Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Fluff....

Okay. It's Sunday.. and as usual, I'm posting fluff.

A few people have asked over the past few days to see what kind of clothing I buy. Since my digital camera doesn't work well inside, I decided to copy the pictures from the catalogue. These are all things I own.

The interesting thing is that the entire time I spent in Thailand, I rarely saw people dressed in this stuff. Most of them look just like people everywhere. There was some traditional clothing worn by people in the service industry or people who were engaged in one celebration or another but it was truly rare to see an ordinary person dressed this way.

I absolutely love it though and that is why I decided to adopt this as my everyday style, the stuff that hangs in my closet and is packed in drawers. After quite some time, it's become "everyday" to me.

Really, I don't like to overdo it. I don't want to look clownish. At the same time, I want to capture the "flavor" of Thailand. I have two very elaborate outfits that I've worn for special events. The compliments usually come but there is also a sense of "what in the world do you think you're doing?" :)

Most of the stuff is average though and I buy it bulk in each color available. It's not expensive, looks a little different and it feels good. It's very comfortable! The top to the right is one I have in each color available.

The other top is less expensive and even more durable.

The pants are extraordinarily comfortable! They would have been great, especially when I was thinner~ They are also available in bulk and I bought them in lots of colors and patterns.

The skirts are great for summer and spring. They're inexpensive and colorful.There's something else though that really makes this look work more than anything ~ and that's the jewelry. Without it, I suspect the look would be rather ordinary, just kind of hippie-like without the definite Thai influence. Most of mine is Karen Hilltribe jewelry, although I have some other as well.

There's much, much more. I also wear traditional ankle bracelets which I've shown here before.

It's different ~ but it works for me.

These pictures are all from ThaiCraft Warehouse which is where I order 99% of my clothing.

So, do you suppose you might recognize me? :)




Laurie said...

I can see why you like this type of clothing. Comfort is very important to me as well, though I am most comfortable in jeans and sweatshirts. I can see myself in those shirts though :).

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Lovely things. I have always thought that the sarong was the most feminine item of clothing on the planet; these things also flow beautifully.

I live in jeans, but actually love womanly clothing in exquisite colors and fabrics. I'll be watching for you the next time I'm in Sacramento.

heartinsanfrancisco said...
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jen said...

love it. thank you for indulging me.

i have some of those wrap pants and tops, mostly from things i've acquired while travelling, but when i do wear them here it's interesting how many folks mention it.

very comfortable stuff.

crazymumma said...

I love that kind of clothing although I adopt a simple jeans and black top approach to my dressing.

Cuppa said...

I love the look of the wrap pants. Oh so comfy, but pretty too.

Thanks for that bit of Sunday Fluff.

Anonymous said...

The pants look very comfortable. I dress very casually (actually, I realized today that I don't own a pair of dress shoes at all!), usually in jeans, but one problem I have is finding sweatpants that are exactly right, especially in the length. I'll have to check this website out.

KateMV said...

This is interesting. I am glad you pointed out that most people in Thailand don't wear this kind of clothing, but actually tend to wear more "Western" style clothes.

Some of these are examples of traditional, rural clothing in Thailand. The woven shirt, in particular, which is still worn by many men today, especially on Fridays in northern Thailand. Women do not usually wear it, though.

The pants that you show are what I think is a new twist on traditional "fisherman" pants. These are also a male garment. At the schools where I work, the boys wear these for their uniforms on Fridays. The girls, of course, wear traditional skirts. Thai women do not wear these pants, though there are some similar local designs that might today be used as pants for women. Two of my neighbors sometimes wear them. Tourist women, however, wear them frequently.

The long, loose, pleated skirt, I have to say, is not something I have ever seen worn by a Thai person, male or female. That is most certainly designed for tourists. When Thai women wear skirts, they choose either short Western-style or Thai design skirts, or the long traditional skirt shown in your first photo, They prefer tailored, rather than loose, clothing. I brought several long, loose skirts with me to Thailand, believing they would be comfortable, but instead got a lot of strange looks and ended up buying short skirts to replace them.

meno said...

I love the vibrant colors and patterns. I would buy some of the wrap pants myself if they wouldn't hit me at the level of knickers.
And that stomach above the shirt looks just like my stomach too. :)

Thanks for the tour. I think i'm going to look at that website for fun, maybe something would fit me.

Thailand Gal said...

Laurie, this stuff is actually far more comfortable than I would have imagined when I first started. Most of it is kind of loose without being baggy. The shirts are great~ They have a basic, unisex look that appeals to me. I have some that are more fitted but they hang in the closet a lot longer than the loose tops. :)


Susan, I have loads of sarongs which are also very inexpensive. They do make me feel more feminine on those days when I feel like escaping "old hippie" mode.


Jen, it amazes me sometimes how people notice my clothes. I've been doing this for quite a while now and almost forget that I look any different than everyone else. Then someone mentions it ~ always in a positive way. It's kind of nice.


CrazyM, before I adopted this style, it was jeans, jeans, jeans and ethnic tops. When it comes to fashion, I'm stuck in the 60s. LOL


Cuppa, you should get some wrap pants. Having seen your picture, you would look good in them! They are very, very comfortable.


De, no dress shoes here, either. I don't go places that would require anything more than my flip flops. Truly, I am hopeless. LOL


Kate, yes.. most of it is unisex and that's part of the appeal. Sometimes I buy men's shirts on purpose and use them as jackets.

Granted, not very many people were dressed that way when I was in Khon Kaen. Some of it is definitely made for tourists but that doesn't stop me from liking it.


Meno, hitting you at the level of knickers would be a good thing. (g) Sometimes I buy them and intentionally shorten them for summer.


Peace all. :) Thanks for putting up with the fluff.

Lucia said...

Better late than never?

I love this clothes and headed straight over to the website to look around. I especially LOVE that last bracelet. It's gorgeous!

Lucia said...

I can't really tell from the site if they're IN Thailand. Do you have an probs getting stuff from them? Or does all go smoothly?