Sunday, January 07, 2007

Plain Jane....

It's almost time to go out for my "no damn excuses" 30-minute walk, per "You On A Diet". It is part of my exercise effort that's fallen to the wayside since the weather has gotten colder. If I ruled the universe, it would never get over 90 degrees and never under 60 degrees. I love a mild climate.

And I'm going to survive in Thailand.


Anyway, I went to the bedroom to begin dressing. It occurred to me that I have become very dependent on my "Thailand look". It's become a habit and part of my overall self-perception. It is too cold for it this month though and I've had to resort to my previous "plain jane" look. Capris and a fleece top are the best I can do without freezing my butt off, not to mention arms and legs.

Thai clothes are designed for warm weather. Last winter, I suffered it out. Not going to do it this year. Last winter, I froze for three solid months, all in an effort to keep "my look". (Ghod, I feel so shallow!) The fact that this has become such an important part of my daily life that I would risk getting sick and being very uncomfortable is telling in itself. It's telling me I'm an idiot!

Off for a walk. Hopefully, I'll think of things with just a bit more relevance.

Okay. So this is an insignificant and silly post. And I'm goin' ta hell for wasting bandwidth on the Internet this way. But... it's Sunday. :)

Hope everyone has a great day!


~Chani, who really does have an IQ above room temperature...


Lucia said...

Chani - To me, clothing serves as kind of a palette of the self, and so it is significant that you'd feel differently swapping out the Thai look that you're comfortable with for your used-to-have look, even if it just is for walking. (Hope you had good walk, BTW.)

meno said...

I will kick and scream before i force myself to get out and walk. But afterwards i feel so much better. I hope that will be the case for you too.

Gobody said...

Chani, obviously you are ruling the universe; the temperature is getting hotter every day ;)

Anvilcloud said...

Chatty, not silly.

At this time of year pretty well anything above freezing is warm to me. In that context, we're having a lot of warm weather -- very warm!

jen said...

i agree w/ lucia's comments.

and wonder how much colder it is there, not so far away from here...

walking is good stuff.

Laurie said...

I just wanted to let you know I did howl at the moon on my river walk Saturday night. I felt so primal, it was wonderful!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm glad you thought better of dressing Thai for your chilly walk. After all, you have to survive long enough to GET to Thailand.

I make some pretty silly comments on my blog. Now you've made me wonder if everyone thinks I'm an imbecile. Oh, well... whatever. (Thereby proving it.)

Anonymous said...

What do the Thai people who live there (CA) wear in the winter? They're legit, right?

Actually, there are three Indian children who are in my daughter's class. The kids have been bundled up in sub-zero gear since October. The moms are wearing their saris with windbreakers OR...capris and a fleece top.


I tried to comment 3 times on the previous post, but it comes down to "I don't know," and that's a waste of bandwidth. But, also, Thanks Chani, because I hadn't heard of the story and it's good food for thought.

Bob said...

your posts usually give me so much to think about, today's was a nice break!

I walk our dog early in the morning, so the last thing I worry about is whether or not my clothes reflect my fashion sense. I dress for the weather and the mess a large bouncy causes. I.E. my ragged out work in the yard clothes.

Thailand Gal said...

Lucia, that's true. It's become a "part" of me in an odd way. It shouldn't matter.. but it does. LOL


meno, the intentionally going out to walk seems kind of perverse ~ but if I don't do it, my thighs will stay flabby. Whattayagonnado? :)


Gobody, it was 60 freaking degrees yesterday and it's expected to be the same today. People are jogging in Central Park on the other coast. Very strange!


Anvil, I don't think I'd survive any place that got so cold. When I lived in Northern Colorado, winter was an endurance contest. When the snow comes up to the knees on a 5'3" woman, that's too much snow and the cold it takes to generate that snow is too darned cold!


Jen, sounds like we're having similar weather. Supposed to get cold (in the 40s) by the end of the week.


Laurie, good on ya! There's nothing quite as good as an occasional primal scream. :)


Susan, there are simply times when nothing relevant makes its way into my head. So I make silly statements about clothing and walking, hoping all the while that no one thinks I've lost it.


De, the Thai people here are very westernized. The ones I've met are usually in jeans and t-shirts. LOL Most of my stuff is imported from northern Thailand. It's definitely distinctive but it's also definitely made for warm weather. I've tried the "windbreaker" or jacket over them and it just looks absurd. ::sigh:: LOL


Bob, wish I could say the same. I've grown so accustomed to a certain way that it feels strange to me to change it back. Still, in the interest of not freezing my ass off, I will give in to the occasional sweatpants (which look gross on *anyone*, as far as I'm concerned) and look like a typical pasty, pudgy middle-aged white woman. :)


Hope everyone has a *warm* day. :)



KateMV said...

Speaking as someone who lives in northern Thailand, I can tell you that the people here don't bother trying to look Thai when the whether is cold (which it has been, now, for about a month). They wear sweatshirts,hats, scarves, sweatpants... all the same things you'd see someone wearing in America. And they don't look "Thai," they look like western clothes. I fit right in with my hooded sweatshirt and jeans.