Friday, May 25, 2007

Eight More Things....

Addendum: Here's an interesting site to start off the weekend. This is where I've spent the past hour. It's kind of a hoot.. different than Post Secrets because people leave comments.

Daily Confession


This is another one of those exercises where we are to come up with (given number) of facts about ourselves that no one knows. I snarfed it from The Atavist's site.

The problem is that I have revealed so much stuff here that I'm not sure there are eight things left!

But I will try it.

Because I don't have anything else relevant to say this morning.


1) I am not good at small talk. Does anyone else have the same reaction I do, that it seems like a waste of air and I'd rather be doing nearly anything else?

2) My greatest housekeeping weakness is refrigerator management. There are things in my freezer that have been there for months!

3) For someone who plans to make my home in Southeast Asia, it's odd that I have a low tolerance for heat or humidity. Anything above 75 degrees is too hot!

4) If ever riding in a car with me, do not second-guess my driving or continually direct me. I will snap at you! :)

5) I am very stoic in person. You would not be able to tell what I am feeling by simply looking at me.

6) I have a hair-trigger temper but choose to control it.

7) Lately, I am thinking that I am one of those women who is better alone than partnered. When I look at it, being alone is not all that bad and I am actually fairly content with a solitary life where I do not have to continually compromise with someone else or avoid someone else's landmines. It would take an extremely unusual man to have a successful relationship with me.

8) I am not very sentimental.

These things may already be known. I'm not sure. But at least it fills up this page and opens up the possibility that you (y'all) will share something unusual about yourselves with me.

As always, this is a meme. If you are reading this, you're tagged. :)



** Note: I am going to answer yesterday's comments this weekend. There is so much to think about! :)


MsLittlePea said...

I have a bad temper too, but I'm easily charmed back into a good mood again.

jen said...

i am not good at small talk either. or crowds. i withdrawl. others beam. it's interesting how we all respond to stimuli.

i knew about the heat already, but it makes me smile every time you say are going to have to have one of those industrial A/C's in Thailand, friend. and then your house will be the most popular on the block.

Pam said...

I like your new look.

To Be blunt, I suck at small talk so try to avoid those kinds of situations.

My freezer has mysteries, too.

Caro said...

I recognise a lot of myself in the way you described yourself :)
The new look is just fabulous!

thailandchani said...

MsPea, for some reason I've always found my temper to be distasteful. It's really impatience. I am just not a very patient person sometimes. :)


Jen, one of the things that is so funny about my time in Thailand was my constant asking "Is it always so hot here?" Everyone said.. um.. yeah... this is a toasty place. Of course, people who have lived a lifetime there don't even notice it.

I tried to figure out how I can reconcile that with the fact that I know I belong there and will have to learn to live with it.

The house I will be renting does have a very good AC system and I'll be inside a lot. That is the only way I can make it work.

Maybe I'll acclimate at some point. Gawd, I hope so! LOl


Pam, small talk is just too hard, too forced. And I honestly truly don't care what someone had for lunch on any given day... nor do I care to hear a litany of various social markers.

Sometimes I've wondered if I'm just not very "nice".. and perhaps I'm not.. but it really does get old very fast.


Caro, I am still blown away by the look. When I log on in the morning, I wonder if I'm logged in to someone else's blog. LOL




Anvilcloud said...

I'm with you on small talk and heat, but I am somewhat sentimental and not particularly stoic.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I also have a hair-trigger temper which I choose to control. And my reason is also impatience with situations, although I am endlessly patient with children and animals.

I've never been sure what small talk is, exactly, but I do not enjoy discussing the weather unless it's dramatic and therefore interesting.

Tsunamis and earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes are interesting. "Hot enough for ya?" is not.

slouching mom said...

The temper that is really impatience?

I've got it.

And it's more than troublesome, for me, of course, but mostly for those who have to live with me.

Laurie said...

I rarely do small talk, though I have had to more lately here at the hospital.

Interesting post, as usual.

thailandchani said...

Anvil, I don't know why I lack the sentimentality gene. Most of the things that make people go "awwwww" just don't reach me at all. On the other hand, tell me a good joke... :)


Susan, hot enough for ya? :) Just kidding. Yeah.. the things people talk about just to fill the silence sometimes amazes me. I am very comfortable being silent with someone.


SM, I know mine elevates my blood pressure. Not good. :)


Laurie, oh yes.. the small talk seems to smooth the edges in a hospital.

Saw your update on Dale. I'm so glad he's doing better.




The Atavist said...

I don't like small talk either, and absolutely do not tolerate back-seat drivers. Thanks for sharing!

flutter said...

I generally suck all the way around, is there a way to split that up into 8 things?

TTQ said...

I've changed so much recently I can hardly keep up with myself, let alone someone's the ones you revealed to us, yep I've forgotten them. Except to say you wouldn't like it here in Florida 88.3 in the backyard right now, it would be hotter but it's overcast and the sensor thing isn't reading the sun like it usually does. It is however 76.3 at my desk. No humidity..a/c is cranked.

I'm curious though..what did you imagine?

thailandchani said...

Atavist, backseat drivers just make me nuts! I've been Driving Miss D. for the past week due to her surgery ~ and I actually snapped at her for it.

I told her that if she didn't trust my driving, she should find someone who would be better suited to her needs.

She shut up immediately. LOL


Flutter, actually I think that should be a meme in itself. The only thing is that I wouldn't be able to limit myself to only 8 things! I'd need 80. :)I suck at too much.




thailandchani said...

TTQ, you mean in terms of Thailand? Before I went there, I literally never thought even once about the weather. When I got there, I nearly passed out at the airport in Bangkok. The air stank. The smog was unbelievable! It was hot. It was humid.

I hated Bangkok. Couldn't stand it. It's like Baltimore, Southeast Asia. I don't care if I ever see Bangkok again in my life! Some people I know love it and wouldn't consider living anywhere else.

When I got to Khon Kaen, Isaan, the smog wasn't bad but the bugs were horrible! As a friend of mine once said, they're big enough to rape a chicken.

And I also became intensely attached to Thailand and loved it beyond description. It was home, even with the bad stuff.

Sometimes there's no explaining these things.




KC said...

Your freezer and my freezer could get along very well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very good at small talk either, but I'm learning. I'm the opposite of a stoic, everyone can tell what's going on inside me by looking at my face.

Hel said...

I also hate small talk. I never know what to say in return. I try and try to get something to hook onto but no luck. Nothing that is said calls back a rely from my head.

Anonymous said...

Katherine Hepburn said once that men and women really weren't suited for each other, that they should live on opposite sides of the street and just visit every so often. I thought of that when I read #7.

Christine said...

My refrigerator is really embarrassing. I actually throw old stuff away, but never wipe it out or clean it.

And i also get SO mad if anyone tells me what to do in the car; especially my poor husband! ;-p

QT said...

Chani - keeping up with food in the freezer can be exhausting- I am getting better, but I still unearth a few things that I have NO idea what they are - of course, they have no labels!

I also detest being "directed" while driving~

Mary said...

Deaer Chani,

None of these eight things surprise me. Your personality shines through your words. I think you are one heck of a woman.

But I wonder how you will fare in the Thai heat :o/