Monday, October 02, 2006

Mark Foley and Alcoholism

I realize that hundreds of people have already blogged this topic and, yes, we all agree that he's a sleazeball, that he deserves some just punishment and that there is far too much of this kind of behavior in government and among celebrities. Somehow, they are immune from the consequences that would befall most of us. The ugly underbelly of moral corruption in this culture is beyond description ~ and beyond the scope of a basically chatty blog.

Most people are saying that Mark Foley is making excuses. While those of us who are sober recognize it as such, any ex-drunk (AA or not. I am not a member of AA) will tell you that he believes what he is saying. He honestly believes that if he goes into rehab and stops drinking, that the behavior will stop and all his problems will go away. Alcoholics are great at revisionist history.

One of the characteristics of alcoholic thinking is a strong belief in instant fixes. Our lives will always be better if only. All we have to do is stop drinking, change our thinking and start behaving responsibly and we will be just fine. At least for the next few days. That is the attention span of the average alcoholic. An alcoholic is a task master at rationalizing, justifying, manipulating and turning over the proverbial new leaf. We've all done it a thousand times. And each time we mean it! Each time is going to be the final time, the final success. We'll "get it" this time!

Instead of getting angry at Foley's alcoholism (if it is even authentic), we should stick to the issue. He is a pedophile. Maybe he is a pedophile who also happens to be an alcoholic. Who cares? We need to address his behavior. He needs to be kept away from young boys whether he is drunk or sober. Period. All the rest is buying into the alcoholic myth which also seems to have become a cultural myth. Everything will be just fine if we ignore it long enough. Everything will be just fine as long as we can tie it up in a neat little package, put a bow on it and present it for public consumption.

Not this time ~ and not when it involves kids! Protect them first. Who gives a flying damn what becomes of Mark Foley? He appears to be yet one more narcissistic, hedonistic sociopath who is only concerned with his personal gratification. He can rationalize, manipulate and make all the excuses in the world. That will not change who he is, drunk or sober. Maybe he will get a cell next to John Mark Karr.

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Ginnie said...

A great post and I thank you for your comment on my blog concerning the same subject. I commend you for staying sober. I am not one of those persons who feel that the only way to sobriety is thru AA...but it's the only way that works for me. All the best, Ginnie

Dogwalkmusings said...

Came to your blog through mine. I'll be reading...
Great work!

meno said...

Right on. I wondered if he even was an alcoholic when i heard he was going into rehab. And if it was relvant. But oh we love the reformed in this country.

patsy said...

truth is foley doesn't think he is wrong, he will blame everyone else for his down fall. i am sure he is hiding out in rehab hoping he wont be sent to jail.

paddy said...

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