



Lucia said...

Wow! What great clothes. Did you buy them in Thailand? Chiang Mai?

Annie said...

Beautiful clothes!! Don't you DARE roll 'em up and smoke! LOL

One of my favorites?

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.


Thailand Gal said...

Lucia, I order the clothes from Thailand. These particular items came from a store in Bangkok. That particular store has a wide range of things and these, I suspect, did come from Chiang Mai.


Thailand Gal


Thailand Gal said...

Annie, these are so thick, I doubt they'd burn anyway. They'd probably melt. LOL