Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now I'm really going to be poor....

Things are so calm and peaceful around here without V. drama that I am getting myself in trouble!

Today, I ordered a bunch of clothes for this winter. In particular, I ordered a load of sarongs in heavier material to wear for the winter. As I was entering my credit card number, it occurred to me that I should get my dusty old sewing machine out and make these by hand. Basically, they are just big pieces of material. With my lack of coordination, it took me a while to learn how to use them correctly. Anyway, if I start making the sarongs, I can spend money on other things. It is possible to order bulk fabric from Thailand.

I wish I had the talent to make all the things I buy. When I was a kid, I sewed constantly and was actually quite good at it. Of course, my reflexes were twice what they are now and I had one more eye! :) My bad eyesight is no joke! I am a female Mr. McGoo. (Test... who remembers Mr. McGoo?) Sewing is something that has always intrigued me. With the embroidery and such on many of these items, I would not be able to do it ~ but I'll bet a lot of it wouldn't be all that difficult. Eventually, I would like to take up Thai-style weaving.

Something to consider for rainy winter days.

Just in case anyone is interested in looking at some of this, perhaps trying a top or two, I get most of mine from www.thaicraftwarehouse.com Their tops are not very expensive and are very pretty! I am not trying to sell anything. I'm just trying to show off a beautiful clothing style!

May all have a wonderful evening!

Thailand Gal

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meno said...

i remember Mr. Magoo. The version of A Christmas Carol starring him was a perennial favorite when i was a child, lo those many years ago.