Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Today is a bit slow so my post will be short.. and not all that interesting.

Well, let's just say "not interesting at all" which is probably closer to the truth.

A few hours ago, I went over to get some Chinese food.

From across the parking lot, I heard a familiar voice and looked over to see Mel, an old friend.

I was happy to see him. Really. He's an interesting guy. Construction worker. Lean. Strong. Looks a lot like Seal, especially since he shaved his head.

We shot the breeze for a few minutes and he said, "Are you ever going to take me up on the massage I offered you?"

"I'm not there anymore, Mel. Just pretend I'm not even a woman."

This has been serious with me lately. I don't even want men looking at me and thinking... hmm... possible?

I want to be free of that. I want friends. Period.

"Well, it's kinda hard to do that, Chay-nee."


"Oh. So what's up with you?"

"I didn't mean to offend you. I just don't want that dynamic in my life right now."

"You didn't offend me. I know all about you. It's okay. Not a problem."

"Know about me?"

"Yeah. I know you bat for the other team."

"What?" (shocked)

"Yeah, man. I thought you were gay."

"Well, okay. If you think that, I'll take the massage."

"Good girl. Let's go eat. "


Why didn't I think of that excuse before? :)




PinkPowerSuit.com said...

That's very funny. Don't you love it when people tell you who you are?

Snoskred said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.. ;) especially if it gets you a massage from a man that looks like Seal, who is totally hot! ;)


crazymumma said...


often I wish I batted for the other team. But I would take a massage form anyone, especially a lean looking construction worker who looks like Seal.

Holy fantasies Batgirl.

Christine said...

funny how a man will see a woman who isn't interested in him as gay? but maybe i am being cynical and not giving him enough credit. maybe he just heard wrong info.

i say take the massage.


Tabba said...

I second Christine's comment. All the way.

Anvilcloud said...

Whatever works, eh?

slouching mom said...

Oh, Chani! That's so funny.

Go for the massage, I say!

Julie Pippert said...

I'm with Snoskred and crazymumma.

I am a total massage slut. You offer, I accept.

ESPECIALLY from a Seal-like hottie. Umm I meant, no, no I am married. I would oh so politely decline. And in no way would I say the word "lovely pecs" or "hotness" in my polite refusal.

I'm also with Christine. It's too funny when a guy assumes rejecting him means you bat for the other team (hey, are we women a team? as in baseball? does that mean no more crying?).

meno said...

Perfect! Although i would do almost anything for a massage.

I wonder why you think this isn't interesting.

KC said...

Go with it! A string-free massage sounds glorious.

QT said...

OMG - I am dying Chani - I am a massage slut too, and with the description of the massage therapist, WOW!

jen said...

i'd take it in a hot minute...(how did i miss this post????)