Monday, June 18, 2007

And yet another day dawns....

... and at least I can offer this pretty picture.

I'd love to be there! Right now!

I have little to offer since my body is not cooperating with my mind and I've caught another dreaded summer cold. After being up half the night, hacking and choking, witty repartee is not on the agenda for today!

D. is leaving tomorrow for a week at her family reunion in Texas. It will be oddly refreshing around here without hearing her constant complaining. Seriously, folks, there are days when I believe my ears will start to bleed.

Why is it that some people live in a constant state of dissatisfaction? Every statement has to be challenged and a right/wrong judgment attached to everything. Everything becomes a power struggle and everything has to be done one way? Why do some people find it necessary to share their misery with the world? (Um. Like I am doing right now. Um. *errm*)

Mai fricking pen rai, already!


Fortunately, I use my tenant status to my advantage at these times and my mother-in-law unit becomes Fort Knox. (I should mention, these battles are not with me. They are with her sons.)

I'm looking forward to opening up a good book and escaping for the day. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have something to say that will at least justify the effort to click over this way.

Is there an award out there somewhere for the most boring, useless post on the Internet?

I nominate myself.

Sorry, guys. :)




Tabba said...

Oh, Chani....enjoy the break. Enjoy the silence and focus on getting yourself well. We all need to nurture and feed our souls once in a while.

I have one of "those" types of people in my family. It's exhausting talking to them, really. I've learned, after many hard lessons, that I have to smile and nod. There is no othe way. Because they simply don't listen.

I do hope you're over this cold soon.

Christine said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Being around negative people can be so trying! And don't feel weird about expressing it here; we want to hear what is going on in your life whatever it may be. And you're never boring! ;-p

Hel said...

I like it when bloggers are honest and show that they are not always on top of the world. It makes you more real somehow.

And it makes me feel better about my own grumblings ;)

I'm sorry about your friend's reaction yesterday. But glad that you are doing what is right for you.

To me you are perfect just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

Your description of "some people" sounds exactly like my children, so maybe "some" get stuck in a rather disagreeable developmental phase.

Feel better.

Carla said...

The photo is gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better soon.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I, too, look forward to a week of peace and quiet for you, and hope you feel better soon.

I think that for many people, it is too easy to slip into negativity unless an active attempt is made to be positive. In fact, sometimes I have this problem, so I welcome the reminder.

So you're not going to throw wild drunken orgies while they're gone? Sounds like a waste of a perfectly good house if you ask me. :)

QT said...

Oh Chani - I hope you feel better soon! Some alone time is just what you need ~

jen said...

i would give a toe for a day alone with a book!

is that Rai-lay on the southern coast?

no need to apologize - friend.

ewe are here said...

'everything becomes a power struggle'...

I think you've described my mother. Sigh.

Feel better soon. Stare at that lovely, stunning picture a bit longer...

meno said...

Please, no apologies. Some days it's just nice to hear you chat about your life.

slouching mom said...

I've always thought constant negativity is to be pitied. We only have the one life (maybe, but let's assume it for the sake of my argument). Why on earth would someone want to spend it so foolishly? Such a waste of precious time.

Hope you feel better soon and that you can get some sleep tonight.

MsLittlePea said...

Love the picture. Doesn't look too different from the island my mom is from in the Philippines. I'm sure the quiet will do you a lot of good. Don't apologies, this post wasn't boring at all.

Girl on the Run... said...

Sorry I haven't been around! Every time I go to log on here.. I get booted or my screen freezes! I love the new look and I love that picture.

Would love to be there!

All the best always!

thailandchani said...

Tabba, thanks. The frustrating thing about this cold is that I feel like a snot-nosed toddler with my runny nose. It's embarrassing! :)

D. had this cold late last week. Of course she doesn't think I caught it from her. LOL


Christine, it is rough being around that. In so many ways, she doesn't realize how she contributes to the negativity she gets. How hard can it be to understand this. Be gracious and kind all the time. The rest takes care of itself!

She's mad at one of her sons right now and will not say goodbye to him before leaving for Texas.

Mai pen rai. :)


Thanks, Hel. What a kind thing to say. :) I'm not perfect.. but at least I hope I'm not problematic. LOL


De, at least children have an excuse! They haven't learned yet.. and, yes, I agree. Some people simply suffer from arrested development.


Carla, thanks. :)


Susan, I hope it will be peaceful around here! V is working very long hours (yes, he got a job...) and then will leave for his g/f's house. I'm hoping for a few peaceful days here without the usual problem-solving exercises.


QT, thanks. Exactly. That is what I need. Quiet... no interruptions for complaint sessions.


Jen, I can imagine! I remember what that was like.

The picture is from the south.. but I can't recall exactly where. It's definitely the T. place though :)


Ewe, I've been staring at pictures of Thailand all day. I'm so pathetic. LOL When I'm sick, I just need to see it. Like some stupid lovesick puppy!


Meno, thanks. I appreciate that. Really.


SM, I'm hoping for sleep tonight, too. The darn congestion wakes me up. I did manage a long nap this afternoon. That should help.

Definitely on the negativity. I don't have the energy for it.


MsPea, I understand the Philippines looks very similar. Hope I get a chance to visit once I get settled in T.


M, I wish I knew why you are getting booted. Is the page load horribly long? It is for me sometimes. Maybe I can figure out something to remove. You know.. scripts in the background or something.




KC said...

Enjoy the peace and allow your ears to heal! I know that ear-bleeding-phenomenon well. Take care of yourself.

ellie bee said...

boring and useless? you? NEVER! feel better soon, sweet chani!

flutter said...

not boring, nor useless. I like you no matter what form your post takes

Snoskred said...

That almost looks like *the* beach, the one that's in the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio which was filmed in Thailand, but I don't think it is the same beach.. They have so many beautiful ones there. It's one of my favourite movies though there is a part that I don't love so much involving a shark or few.

They're forecasting storms here today and I have just started reading my Gene Kranz book, by page 32 he had me laughing somewhat hysterically and completely sucked in so I'm fairly sure escaping to the heady days of the early space program is my plan for the rest of today. But I don't want to read it too fast, I'm appreciating every word. I made myself put it down for a bit. :)

Books are such a great thing.. ;) I hope you have a really lovely and peaceful day. ;)

Suzy said...

Chani, you have a knack for "speaking to my condition." School is out, but this year I became aware that I was working around some very negative people who chose to see every move the principal makes as an affront, every kid as a problem, every anything as a great big pain. I fear I have been that complainer in the past, but it got so old. I'm trying to "walk cheerfully", figuring that a) there are enough big troubles in the world the daily little things pale in comparison, and b) being positive will bring me more good things than being negative.

I mean, if it is truly something that bothers you, then take action to change things!

Pam said...

We are all entitled to a pity party from time to time, life can be tough, but it should never be the norm. It brings everyone down, especially the person who lives it all the time.

crazymumma said...

It does not always need to be moments of beauty and profundity that bring us to each other. Sometimes it is the mundane, the boring, the kvetching. The humanity.

have a good break.