Friday, November 17, 2006

Trial of the Century? Hardly!

As it happens, I was new to Tucson when the OJ trial started. Each morning, I would get up and watch it on CNN. The evidence appeared to be fairly strong against him. One can always tell when the defense team in any case has nothing to stand on. They begin to level ad hominem attacks against the prosecution team. The attacks against Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark were character assassinations. The most aggregious one I recall is the attack on Marcia Clark's mothering skills. They wanted to know why she wasn't home with her son.


Anyway, I am in the "he's guilty as sin" camp.

During the trial itself, the racial tension was strong. Black people wanted to believe he couldn't have done it. White people mostly believed he'd done it. The relationship between Black people and the LAPD was notoriously strained at that time. The defense was able to convince the jury that the mate to the bloody glove found at the scene discovered behind OJ's house was probably planted by the police.

I believe he did it and got away with it. He got away with it because he had the financial resources to buy a defense team who used every legal tactic in the universe, regardless of the ethics involved, to get him off. If OJ had been an ordinary Black man from South Central Los Angeles, he would have spent the rest of his life in prison if he was lucky. More than likely he would have been sentenced to an arm full of poison.

Now he has written a book called "If I Had Done It" and will participate in a Fox Channel interview in a few weeks. In the book, he writes about how it might have happened... if he had done it, of course. If. Does this strike anyone else as particularly sick? As far as I'm concerned, it is just more evidence of what an absolutely despicable person he is. He has never paid a cent on the civil judgement against him. He continues to appear in the most compromising positions, plays golf all day in Florida and still commands a fairly decent sum for public appearances.

I don't know about anyone else but I will not be reading the book or watching the interview.

The man disgusts me. I believe he is either the maddest person I've ever seen or he has no concept of acceptable human behavior, the latter making him a sociopath.

Beyond that, of course, I have no opinion.

Peace to all ~



heartinsanfrancisco said...

I think writing (or more precisely, I'm sure, GHOST-writing) this book is the most cynical, arrogant, reprehensible thing anyone could do. He got away with a double murder after abusing his wife for many years, and now he is dancing on their graves.

He clearly believes he is above the law, that it doesn't apply to him, and that he was somehow justified in what he did.

He makes me sick, and it's impossible to imagine anyone not having the same reaction. I feel very sorry for his children, who have had to live with their mother's killer all this time.

Pam said...

I am in the " he did it" camp and do a thumbs down on reading his book. The gall, the ego...

Leann said...

yes he did it,the only person in the world who believes he didn,t is my mom and she isn,t too smart when it comes to judging people.she would have set me up with a seral killer if she could have.just kiding but you should have seen the men she thought were cool.yes OJ will get his.the Lord knows who killed those people even if the court was dumb enough to let him go God will not.let him have his day here its short,but hell is forever!!!this guy is sick and he will just eep getting sicker.he will do himself in.