Sunday, December 17, 2006

One more ride on the carousel....

It's back to dieting. It was horrifying to step on the scale and find two more pounds staring back at me. My wrap pants (which I live in) aren't wrapping quite as well.

The whole dieting thing is a major turn-off. I love food. There. I said it. I love good, steaming hot, gooey, greasy, sugary food. I like Chinese food, Thai food, American food, French food, Mexican food and junk food. Sweets are up there at the top of the list, along with diet Coke by the riversful. I love cooking food, smelling it and eating it equally. And anyone who gets between me and my Doritos takes her life in her hands.

So. I've made my point. Food is my friend.

It doesn't help when two of my housemates are both extraordinary cooks. D. is great in the kitchen, especially when it comes to cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and assorted other things that are not on the Chani-list. V. is Emeril's twin. When he is .. well ... sober... he is also a very good cook. When he's tired, he orders pizza.

I stopped having dinner with my housemates several months ago because I am doomed to a diet of little more than water and Thai noodles with veggies. This is so very, very sad... but one gets to the point where looking at blubber in the mirror is just plain distasteful. And this isn't vanity speaking. The cultural expectation to look like Twiggy doesn't even hit my radar screen. It's health that is the issue. There's no point in getting into specifics about how much I have to lose. I'm not obese but I am heavyset. The number I have to lose is in the mid-double-digits. However, I'm not kidding myself. "Long, tall and thin" will never happen. My British heritage bites me in more ways than one. I'm short (5'3"), stocky and thick-boned. I look more like Queen Elizabeth than Princess Diana.

Damn DNA! :)

Anyway, I've tried SparkPeople. The diet offered by that site must have been developed at Auschwitz. No one can eat so little! And there was no Thai food.

I've tried Weight Watchers. The support is good and their ideas are sensible but counting points just doesn't work for me. The exercise does work. I've actually discovered quite a lot of enjoyment in exercise.

So ... I'm on my own for now.

From here on, I'm sticking to a Thai diet. (How often do you see a fat Asian person?) A little bit of meat, vegetables and rice three times a day. Fruit between meals. That's it. No more. No less. Multivitamins and water. The only thing I will not give up is my Diet Coke.

If this weight doesn't come off, maybe I can go have it sucked out!

Anyone have some good ideas for weight loss?


~Too-Fat Chani


Lucia said...

I'm right there with you. I love food too. I have never gone on anything I would call a diet, just out of principle (or perhaps lack of willpower, but certainly not because I could use a little double digit loss myself). Sounds like a good plan...the Asian diet thing. I was somewhere in Asia lately where I saw heavy teenagers, and I thought that they're probably hitting the western fast food instead of sticking to a traditional diet.

Melissa said...

I love food too. I just bought a bag of Twizzlers. haha

I am using Spark People off and on and I find it works. Because it's just looking at calories and nutrients...if you're willing to put the time in initially to plug in the nutrient values of your fav Thai foods, it should work for you.

But the Thai diet is good...I think just eliminating junk food should do it for you!

MsLittlePea said...

Hey-I find if I try to get a little excersize here and there I can pretty much eat what I want. But then again I'm half Asian! :o)

jen said... too. me too.

i think the lack of carbs is the key. diet coke is perfectly ok....

Melissa said...

I've heard that diet sodas increase your food this true? I don't drink them much....

Meno said...

I also LOVE food, almost any food. Bring it on. Fortunately i am pretty lucky with my DNA.

I wish you luck, patience and success.

I've never heard of Spark People. Will have to google it.

KC said...

Exercise is a key component. Not just burning calories but gaining lean mass which will increase your metabolic rate even at rest. Without exercise, it is really hard to achieve negative balance by dieting alone (and probably would only slow down metabolism).

Weight training is good. Can you work out with some weights?

Leann said...

getting rid of the coke with get the salt out of your body and 20 lbs will go.I know that isnt going to happen.but you asked.drink alot of water to flush you out.the diet you picked sounds good to me.hope you get down to the weight you I stopped laying on the beach a long time ago to save others backs from trying to save me and push me back in the water.Ha Ha.I pretty much gave up dreaming of being young and twig thin.I been on more diets then twiggy.and it just does nothing for me.I lost alot of weight in my life.but after it always came back and more.the up and down was worse then just staying at one sound like someone who has will can do it.

dmmgmfm said...

I can really relate to the weight issue. I was able to stay at a normal weight most of my life by exercising; then I had a debilitating shoulder injury, then an ankle injury and now I'm overweight. If you come up with anything in your research, share it with me please. In the mean time, I’ll just continue to tell people that I’m not overweight, I’m undertall.

Holiday hugs,

Anvilcloud said...

Believe me, I understand. Once this Christmas season is over ...

Ginnie said...

My son made an insightful comment to me one day. We were in a mall and had just seen some fairly large black women pass by. They were all happy and strutting their stuff. He said, "Look how comfortable they are in their bodies. I wish more white women could be less uptight and just enjoy how they look... however that is."
(For a point of reference my son was 40 when he made that observation.)

Pam said...

I'm very short and have always had to be careful...but I love food, too. The key has always been exercise. Remember, a calorie is a calorie no matter what you eat (good food is better, for sure) and what goes in needs to be burned.

Thailand Gal said...

Lucia, that is one of the things I noticed in Asia as well. Not far from the heavy teenagers was usually some bloody McDonald's. Sheesh!


Melissa, the exercise program offered by SparkPeople is great.. but, geesh!, I can't stand being hungry all the time. Urgh!


MsPea, you are also considerably younger than me. When you get older, you'll notice that little "belly fat" thing going on... LOL


Meno, I will still love good food... I guess it's just a matter of choosing better "good food". :>


KC, yes.. I can work out with weights. They're not terribly heavy but they really do seem to make a big difference. I do squats with them (ain't a pretty sight!) and lifts and such.


Leann, if I honestly believed I'd lose 20 pounds without the soda, I'd get rid of the stuff. I've just never seen it work. Hm. :)


Laurie... Pilates. Some people I know with fibromyalgia use Pilates and Yoga without too much physical discomfort.


Anvil, I'm started yesterday. The only flub I made was some extra toast. Eek!


Ginnie, I couldn't agree with your son more! I will admit that I'm not comfortable in my body.. but it's mostly aches and pains. You know, knees and such giving me trouble because of the weight. Other than that, I wouldn't care too much. And I am not going to starve myself to please others. That's for sure! I hate body-size prejudice. Truly. I do! :)


Pam, exercise really does seem to be the most effective. Since it's been cold, I haven't been walking as much. That's made a big difference.


Peace, all :)


Gobody said...

If you like to get rid of some extras, try to keep away from sweets for a week. every time you feel like eating sweets, just drink water. If you can keep it for a week, you most probably wouldn't crave it so much any more.

PS: as far as I know, diet coke has no calories to speak of, check it out.