Friday, June 15, 2007

Steal This Happy Pink Fluffy Meme!

This meme comes from Kaliroz at Fortune and Glory. It's a fun one. I've been seeing it around quite a bit today. Steal it. Have fun with it!

~*Favorite Bubble bath book ~*~ Well, I'm not much for bubble baths but when relaxing in water (which I hope is equivalent :), I like to read long historical novels. My most recent favorite is Four Reigns by Kukrit Pramoj. It takes me to another place and another time.

~*Favorite get your groove on tune ~*~ Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. I use it for exercise a lot. I will never have Shakira's agility but it must be doing something for my hips. Pray the neighbors don't see me. It might hurt their eyes.

~*Character you always wanted to be [from t.v., film or books] ~*~ Anne from Anne of Green Gables. I love her pleasant nature, her adaptability, her curiosity, her confidence. She is everything I was not as a kid.

~* Best lullaby - Lucia Hwong or Ray Lynch.

~* Most self-indulgent thing you do -- I like to garden for hours with mor lum music on the CD player. In fact, I just discovered Jonny Olsen, a guy as white as me, as white as plucked poultry, who plays the khaen better than most natives. I play his music constantly in the yard. It probably makes the neighbors want to call the cops on me since most of them seem to prefer blasting their own type of music.
~* T.V. show you're ashamed to admit you watch -- House. I am hooked beyond description. I'm glad they don't have it on every night like the CSI- Major City series. It would be like dragging a bottle of Absolut through an AA meeting.

~*Teen celebrity crush -- Barbra, of course. I would have become a lesbian for Barbra Streisand!

~*The piece of jewelry [outside of any wedding or engagement rings]you always wear: Thai jewelry. Even on days when I am not going out, I still wear my rings, a pendant and two amulets.

~*Blog or website you're ashamed to admit you visit --

~*Favorite chick flick -- I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "chick flick", but I like "Fried Green Tomatoes".

~*Favorite daytime t.v. to watch when slugging around the house -- Court TV. I'm fascinated by the live trials. It's an addiction I developed in Tucson, when the OJ trial was going on.

~*Best song to be sad to -- Who Wants To Live Forever - Shirley Bassey

~*Food you could never get enough of -- Som-tam, Satay chicken, sticky rice

~*One movie star on your *list* -- Do you mean one who can leave his boots on my welcome mat any time? Um. Would have to say Ice-T. Weird, I know... but for some reason, I think he is beautiful. The little lisp in his voice sends me over the moon. But some things last a lifetime. I'd still become a lesbian for Barbra Streisand!

~*Your theme song -- One More Look At You/Watch Closely Now - Barbra Streisand




KC said...

Fun! Ice-T and Hips don't it!

slouching mom said...

Ahh, House. I could watch it over and over. For me it's all about Hugh Laurie, who is a total hottie! (At least I think so.)

And yes, yes, yes, for Anne of Green Gables. She's just so stable and strong, so even-keeled.

This was fun to read.

Snoskred said...

I'm crazy about Ice-T as well.. ;) And a rapper named Xzibit. ;)


Anonymous said...

yeah, Ice-T is a hot choice! (So is Barbra, btw.) (So is Hugh Laurie, although I don't watch House, I can't get past him playing Bertie Wooster on Jeeves & Wooster.)

Fried Green Tomatoes is a definitive chick flick.

meno said...

The mister and i are watching House on DVD. We are halfway through season 2 and are having to pace ourselves, otherwise we'd be done in less than a week.

Fried Green Tomatoes is very much a chick flick.

flutter said...

I think Ice T is hot.

Christine said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ice-T, too!!!!!!

And And of Green Gables is so dreamy. . .

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I like Ice-T, too. He has a great voice and the coolest kind of warmth.

jen said...

Dude. ICE T????

I am so loving you right now. that absolutely rocks.

Julie Pippert said...

What's not to get wrt the hotness of Ice-T? Hottie McHot.

I love House; have watched On a Clear Day You Can See Forever more than once (indicating my fanhood); and even my husband liked Fried Green Tomatoes "even though it's a chick flick."

If you haven't read/discovered Sharon Kay Penman may I strongly urge you to check out her best ever historical novels!

Julie Pippert said...

SM...Anne of Green Gables...even-keeled? I think that is the first time I've heard anyone interpret her character that way! Interesting!

Pam said...

Fried Green Tomatoes, yup, good chick flick.

Ice-T is OK, but I WANT Johnny Depp!

Tabba said...

Chani, I agree.....there is something about Ice-T. I love watching him on SVU get all hard or "cheeky" on people. Not to mention, I sort of liked him even more when I found out he was in the foster system growing up.

You are right. He is beautiful.

Neat meme. And I can picture you working in the garden listening to your music.....plain as day. As if you were outside in my yard and I could see you through the window :)

Mary said...

Oh, Chani, this was fun. I giggled through the whole post.

Regarding House: It would be like dragging a bottle of Absolut through an AA meeting. You are a scream!

I would never be ashamed of visiting Oprah's website. I almost wrote to her once, just to say HI. (Weird?)

It must have been hard to get your ducks in a row for this. Nice job.

MsLittlePea said...

Hips Don't Lie is a good work out song. If only I could move like Shakira!

kaliroz said...

I'm another Ice-T devotee. He's one of the reasons I watch Law&Order SVU. He and the guy that plays Elliot. Yummy.

Who Wants To Live Forever ... what a great song. This is the song Queen sang in "Highlander" right?

Fried Green Tomatoes. I've actually eaten in the real Whistlestop Cafe.

And Hips Don't Lie? That cracks me up!

QT said...

Chani, do you have any idea what kind of CRA-ZY outfits Ice-T would make you wear? : ) Have you seen what his GF puts on to go out in public? Hips Dont Lie would be the least of your worries!

I always wanted to be super sweet like Diana in Anne of Green Gables.

thailandchani said...

KC, I have gotten more exercise ideas from that video than you can imagine! :)


SM, I for some reason enjoy the bizarre medical problems on the show. No broken ankles or flu for Dr House! LOL


Snos, I'm not familiar with xzibit but it's a clever use of letters. :) I became familiar with Ice-T through his acting but don't know his music.


De, I'm not familiar with Jeeves and Wooster. :) What surprises me is that Hugh Laurie basically looks like a bum on House. He is always a disheveled mess!


Meno, if I bought that DVD, I'd be hopeless. One sitting. One 1-liter bottle of Diet Coke and I'd be history for the rest of the day. LOL


Flutter, I think he is, too. My attraction has always been for darker men. Ice-T is very attractive physically. That Samoan thing.. wow! :)


Christine, I am amazed that so many find Ice-T attractive. There is hope for this world yet! LOL


Susan, I'll bet he is that way in his personal life, too. Of course none of us know I guess. He might be a 14-karat jerk. -lol-


Jen, gee.. I had no idea it was so easy to win your favor! LOL


Julie, I will definitely check out Penman. (What a name for a writer... ha ha)

SM's description of Anne Shirley is quite fitting to me. Geez, no bitterness.. no angst.. just, as they say in Thailand, "a woman whose presence is like a flower."

But strong! Oh, wow! Very strong!

Can you tell? I loved her!


Pam, I figured FGT was probably a chick flick. It's definitely one of the deeper ones though. I loved Jessica Tandy.. and Kathy Bates... the way they interacted with each other. Poor Kathy Bates needed an elder so badly, someone to give her some guidance.. and Jessica Tandy was everyone's favorite aunt!


Tabba, it can get interesting.. me in the garden.. with mor lum music. LOL The neighbors probably find it annoying but I try to keep it at a reasonable volume.

Um. Sometimes.. not very often.. but sometimes.. it gets too loud.


Mary, thanks. :) I wrote a letter to one of my favorite authors one time.. and was crestfallen when he didn't respond. LOL

That was when I was a young teenager.. and I thought he hung the moon all by himself with his beautiful words.

But, alas, he was a thoughtless jerk who didn't respond to heartfelt letters from tween-aged girls.



MsPea, if I could move like Shakira, I would be defying age! LOL

Someone told me what that dancing is called one time.. but I can't recall offhand.


Roz, I'm not sure about the Shirley Bassey song and Highlander but I wouldn't be surprised.

And Shakira.... yeah.. it cracks you up. Believe me, if you saw my fat ass trying to do it, it would either make you laugh or make you sick.

Shakira is one of those very alone and secret pleasures. LOL




thailandchani said...

QT, oh, I have no desire for a long term relationship with him. One night would be.. um.. fine. LOL

If he wanted a relationship with me, he'd better take a liking to Thai clothes! Uh. Yeah. Right. Umhmmm. :)

Diana was sweet. You're right. And she was so loyal to Anne. I liked that about her.



patches said...

I love your AA analogy to describe TV. I always thought TV was more addictive. I don't know if I could qualify gardening as self-indulgent, nurturing is often selfless.

thailandchani said...

Patches, TV is way too addictive! One day, I might not watch it and devote more of my time to other things. For now though, given my little.. um. trouble... with food, I'll let the TV blare on. :)

You make a good point about gardening.. but I guess I do feel a little selfish about it. I love the blooms.