Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And likewise, when KC asks, she shall receive....

This series of questions come from KC. They are very interesting questions because, well, there was one that entirely stumped me. But that's what makes it interesting and challenging.. :)

1. Your life is being made into a movie. Who would you want to play you? What's the title?

If my life was ever to be made into a movie, it would prove that Hollywood has, indeed, gone to hell in a handbasket!

Movie. Let's see. I think the logical name for it would be "Finding My Way Home" and it would chronicle my path in finding my true home. The only actor I can think of who has what I believe it would take to make it even remotely interesting would be Meryl Streep. Maybe Ellen Burstyn.

2. What is your theme song right now? 10 years ago? During childhood?

Now: It would not be a theme song *about* me.. but a theme song that describes something in my life. "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban comes to mind ~ and it reminds me of the people who share my life.

Ten years ago: I honestly can't think of one. Is there a song out there by chance called something like "F**k The World. I Want Outta Here"?

Childhood: A tie... "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian or "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson.

3. You are hosting a dinner party and can invite any 5 individuals, living or deceased. Who are the five? What would you serve?

It's hard to make a list of only five, so I'll categorize it by nation. This time ~ Americans.

One of my recent finds would be Sidney Poitier, having just read his book 'The Measure of a Man'.

Next would be Alice Walker. I love everything about her. She's wise, smart and appealing.

And of course Maya Angelou ~ a personal shero

Joseph Campbell - the mythologist

Elsie Clews Parson - a famous sociologist of her time, also concentrated on the role of myth in cultural development.

I would want to sit back and be quiet ~ just listen to all of them interact.

What would I serve? I'm not sure. All of these folks are American so I guess American food would be best. Maybe sticky chicken and rice? A nice garden salad? Drink of choice.

4. Besides moving to Thailand, what are the top 3 things you want to accomplish over the next 10 years?

To stay alive, to remain healthy and to remain open to learning something new whenever possible.

5. You are a superhero. What are your superpowers? What is you Kryptonite? Who is your arch villian?

Ding ding ding! You have stumped me. LOL

I know absolutely nothing about superheros. Can I make one up? Um.

Thanks for the questions, KC. :)




Jen said...

I'd have to beg to be the server at that dinner of yours, just so i could listen in on the conversation. or hide under the table...

QT said...

You are such a good sport to play twice! The first time was hard enough for me...the answers are great, doesn't Sydney Poitier seem like he would be extraordinarily warm and charming in person?

Pam said...

I don't think there is anyone short enough to play me =) and I'd have to think about a name, but I like Streep and Burstyn very much. May I add Vanessa Redgrave? I would love to see "The Year of Magical thinking."

And "At Seventeen" has always been to me what seventeen was.

I'm not familiar with Elise Clews Parson or Joseph Campbell, but would love to sit and listen to Poitier, Angelou and Walker.

For an accomplishment...I'd still like to be alive ten years from now.

Laurie said...

Those are really interesting questions and enlightening answers. You really are a good sport to do it twice!

Thailand Gal said...

Jen, I would be under that table, too@ Taping them.... :)With my short term memory deficit, I'd want to listen many times!


QT, I was very impressed with his book and even more impressed when I saw him interviewed. I admit it. I was watching Oprah. LOL .. That day, it was a Good Thing though. She had him on at a dinner gathering. Just listening to him was a pleasure.


Pam, definitely add Vanessa Redgrave. Did you see her in a series called "If These Walls Could Talk"? It was a long time ago, probably several years or more. She played the partner of a lesbian who had died. The story involved how she was dismissed as the woman's life partner and thrown out of their house. She did a beautiful job with it.

Joseph Campbell is the mythologist who is best known for the "Power of Myth" series on PBS. He's written many books on mythology and was a professor at Sarah Lawrence College.

Elsie Clews Parson was a sociologist who died in 1941. She studied myth and its impact on building culture.


Laurie, it's fun to answer the questions. Would you like some? LOL




Thailand Gal said...

Pam, isn't "The Year of Magical Thinking" based on the book by Joan Didion ~ or am I thinking of something else?



KC said...

I love it! I got so excited reading your answers.

I can totally see it- Meryl Streep.

And fascinating dinner party.

The superhero question was meant to be made up! For total creativity. (it's my signature question...)

Thailand Gal said...

KC, trying again. Blooger (not entirely unintentional misspelling) ate my comment. LOL

I thought there was a list of superheros and I should pick one.

Made up superhero: Her name is Choice. Her super power is freedom. Her krytonite is closed-mindedness and her arch-villain would be all those who through legislation or coercion would remove Choice from our lives.

Sort of an L. Neil Smith approach to it.. but there it is.




heartinsanfrancisco said...

I've been in love with Sidney Poitier for years. And I yearn to be a fly on the wall since you already have a server.

I think that your wisdom qualifies you as a superheroine.