Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's too darned hot!

And it's too darned early in the year to have to say that!

Record heat today in my area. It's 91 degrees.

The fact that I do not like summer is certainly no secret. I don't like the higher utility bills. I don't like breathing hot air and I don't like the clothes much, either ~ now that I think about it. It's difficult to be modest when everything I put on feels like it's trapping the heat.

I've been hanging out in an air-conditioned room most of the day watching movies. Couldn't tell you the name of even one of them. That's how good they were!

My griping is unseemly. When I think of the homeless people and others in far worse financial shape than me, those who didn't have the option of laying in an air conditioned room watching movies, I know I should keep my mouth shut!

But please permit me this brief moment of totally self-centered whining. The heat just takes everything out of me.

And the irony of the fact that I will be spending the rest of my life in Southeast Asia is not lost on me. :)

Hope everyone is having a cooler day, both figuratively and literally.




Mary said...

Dear Chani,

Looking back on some of my posts, I began them with the same words. "How can I complain about this insignificant little problem I have when people are dying..."

But it's your journal and you have the right to say whatever you want.

If it's too damned hot - SAY IT.

flutter said...

I live Scottsdale, I SO feel your pain. I feel it.

ellie bee said...

It was beautiful, beautiful here in Georgia. About 91. That is actually rather cool here, compared to what it will be like in a few weeks. And, WE HAD A BREEZE--that is an amazing thing for this time of year!
Growing up in Alabama, I didn't know that air conditioners were optional in cars (back then--I think all cars have them now). I will never forget the first time I rode in a car without an air conditioner--I was amazed (and apalled!)

Laurie said...

It was gorgeous here in Montana today. I think it was around 70 or so, with a light breeze and no humidity. I kind of like the heat, for the most part, but probably wouldn't if I had to put up with it as often as you do.

Like Mary said, it's your blog and you can talk about whatever you want.

I hope it cools down there soon!

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Of course you are right that no matter what our problems are, there is always someone who has worse ones.

But the fact remains that you are too hot right now.

Hel said...

We stayed cuddled in bed for a few minutes longer this. An icy cold wind was trying to get to my toes.

Tabba said...

I agree with Mary's comment.

slouching mom said...

At least in Thailand, it's dry heat, yes? I think that's a bit more comfortable than wet, humid heat.

jen said...

it is hot. but the dry heat of CA is so much easier for me than the wet heat of Thailand....oh,'ll be in for it then. and A/C isn't so easy to come by there, is it?

i am totally grinning at the thought of it.

meno said...

I wish you could send about 10 of those degrees this way. Then we'd both be happy.

It's going to be a long summer for you.

thailandchani said...

Mary, you make a good point. Of course complaining is acceptable here... especially when it's HOT! :)


Flutter, I lived in Tucson long enough to remember what that's like. UGH!


EB, there are some who say riding in a car in the south during summer is used as an object lesson about the nature of hell. :)


Laurie, how's the cost of living there? Perhaps I'll have to consider that as a place to wait out my time until going to hotternhell Thailand. :)


Susan, yes.. it was too bloody hot! Today seems fine.


Hel, an icy cold wind? Hm. I can understand that.. but you'll get your summer later! :)


Tabba.. occasionally. I don't want to see this site turn into a venue for my petty complaining.. but now and then... oh yes! :)


SM, Thailand is hot and humid during one season of the year. It's hotter than it is here.. and far more humid. Everyone hangs out in air-conditioned spaces for 4 months of the year.

The rainy season there is awesome though!


Jen, yes... I experienced the heat and humidity when I was there and didn't like it much. We stayed in a lot. The rest of the year wasn't too bad though.

It's air-conditioned most places. Out in the villages, it is sometimes hard to come by but in Khon Kaen, nearly every place has a/c.


Meno, I would have happily sent you 20 degrees! I'm very much a cooler weather person. I'm happy between 60-75 degrees or so.




MsLittlePea said...

I love the heat. At least it's dry where you are but strangely I'm so used to Fl humidity, when I lived California I felt like it was hard to breathe and the air was so dry I thought I would die if I didn't drink water every five minutes. ( :o)I had good bouncy hair though) I love summer and being hot and tropical storms and the sound of frogs & crickets at night-maybe I should move to South East Asia too....

capacious said...

It is NOT hot in Connecticut. I'm not sure if I'm jealous of your heat or not. I like it but then I have to listen to Mr. Capacious complain about how hot he is.

Penny. said...

I love that picture! Is it yours?