Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh, good grief!

Okay. So today I take a break from tolerance (one of those .. um .. "traditional Thai values") to express complete and utter perplexedness (no such word. I made it up) at the blatant stupidity in this Anna Nicole stuff. While I do things around the house, the news channel is usually on in the background. We're all overdosing on the Anna Nicole Smith dramafest. At first, it was marginally interesting. It had all the elements of a cheesy Joan Collins novel and became temporarily addicting. I watched most of it in the same manner I'd read one of those books by the pool with a Coke on a hot summer day.

But... Too much of anything is a buzzkill. Knock it off, already!

Anna Nicole Smith was an intellectually challenged woman who became a celebrity because she has big boobs. Let's be upfront about that. If it wasn't for "the girls", no one would have paid her any attention at all.

She offered little of anything but herself to the collective society. Never once did I hear her express any concern over a cause or for anyone outside of herself. With the exception perhaps of an obvious devotion to her son, she was completely self-absorbed and concerned only with her own financial security and sensual pleasure.

Now the court is clogged up with a "property rights" issue over who should have possession of her body and where she should be buried. Her mother sat with an attorney, despite nearly twenty years of estrangement, claiming her rights to the body. Her boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, who is starting to sound like little more than her drug connection, also sent his attorney to protect his rights. There was an attorney present for Larry Burkette, a man who claims to be the father of her 6-mo-old baby. (Take a bloody number! Next we'll be hearing from Thaksin Shinawatra!)

The judge is an affable guy and is listening to all of this with a certain glint of humor in his eye but hasn't said a single thing of substance. He's bifurcating the issue to include the "preservation of the beauty" of ANS's body and the rights of her now-orphaned daughter.

First of all, if she'd cared a bloody bit about her new daughter, she would have laid off the drugs long enough to raise her!

This kind of mentality has begun to irritate me and is challenging my commitment to "tolerance".

As far as I'm concerned, the woman shouldn't even be making the news, let alone a weeklong AnnaNicolefest that has no relevance to anyone, as Phil Ochs once sang, "outside of a small circle of friends."

Get that, Fox News. Get that, CNN. Get that, CourtTV. Get that, KOVR. Get that. Get that.

Okay. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Hope all have a good weekend. :)




Cecilieaux said...

You got it exactly right. I hate the cult of celebrity: in so many cases there's really so little to celebrate.

The Atavist said...

I like boobs as long as they are on a woman. Large, small, doesn't matter. On the other hand, I don't like the boobs who think that what celebrities do or think or imbibe has any relevance in the real world. And I like even less the boobs who cater to these perverse obsessions by people who can only live their lives vicariously.

Isn't 'boobs' a great multi-purpose word?

Pam said...

The whole A.N. circus pushed my tolerance level over the top by the end of the first day.

Peach Pod said...

I am so with you on this one. Why is a woman with the morals of a feral cat sucking up so much air time? Is there nothing else to report about?

Jul said...

Ah, it's times like this when I'm happy that I've opted to stop watching/listening to/reading news these days...

Anonymous said...

But, since you are all tired of hearing of it, why do you all continue to speak of it?

MsLittlePea said...

I totally agree with you. This was a bad thing to happen and all sorts of strange things are popping up everyday-but I'd like to hear the NEWS please.

meno said...

Didn't she buy those boobs?

I want to throw my hat in the ring as the true father of her baby. (Now that would be biologically interesting!)

My heart really aches for that child.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You have to wonder about possible (probable?) damage to her baby since she doubtless was drugging and drinking heavily during the pregnancy.

You also have to wonder how much she cared about that child if she was in Florida purchasing a yacht while her 5-month old baby was in the Bahamas with a babysitter. (I believe the devoted boyfriend has now taken possession of the boat AND the mansion in the Bahamas, which was supposedly on loan from one of ANS's boyfriends who wants it back. Devoted Boyfriend changed the locks, however.)

Yes, these are extremely nice people. Just the kind of folks we want to hear about every waking minute.

Furthermmore, she had the notable boobs installed, btw. She didn't even grow them herself.

Anvilcloud said...

I love it. Yes, let's be up front about her big boobs. Up front. hahaha

Laurie said...

Right on! I purposely have left the TV off lately. I'm sick to death of it.

Thailand Gal said...

Cecilieaux, I do as well. What concerns me most is the message it sends to young people. Blech.


Atavist, great! Yes, "boobs" can definitely be an all-purpose word. LOL


Pam, it's pathetic that this sleaze is considered to be "news". At least we get a break until Tuesday when the circus will begin again.


Peach, there's lots more to report about but I'm sure it's beneficial to those in the saddle at the moment to keep people's attention on crap. It beats having discussion and thought about important issues like health care or Iraq.


Jul, I am paying more attention to alternative news sources these days. Thank goodness for "The Nation".


Genevieve, it's a national pastime. Griping :)


MsPea, check out the alternative sites. At least you'll get something worth knowing. ANS will not be fading into obscurity soon. This soap opera is entertainment for most.


Meno, yeah.. the kid. It certainly looks like she's going to get the short end of the stick.

I'll be looking for your picture in the line-up of possible daddies. LOL


Susan, unfortunately ANS is one of the most vacuous human beings I've heard or seen in a very long time. She probably didn't have the brain power to make substantial decisions. I hope the little girl inherited from the other side of the family.


Anvil, LOL!!


Laurie, it's so nice to get a break from it today. Sheesh!

Peace, all...