Saturday, November 04, 2006


Just a few things this morning. :)

Thanks for all the comments on the Haggard situation. My primary point in bringing that up was to take a hard look at the way this culture deals with disappointments, the imperfections of other people, and especially how we seem to feel the need to overpower and emotionally annihilate others when they are weak and vulnerable.

Haggard is no angel, obviously, but mercy is leagues above revenge and retaliation. He should be held accountable for his actions, yes, but there is no need to decimate or destroy him. None of us know when a similar situation could arise in our own lives. How many times, in how many small ways, have we each violated our own stated ethical system?


... which brings me to my next topic. I have removed myself from the "blog for 30 days straight" program. I can't recall the acronym. The reason is that my reactions to it were not consistent with my stated ethical system. These blogs are supposed to be, in my opinion, a virtual roundtable and a source of alternative ways of thinking and living. Most importantly, they are an awesome resource for learning about other people and how they live, how they believe, what they think on any given topic. My purpose in participating on "blog-dom" is to learn about others, encourage others, leave kind comments and generally raise the bar on dialogue, an art which seems to be disappearing with the times.

Throughout the day yesterday, I found myself going from blog to blog, noting how much response a particular blog would be getting, comparing it to mine and determining that I wasn't "good enough", wasn't "interesting enough". I fell into the "I'm not doing it right" mindset which, for me, is immobilizing. I even removed an entry because it wasn't "good enough". In other words, I was allowing it to become competitive.

It brought out a part of me that I do not like and will not accept. My behavior was not consistent with the ethical and value system I am committed to, above all else. I was a hypocrite. After much thought and a bit of necessary self-talk, I am back on track. However, participating in the "30 entries in 30 days" is out of the question until next year ~ if I determine at that point that I can participate with integrity.

So... that is something all will see here as well. I grow, change, learn new things, alter my behavior as necessary. Thumtibes it ain't purty! :)

Back to the original topic, if it's okay for me to screw up, it needs to be okay for everyone else to screw up, too.

Peace to all, and may all have a wonderful weekend


Thailand Gal


jen said...

ahhh, yes. good for you. quietly reconsidering our motivations is an important thing.

and i for one, read your spot every day and love the time i spend here. so whether its every day or every time the mood strikes you, i'll be paying attention. that's my 20 bhat for the day.

meno said...

Changing your mind on something is always the thoughtful person's perogative. And you are thoughtful, and i understand and appreciate your decision.
You pretty much post every day anyway, but who needs the pressure of having to do it rather than wanting to.

Lucia said...

I love that you said, "These blogs are supposed to be, in my opinion, a virtual roundtable and a source of alternative ways of thinking and living." I think this is my hope too, in the broadest sense in the blog community. I, too, sometimes cruise around comparing. When I come back to my own blog, I try to remember that I started writing this for myself and with the thought that if people read it fine, if they didn't fine, too. It's not always easy to stay there, but I think that's where I want to be.

You really are so great. I love coming over here into your blog house.

Gobody said...

It was hard for me to imagine a woman who is fleeing the western way of life feeling competitive about her blog entries; I learn something new about you every day ;-p

Kudos for changing your behavior once you noticed it, it’s a difficult thing to do.

Thailand Gal said...

Jen.. thank you. :) I enjoy reading yours daily also. We seem to have some important views in common.

Meno, Thank you for the compliment. I try to be mindful about things. Every now and then, I fall down and scrape my knee but then I have a chance to choose again.. :)

Lucia, I will do my level best to not get in that frame of mind again, about the blog or anything else. It is truly so destructive! Now I will do it, hope others enjoy it and let it go.

Gobody, this weeding out is an important part of the process. I was born and raised here in the west and was subjected to the same socialization process. When I notice it and experience it, I do my best to change my thinking. There will probably be other things that come up, too. :)

Thanks, everyone :)

Stephen Newton said...

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Anvilcloud said...

I wouldn't even attempt to try that. I am vacuous enough at most times anyway without forcing the issue.

Thailand Gal said...

Stephen, check your blog for my reply. :)

Anvil, the 30-days-blogging would probably be a breeze for me. I am not employed outside the home and have the time for it. It's likely that I will post something every day anyway ~ but I didn't like the comparing, weighing and measuring mindset I fell into. It's kind of ugly ~ and it's not who I want to be. I appreciate and value all the blogs I read. That is where I want it to stay. :)



caro said...

I love how you changed your mind! In french there is a saying : Il n'y a que les fous qui ne changent pas d'idée. Only those who have lost their minds can't seem to find a way in wich to change it. It is all about the journey and how we stumble and pick ourselves up and try again.

Thailand Gal said...

Thank you, Caro. I believe one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned is that if I choose wrong, I can choose again. :)


Thailand Gal

Pam said...

Objectivity is a virtue, especially when we are looking at ourselves. Kudos. From experience I have learned that worrying what others might think kills originality. And that's one of the things I love best about reading and creating blogs...all the spontaneous, original thoughts of its participants. Yours is on my list of favorites.