Monday, February 12, 2007

Shameless Escapism....

Today was a good day for shameless escapism. These days seem to come along periodically, days when I need to escape from the world as I know it and envelope myself in beautiful music, beautiful thoughts, beautiful actions.

A friend in Thailand sent me a tape of traditional Thai dancing. I watched it several times in a dark room with only candles for light. It was magical ~ and so beautiful!

I cleared out a part of the room and began to imitate it. The music flowed into my bones and I moved around the room in such fluid, gentle movements that every ache I may have had, physically or emotionally, went away. Eventually, I decided to get out my finest traditional clothing and enjoyed a few hours of dancing, amateurish though it may have been. There's nothing as magical as dancing ~ my big fat behind notwithstanding! :)

It occurred to me that this is what sex is supposed to be like. It is supposed to be fluid, beautiful and magical. It is not supposed to be crude, crass and indelicate. It's not supposed to be endlessly pursued or discussed with raw, dirty and vulgar words. It shouldn't be sold like a product. It's not supposed to be bartered like tokens. It is amazing how crassness can make something so beautiful ugly and grotesque.

Watch some Thai dancers for half an hour and see if it will not bring about the sensuality in anyone!

Listen to this music and tell me it doesn't reach right to the core of you.




ellie bee said...

thank you for this post--I had just finished reading your last one and relating: God, it is so true! I am clearly from a different era, as I find such boorish behavior offensive on every level. Then, tonight's post. Hope. Thank you!

flutter said...

it is utterly lovely. I find myself always attracted to things of the middle east, it is so clear to see your soul belongs to Thailand.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Lovely. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

meno said...

I love that you danced to this, all alone and graceful.

Thanks for sharing, it is beautiful.

Laurie said...

Very beautiful Chani, thank you for sharing.

Penny said...

I love the picture you posted!!

Unfortunetly, I can't get audio with my broken pc, right now.

MsLittlePea said...


The Atavist said...

Interesting music, essentially reflecting American 12-bar blues patterns in a minor key. Or vice versa. The singer's notes follow pretty much what a guitarist might improvise to the chorded background. I love the effect. It confirms once again that music is truly universal.

Pam said...

The music is lovely. I used to love to dance alone, feeling fluid and free, my mind filled with music and peace.

Bob said...

I like it. It's restful, relaxing. (it reminds me of music my son has of a group named 12-girls band. I believe it is chinese, but it sounds similar.)

Thailand Gal said...

Ellie Bee, thanks for coming by.:) I find it offensive, too, and the poor idiot has no idea why I haven't bothered to return his calls. I know too many *nice* men. No time for boorish babies.


Flutter, thank you for understanding it. It probably seems very strange to some, that I am so drawn to everything from a little SEA country ~ but ~ I am! :)


Susan, thanks for listening to it. I know it's a bit unusual. People either love it or hate it.


Meno, it is something I do occasionally. I just escape into Thailand right here at home. Sometimes I almost forget it's so far away.


Thanks, Laurie :)


Penny, I found that picture on the Internet somewhere. Wish I could claim credit for it.


MsPea, yes.. it is beautiful music! I like to listen to it as I am falling asleep, too. It lulls me.


Atavist, it is definitely universal. I can listen to music from any part of the world and enjoy it on some level.


Pam, I sometimes do that dancing in the back yard when my housemates are not home. There is just something very liberating about it.


Bob, Chinese music is very pretty, too. Most Asian music appeals to me ~ but Thai especially.

Peace, all... :)


QT said...

Thank you for sharing this, Chani. I love to dance to almost all music, it is the only time I feel even the smallest bit graceful or coordinated.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have always been drawn to things Asian, and am certain that I have lived many lifetimes there. The music and art of Thailand is especially beautiful, like the people who create it.

It's easy to see why you feel that your soul's home is there, Chani.