Friday, July 13, 2007

Steal this Meme: Meeting New People

I blatantly stole this idea from QT and turned it into a meme. For some reason, the idea fascinated me, speculating what it would be like to meet new people, particularly people I "know" from this blog.

Here's me, in a nutshell.

1) I am a very quiet person. There are points where you might feel as though I am not interested in you because I am rather reserved. You'd be wrong. I am more of a listener than a talker. Just keep talking away because I am not bored. Not a bit. (Well, unless you are gossiping or trying to impress me with your status. Talk about yourself, though. I like it.)

2) I am not good at quipping and joking with people I don't know, so I generally don't participate. It's fine with me if others do it in my presence. I just don't join in much.

3) I don't drink.. but don't mind if you do. I don't smoke in public but don't mind if you do.

4) If there is too much ambient noise, I won't be able to hear you. I'm not hearing impaired. If anything, my hearing is too keen and can't distinguish external sounds from each other. It all blends together.

5) I prefer small, intimate conversations or round table topical discussions. One or the other. I am not good at chatting, just to chat.

6) I am not a hugger or a toucher. I do not shake hands.. but I have been known to hold a person's hand in both of mine for just a moment.

7) Groups of three don't work for me. Four, five or even six.. or just one other person is good.

8) I've been known to say I am going to the rest room, leave my card with the waiter and pay for the meal. It's not uncommon and I like it best when it is not mentioned. I paid. Period. It doesn't imply that you should pay next time. Score keeping irritates me. Don't tell me I shouldn't. It's my choice and my enjoyment. Just accept it, enjoy it and forget it.

9) I am soft-spoken and even-tempered. I am never loud or boisterous. I rarely swear unless I am very comfortable with you. If you hear a swear word come from my lips, you know you've won me over. And I will only do it if you have done it first.

10) People either seem to like me or find me unbearably boring. It all depends on what someone is looking for, I suppose.

It would be interesting to hear from you, too. What would it be like to meet you?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you Sunday evening. :)



Anvilcloud said...

A lot of those descriptions could be mine, or fairly close.

QT said...

I am glad you liked this. I think I have a lot of habits that can seem antisocial unless people understand it is just my personality.

#2 - I am the same way, I tend to like to "get a read" before I jump in.

I love #8 - I do that, and I hate it when people protest too much. Believe me, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't want to!

ewe are here said...

very interesting to 'meet' you like this...

I hear you on groups of three... it can be a very strange dynamic.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Most interesting list, and I'll keep it in mind if/when we should meet.

I would love to meet you, Chani. But I'm fine with not doing so if it never happens because I always enjoy what emanates from your mind and spirit when you share, as you have done here. It's a great treat.

I also cannot distinguish sounds when bombarded by too many. How nice that you mentioned it, because I always worry that I am losing my hearing, or that my brain is somehow deficient. I feel better now. Thank you.

Maurey Pierce said...


I am definitely #5. Though my career sometimes puts me in positions where I need to schmooze a little, I have to force it.

As to the best fitness mag—try Women's Health! Much better than Fitness, none of the 'Take Four Inches Off Your Thighs in Five Minutes!" silliness. If you're already in good shape and looking for challenging new routines, Oxygen has great ones, but I can't stand how all their advertising is for "miracle" pills.

Catherine said...

That's nice...I like this...its good to "get to know you." I think we'd make great friends. :)

Emily said...

Wow. We're complete opposites. We'd get along great!

MsLittlePea said...

I never thought about the groups of 3 thing--you're right about that. But how interesting....I'll steal this tomorrow.

jen said...

i am now racking my brain to see if i can recall you "swearing" at me over email. (god knows i've done it to you)...

i can totally picture you being even keel and laid back. and i love your paying the meal notion. those simple thoughtful things mean so much.

Cecilieaux said...

1) I listen, too.

2) I do quip and joke. Reflexively.

3) Drink a glass of wine or beer. Don't smoke. Don't mind if you smoke, but don't try to kiss me right after.

4) Ambient noise bothers me, too. Not deaf, either.

5) Yes: small, intimate conversations or round table topical discussions. I don't like chatting.

6) We diverge here. I am a hugger, a toucher and (I am told) an invader of personal space. The only people who held my hand in theirs for any length of time were bishops.

7) Groups, I agree: 2 or many.

8) I pay the bill to shut other people up. Or I pay more than my share in a group, loudly, when I see some people attempting to pick their way out of a fair share.

9) My temper has been my Achilles heel. Not in evidence right away. I can be loud, but only when I am angry.

10) People tend not to get what I am about: they like me while misunderstanding me and they dislike me the same way.

Should we meet? ;-)

flutter said...

I love this, Chani!

It's like soaking up all the yummy bits of you. You are remarkably how I imagined you. That is a very very good thing

thailandchani said...

Anvil, I wonder if it's the introvert thing again.


QT, I have many habits that a lot of people would seem as anti-social, too. Yet it only seems to be here. I fit in just fine in Thailand.


Ewe, that's probably why they say (I know.. who is "they") three is an unlucky number. I can't think of a positive application of that number.


Susan, the hearing seems to be a result of bad eyesight.. at least for me. The other senses compensate.

I'm sure we would do fine if we met each other. :)


Maurey, I can't seem to force it. I've tried. It just doesn't work. Then it comes across as negative which is even worse.

Thanks for the mag referral. :)


Catherine, thanks. :) I hope I'll get an opportunity to read about you, too. :)


Emily, being opposites would probably be a good thing. Balance. :)


MsPea, I'll look forward to reading it.


Jen, I'm sure I have used bad words when talking with you. It wouldn't have happened unless you did it first, though! LOL

Those thoughtful things really are a pleasure. I love doing that stuff!


Cecileaux, No risk on #2. I am not in the habit of putting my mouth on other people. :)

I'm sure we would enjoy a meeting. It's hard to say whether my quietness might annoy you though.


Flutter, thanks. I would like to read about you, too! :)




KC said...

I like the holding hands bit. Even for a moment. I see you doing that.

meno said...

As you might imagine, we don't have too many personality traits in common. I can be quiet though, and i will not compete for attention.

Thanks for talking about you. :)

Julie Pippert said...

I'm so glad we met online. Now you might like me if we met. :)

I'm chatty, talkative, nosey, loud, and do not mind the limelight. ;)

I am happy to meet new people and have occasionally been nicknamed The Cruise Director.

I'm fine with beginnings and ends; it's the middles that get me.

I like this meme and as I am on a memequest, I might keep it in my back pocket!

slouching mom said...

Just as I had pictured you. ;)

I've got two people in me, I think. (No, I don't have multiple personality disorder. ;))

At first you'd find me reserved, quiet, more of an observer than a participant.

But if you had patience and got to know me, you'd see that when I feel truly comfortable and understood, I can be downright talkative, giggly, even funny.

But only relatively few people see that part of me.

The reason I don't like 3 is that it equals 2 plus 1.

Christine said...

I tend to be a chatter, and talk a lot, but I fear that people find me annoying and dull. I simply don't know the truth, only what i believe in my heart.

I've missed you and everyone! Glad i'm back. . .

Mary said...

Dear Chani,

It's good to know you better, however, I am not surprised. I know you are one of the most honest and independent person I've met in my blog world. I like you and you are not boring. Never.

If you would like to know more about me, I participated in a silly meme today. I was honest, too, but my words are not as profound as yours.

Hugs to you
Have a great weekend

Carla said...

This is a fabulous post, most interesting to read. I will tell you about me if you wish, but not until's getting late and I'm exhausted. Have a great weekend.

Susanne said...

I very much like this post. I can't say much about me because I have big problems seeing myself from the outside. I'm learning it though.

I used to be a very loud person. Now it all depends. I'm comfortable either way, being the center of a group or being on the edge saying nothing.

And I don't shake hands either. But I'm comfortable with hugging. I learned to see it as a standard greeting like in France. I only realized how commonly we are greeting guests who come to our house with a hug when my then two year-old son hugged a boy coming to us for a play-date and the other boy was totally taken aback.

Women's Health said...

#1. I am also a good listener.

#2. I appreciate good sense of humor as long as it's not going to feel others bad.

#3. I haven't had a ciggy since I quit, so gonna stay away from smokers.

#4. Well people don't like when I sit calm!!!

#5. No one felt bore in my company.

Hel said...

I hate feeling like I have to do something, even if it is something I enjoy.

I have to believe in miracles.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed because of all the responsibilities in my life. In that moment I am convinced that running away to India is the only possible option.

mitzh said...

You are just lovely!

ellie bee said...

wonderful post! we are so alike, and so different!
1. I'm not quiet. Not loud either, just not quiet usually.

2. I am fairly good at the quips and jokes--the superficial stuff. when the conversation gets deep, I prefer to listen and learn

3. I don't drink. Don't mind if you do, but keep it under control I despise drunks, and I'm not crazy about even mildly impaired people. Have had one too many bad experiences, I guess. and for God's sake, don't smoke. I have NO tolerence for it.

4. I don't do well with lots of noise either--probably hearing impaired from years of singing along with loud music in the car.

5. I love a good chat

6. I am very physical. I shake everyone's hand, as a rule, and if the vibe is right I will probably hug you too. If the vibe is wrong, you won't get within 3 feet of me after that initial handshake

7. I love groups of 3--isn't that wierd?

8. guilty as charged, many times

9. I am amazingly even tempered, until its too late. I swear like a sailor if I feel like it.

10. I assume people like me, unless they indicate that they don't. But as the song says:
"Love me or hate me its still an obsession, Love me or hate me that is the question. So if you love me then 'thank you'. If you hate me then 'f**k you". :)

River said...

Just found this blog, and points 1-10 sound almost exactly like me! I'll definitely keep reading.