Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What's Your Calling?

Note: Consider this as a meme if you like.. and feel free to steal it. :)


One of the exercises in a book I am reading asks us to create a little dialogue. The purpose of it is to discover our calling.

The general premise is that we all choose to come here and we all have a specific reason for doing so. In this exercise, we write an imagined conversation with Source.

It's a fun exercise, really. I hadn't quite considered it this way before.

I was conceived in May of 1951. Harry Truman was president. At that time, the Korean war was being waged and Truman, along with his advisors, were trying to negotiate a peace treaty with North Korea and China. "A Place In The Sun" was showing in theaters. Willie Mays won the Rookie of the Year award. Dr Clarence Dennis performed the first open heart surgery with an extracorporeal machine to control circulation. The patient didn't survive.

And I can imagine a conversation something like this taking place in late April or early May.

God: So, what do you want to learn this next time?

TG: I think I should probably learn about transformation of ego and compassion. I need to learn about those things.

God: You think so, eh?

TG: Yeah.

God: Do you want it the easy way, in which case I can just put your happy little ass in a Buddhist country, or do you want to learn it the hard way, in which case I will put you somewhere else?

TG: Which place will I learn best?

God: You'll learn best, I think, in New York City. Then I'll move you to California. There's plenty of ego in those two places.

TG: M-yeah. No kidding!

God: And I am going to put you with Bill and Helene Cr....

TG: What are they like?

God: Well, they're not very mature yet. Helene already had a baby boy and Bill had to marry her because she was pregnant.

TG: Oh, geez.

God: They don't really love each other, but they're trying to make the best of it.

TG: Oh

God: You will learn about honor that way. You will learn about commitment. But it won't be easy. Because they don't really want you. It won't be a secret. But you must know that they've agreed beforehand to participate in you learning this lesson, so you must not blame them.

TG: I'll try.

God: And you will some times. The point is that you have to grow beyond it.

TG: I see.

God: You will spend most of your life disconnected from anyone or anything. You'll romanticize that but you'll learn soon enough that you will pay a price for it.

TG: Romanticize it? Are you going to make me stupid?

God: No. Not stupid. Just unaware. I am going to make you unaware of many things. You will get your wish. You will know absolute freedom.

TG: Why is it that what you're saying scares the hell out of me?

God: That's the point.

TG: I'm not that clever.

God: You will have to learn what is important in life experience and it's not what you might be led to think. You'll be told that surface things, social status and money will give you freedom and happiness. In fact, I'm going to put you in the pinnacle of that kind of thinking. I'm going to put your butt in Beverly Hills! (laughs)

TG: Oh. uh oh!

God: You will spend some time as an adult wandering the earth without anyone but yourself. It won't be by choice. You will either learn or you will be very miserable, m'dear.

TG: Now you're scaring me.

God: You should be. You are very resistant. You have a problem with pride and arrogance. You need to learn these things.. and you will! But don't forget that I will always be here and you will always have what you need to fulfill your mission. But you will have to pay attention enough to recognize it.

TG: How long will it take? Can I have a crash course?

God: Need to know basis. You don't need to know. And it is a crash course. Just use the tools I will provide for you along the way and you'll learn all you are supposed to learn.

TG: Okay then.

God: Do you see that little blob of ooze in Helene's womb? Get down there. Now.


I think I get the message. :)




slouching mom said...


I love this!

And it's just right, isn't it.

You do know yourself well, TG!

ellie bee said...

wow. that is so profoundly deep and insightful. I am afraid to try to remember that particular conversation.
my daughter used to talk about her life before she was born, but she stopped when she was about 4--made me really sad, because it felt like confirmation, you know?
I try to thank my kids on a very regular basis for choosing me to be their mom...I am truely blessed...

MsLittlePea said...

Yeah. I want to do this. It would definitely help me put a few things in perspective. What a great exercise.

painted maypole said...

wow. fascinating...

Hel said...

He left out telling you how you would share your lessons making it easier for other people to ask themselves difficult questions.

How your understanding of yourself will motivates compassion in yourself and others.

You are good stuff.

Mary said...

Hel said "You are good stuff." I second that.

Wow. This conversation/dialogue is so real! You jumpstart my brain. God blesses you, Chani, after all.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I will definitely be thinking about it.

My husband and I had a conversation about "calling" that started with a discussion about which to school to send our kids (now that we're moving).

Meanwhile, I've been reading a book full of questions about values and preferences aimed at identifying a career path. What I like about the book is that each example is written with equal value and acceptance. Or maybe that's how I'm able to read it, at last.

Emily said...

Came back to read it twice. 'Nuff said.

Julie Pippert said...

That is awesome. I'm so impressed you could come up with all of that...fantastic. I know this will be mulling around in my mind all day, as I try to do the exercise.

kaliroz said...

This is amazing. And so honest.

I really respect that about you, Chani, your ability to be honest. I try but find I still struggle with being honest with myself. Others? Not a problem. With me? Can be difficult.

I'm going to have to come back and re-read this.

jen said...

mother of god. you know, IMAGINE if we were actually able to get a transcript of this at some point in our lives. or, as you might say (wise friend) we've ALWAYS had the transcript.

i really liked this a lot.

thailandchani said...

SM, it really was an interesting exercise. I'm glad I did it! There are more of these things in the book, too. (Inspiration by Wayne Dyer)


Ellie, oh, that is just so awesome.. that your daughter was able to remember that long! Most of us end up under the veil within the first year or so, before we acquire language.

Do you remember all the details so you can tell her when she gets older? She might forget.

As for doing the exercise.. do it! You'll be surprised at the results. :)


MsPea, let me know what you think of it when you're done. :)


Maypole, it really was! And something happened as a result of it that is actually rather miraculous in its own right.


Hel, thanks. I really am trying.


Mary, thanks, too :) I do have a lot of blessings. That's true. It's just been some core things that have needed healing.


De, get this book. "Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling" by Wayne Dyer.

There's a lot of western, new agey tripe in it.. but some of it is so good that it's just blown me away.


Emily :) Thanks. I'm glad you read it twice. I've read it over a few times, too.


Julie, I hope you do it. Really. You may discover some things you hadn't though of before.


Roz, I have the same issue. It's not always that easy for me to be honest with myself. Once something is identified, then I have to do something about it. Sometimes it's easier to stay stuck.. which is something I've done more of my share.




thailandchani said...

Jen, I think I would give my queendom to have heard yours. :)



QT said...

I love the way your approached this. How insightful of you, Chani - but then again, you have learned that well because you learned it the hard way, maybe?

That seems to be the only way anything sticks in my noggin!

Laurie said...

Chani, you never cease to amaze me.

Christine said...

this is great. but it scares me, you know? what would my conversation be? I wish i really knew. . .

thailandchani said...

QT, I actually think I've been extraordinarily slow to learn these things that so many others know already. :) Maybe I'm just finally ready to hear it.


Laurie.. uh oh! :)


Christine, mine was written one way... kind of an affirmation of things I know I need to remember. There wasn't much new there.. but things we all have to remember.

Use it like automatic writing.. and see what happens. I'm certainly not suggesting that everyone blog this. Some are more comfortable than others. I'm pretty open that way...although you'd never know it if you met me in person.




Anonymous said...
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