Tuesday, March 06, 2007

After life....

There is a rather amazing Japanese movie called "After Life". It's not a new movie but definitely one that will stick with you. (Check out Netflix for it.)

It is the story of people who after death find themselves at a place where they must choose what they want to feel for all eternity. They have to think of one thing ~ and that is what they will feel forever. Most of the choices were predictable; a wedding, a birthday, birth of a child, a holiday or something of that nature.

Some are touching. Others are beautiful. Most of the choices are very revealing of the character's personality.

I thought a lot about what I'd choose and had a hard time choosing only one. (As usual... !) It would be a real challenge to pick either a particular day in Khon Kaen which I've written about here or the day I retired and felt safe and secure for the first time in my life. Truly safe.

If you had to choose one moment to live for all eternity, what would it be?




Rhea said...

I've seen that movie. It was shown at a local meditation space near Boston. Very interesting.

Gobody said...

If I have to choose to feel only one thing for eternity, I would choose to be happy :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I had seen this movie, but couldn't remember it. I was very disappointed because you said it would "stick with" me.

I did pull it up on Netflix,and as it is not rated, I guess I haven't seen it. I put it on top of the queue.

The day my friend eloped, a few of us spent the afternoon together, drinking champagne and talking. My memories lasted a lot longer than that marriage!

Laurie said...

I'll have to get it from Netflix. It sounds like a great movie.

I honestly, at least right now, can't think of a time I would want to spend all eternity in. When my family took backpack trips, it was heavenly, but my son hadn't been born. When my son and I were adventuring, my mom was ill. I can't imagine choosing that time, because then she would be ill for all eternity.

I guess I'll have to think about it.

Thailand Gal said...

Rhea, it was a darn good one! It really made me think. -lol-


Gobody, I would choose contentment.


SB, yes... I have some of those, too. Memories of a perfect afternoon with friends. Kind of reminds me of "The Big Chill". :)


Laurie, honestly I have a hard time with "pick one thing" exercises. There are actually many moments that I'd be quite content to experience *the feeling*, if not the event itself. Any event would get boring after enough iterations. LOL. Groundhog Day!


Thanks :)


meno said...

You have put me on the spot. There was that one day with the Mister, but no Em. Getting married was a pain. Giving birth hurt. How about today?

Gobody said...

Chani, maybe contentment wouldn't do it for me; I am too demanding ;)

Robert said...

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