Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend: Maybe you all can help me figure this one out....

Note: Removed the news story I'd quoted since it has resolved during the day.

I have wanted things in my life. In fact, one can say that on occasion, I might have even craved something.

Thailand, as an example. I really want to go to Thailand. I believe I belong there. It is my home and I miss it ~ every single day.

On the other hand, I would never steal, cheat, deceive, harm or exploit another human being to get there. There is nothing in this world worth having that would lead me to forfeit my integrity or go against my basic moral principles.

I don't understand the mentality of those who would. Maybe I just don't know what it feels like to want something that much. Maybe I've never been hungry enough. There is no self-righteousness implied. I simply don't get it!

Perhaps I don't know where that line becomes blurry, the line between being a moral human being and stepping into the darkest of dark places ~ the place where conscience ceases to exist.

What do you think about craving? When does it become most difficult to control?


Well, it's the weekend. If we're lucky, this will be a pleasant, cloudy and cool weekend. After months of relentless sun with little break (my poor eyes can't take much more), I look forward to long leisurely walks, aimless walks. Movies. A book. Hot tea. I'll be on the computer, off and on.

Since last weekend worked out rather well, please feel free to comment about anything you like whether I've mentioned it here or not. Seriously. Any topic. I'll type back to you. Others might do the same. Last weekend, there was some interesting discussion going on. :)


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



QT said...

Chani - I saw the news about this tape and it makes me very, very sad. At this point they have identified the girl AND think they have a positive ID on the guy in the tape. I am a person who does not believe that these types of offenders can be rehabilitated, mostly because that is what they themselves say. I don't know what we do with them, other than make them wear ankle bracelets the rest of their lives or something.

I hope you have a peaceful, and restful, weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a sickening story. I can't say I've wanted anything so bad I was willing to do what I know is not right to do in order to get it. I do know that if an individual reaches a certain age without knowing the difference between right and wrong, they will never know it. Scary. The good news here is that because of the internet, more and more of these crimes are getting busted and legally there is less tolerance, especially with a public aware of it.

Tabba said...

I hadn't seen this news story.
But sick just barely scratches the surface.
I'm not a violent person.
But this makes me rethink my position on violence toward such a monster.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I also do not believe that such people can be rehabilitated.

As a society, we should do everything necessary to keep them locked away forever.

flutter said...

Oh that poor little baby girl.

jen said...

i saw that yesterday and was completely, utterly appalled.

disgusted and saddened. and i hugged M that much tighter last night. that poor baby girl.

Snoskred said...

I knew you're a Fox watcher.. ;) I've taken to watching the occasional Bill O Reilly show, and the occasional Hannity and Colmes, while I'm ironing when there's nothing else on TV. But I cannot stand that Greta chick, or the business guy, whatever his name is.

It's going to be interesting as the election approaches, to see what all these Republicans (with the exception of Colmes) who think they are fair and balanced actually have to say. ;)

I had a dream about the US election last night, oddly enough.


thailandchani said...

QT, I heard that shortly after your comment came in. The news report indicates that they know who the guy is and are looking for him.

Thank goodness!


Reflecting, you're right of course. If someone hasn't learned by a certain age, they'll just be a loose cannon out there in the world, causing havoc. I like the idea of the electronic bracelets.. monitoring their comings and goings.

It's the only solution, I guess.


Tabba, it's easy to understand the impulse. I find it difficult to find compassion for those kinds of people at all. Exploitation of any kind is something I find nearly unbearable.. whether it is this kind of thing or corporate. They're both reprehensible.


Susan, yes.. lock 'em up and melt the key. Put them out on an island somewhere and let natural selection take place.

I know.. that was rather un-Buddhist of me, too.. but I just think of that little girl. How will she ever have an undamaged life?

No therapy in the world will ever restore her trust.


Flutter, agreed.. completely.


Jen, there was one photo that was very expressive. Clearly, her eyes were saying "someone help". I just wish it had happened sooner.. The guy who found the tape held on to it for five months. What an idiot!


Snos, I feel bad that the US is such a force that people in other countries would be having dreams about it.

My dislike of George Bush is nearly legendary with the people who know me. While I don't involve myself in American politics at all, I still hope those who are will have the sense to vote him out...

Assuming... *and here's the big issue*...

.. that it will be possible to do so. I think of he and his buddies who are running things now to have pulled a coup.

It might not be possible to get rid of him.. or at least his agenda.




crazymumma said...

What story on the news?

Have a beautiful weekend nonetheless. from the comments the story sounds very sad.

enigma4ever said...

have a beautiful weekend...and I hope you do still want to go to more out there with the dream...and the urge...namaste..