Friday, June 01, 2007

Ghost in the Machine...

Ordinarily, I stay as far away from US politics as humanly possible while still residing in this country but Bush is truly dangerous!

When I saw that Thomas and Jil In Pattaya had both mentioned his revealing statement of a few days ago, I just had to pipe in:

"Friends of his from Texas were shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated "I am the president!" He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our country’s destiny."

Does he ever stop making an ass of himself? Why isn't someone monitoring him?

There are times when I wonder if he stands at the podium, drunk on more than just power. (Some friends of Bill W. probably understand where I'm going with this.) The most talented novelist on the planet couldn't invent this guy.

But let's give him this much: At least he is stating openly what most of the world thinks, thattes that the destiny of this country is to rule and colonize any nation it pleases. That has been a mainstay of US foreign policy for nearly as long as I can remember.

Given the strategic location of Iraq, I'm not surprised it's a target, either.

Nothing about this surprises me beyond the fact that Bush is permitted to fill the airwaves with his ranting, raving and egotistical declarations of his greatness. It reminds me of another former world leader whose name all would recognize but I am not going to state outright.

And most American people remain in Consumer Heaven, choosing between their blue shoes or red shoes while the rest of the world quakes in its boots.

Any comments?


On another note: Has anyone seen the news story about The Big Donor Show? This gets my newly invented "Most Tasteless Thing I've Ever Heard" award. More on this in another post.





slouching mom said...

Only this:

We need to get rid of him and his cronies sooner than soon.

Anonymous said...

I would say he is an embarrassment, but it goes beyond that to criminal.

It seems as though we just have to ride out the end of his term. There's nothing revolutionary about this country today.

Julie Pippert said...


It's not our destiny to be imperialist. It's the manifest density of Bush.

Plenty try to be on top of him, and his successor Perry, but they are like runaway trains.

We can only sit back and wait for the disaster, to some degree, I guess (which is assuming there are bigger ones ahead, which I pessimistically do).

I keep trying to bring to light as best I can, spread the word, as best I can.

And Romney?

I tried to prevent his election. I can't tell you what that cost me.

I knew what he was (he smelled like brimstone same as Bush) but sometimes it's a little cassandra IYKWIM.

Chani, it's beyond apalling. I am daily staggered in stunned amazement.

Tabba said...

Chani, I have many a comment regarding this president and the out-of-control, outrageous, and ridiculous thoughts/ideals he holds.
But I stood on my soapbox many a time over my way. And I had to climb down for a bit....Not to say that I'm giving up or giving in. Just to say that he exhaustifies me ( I know that is not a word...but it sums it up).

Lee said...

Have you read this article Texas Chainsaw Management from Vanity Faire? It's not just the rest of the world that quakes in it's boots. Many of us are too.

I'm thinking Barcelona, personally.

Christine said...

Oh Chani, I am right there with you. I really actually have a visceral reaction to this guy. I can't even look at him with out getting upset (or wanting to vomit). I just want him GONE!

meno said...

That picture at the top...ick. And i was eating my breakfast too.

I feel helpless to stop him, and i think he's unbalanced.

QT said...

There are 14 signs of fascism, and I am fairly certain this administration meets them all -

My biggest regret is the bloodshed in my name.

Mike M said...

Love this blog! I will be back for more.


Lucia said...

This has pained me for years. The embarrassment might be manageable. But the criminally insane behavior and not being in touch with anything sane and holy should be punished. I just feel like no one is listening to all of us who are saying, "Enough!"

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Bush is beyond dangerous. He is completely mad with power, and I am astounded that the evil troll has not been impeached or otherwise removed from office.

I would liken him to a Richard Condon character.

He has so thoroughly trashed America's credibility in the world that the next president will never be able to reclaim even a vestige of it.

I am not very political either, but it is impossible to sit back and witness the carnage he has wrought and continues to do on his mission of personal manifest destiny because we are all affected.

Mike M said...

I know I already commented, but I have to add another 2 cents :O)

The good thing is Mr Bush really can't do anything on his own. He needs approval from both branches of government to make any kind of move.

That is why Congress is trying to repeal support for the war. He sold then a bag of bad apples and they want their money back.


thailandchani said...

SM, I agree... more than you know. That guy literally scares hell out of me.


De, I know you're right.. and I'm resigned to that fact. Meanwhile, I'm terrified for the rest of the world. Jan 2009 is a long, long time from now.

And he's had his beady little eyes on Thailand lately...


Julie, with all due respect, the imperialism has been going on for a long time. Just in my lifetime, I can think of several examples from Grenada to Southeast Asia to the Middle East...

I see your point though. A consciousness shift would be awesome... but how?

Romney... Cassandra... Absolutely!


Tabba, he exhaustifies me, too, which is why I rarely mention anything political here. Every now and then though.. he climbs on my last nerve and I have to say something.

Well, I don't have to... but it sort of bubbles over. :)


Lee... Patriot Act... yep.. I'm quakin' in mine! :) Thanks for the link.


Christine, agreed. He even looks inhuman!


Meno.. bottom line, I'm with you. I'm not naive enough to believe I can do anything about it.


QT, all 14 signs... absolutely! I agree. Fortunately, my mindset doesn't seem to allow me to think of it as being in my name. Truly. I had nothing to do with it. That doesn't translate to indifference.. but just a very definite statement to that effect.

My first few months in Thailand, I did little else beyond explaining that I'm "not like that" to plenty of terrified Thais.


Lucia, we're listening to each other... and I suspect that will be as good as it gets.


Susan, it's hard to imagine why anyone would want to be president next time. All he or she will be doing is cleaning up after the Ceasar.


Mike, I wish I shared your view. Most of this stuff is actually hidden. Most destabilization is classified and is implemented right out of the Directorate of Operations at the CIA.




jen said...

it's the complete lack of subtlety that is alarming. they must really know they have total control or smoke and mirrors would still be used. but this untended ego is flabbergasting. and so out of alignment with so much of what most of us believe.

Julie Pippert said...

Chani, you misunderstand me.

I'm saying that imperialism is not our right here in the US.

Our destiny is not to take over the world.

Some might have that goal, others might think it so, and others vote for people who promise it.

I know full well our leaders and country act imperialistically.

I don't agree with it. I call it the Blue Scare and have ranted about it.

My comment was meant to MOCK Bush's imperialistic agenda. I'm saying we have no right, and that we do it is evidence of his density to what it right.

Julie Pippert said...

There needs to be an idealism shift in the populace, who then need to GET OFF THEIR ASSES and go VOTE.


I don't think there is any easy answer.

We might need to get in a real out of the box leader who shws it CAN be done otherwise. Then maybe the population will shift.

I'm not sure whether the chicken or egg comes first.

thailandchani said...
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health watch center said...
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MsLittlePea said...

I got called anti-American five years ago in just about every conversation I had when all of this started and everyone wanted to get on the 'war train'. I know exactly which leader you're talking about but don't name--you're right but dare say it to Bush's flock of sheep and you'll be labeled as a terrorist sympathizer. The man is crazy-he think God talks to him. I guess God told him Osama Bin Laden lives in Iraq. Have you ever seen the documentary called "Jesus Camp"? It chilled me to the core. I was raised in church and consider myself very spiritual and very close to my God, but watching this documentary really freaked me out. These sort of people are the reason that idiot got elected/re-elected. There are a lot of us that are angry at this administration but the feeling is we can't really do anything about it except wait it out until the next election. It sucks that people didn't see the truth...

KC said...

I'm so annoyed at all the appointments for friends who are completely unqualified for the positions they hold.

It is a total embarassment. Our country looks like a joke.

Thaimond said...

I've been thinking for a LONG
time, that Mr. Bush has a few "clogged arteries", and I'm NOT talking about in his heart. It's an insidious thing.

Suzy said...

"The good thing is Mr Bush really can't do anything on his own. He needs approval from both branches of government to make any kind of move.

That is why Congress is trying to repeal support for the war. He sold then a bag of bad apples and they want their money back."

First paragraph: it is a quaint thing I learned about in middle school called "checks and balances" but we haven't had that in at least 6 years. Second paragraph: Congress may want their money back, but first I suspect there are a fair number of them (yes, I mean Democrats) who want a piece of that yummy Iraq pie. How else do you explain last week's shameful, toothless vote?

I see that the secession movement is growing in Vermont. Maybe I'll move there, before they close their borders!