Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Monitor That Ate Chani's Den....

Tired of always being a Luddite and never having the latest stuff, I finally bought a 22" flat panel monitor.

On a credit card. Shame on me!

I thought I'd love it. Really. I did! And I probably will with time.

This monitor is so big that I keep having fantasies about something out of a Stephen King novel where the main character begins to see snippets of people's lives through the screen. Like a holograph.

Soon, the monitors will have the ability to suck us in. We will be pulled from our chairs and transported to some alternate universe.

Maybe it will be a Gardenofedenesque place with beautiful foliage, sweet and gentle animals and perennial sunshine. Food is plentiful and all the men are handsome and the women are beautiful.

But... it might be one of those horrible places where people are turned into zombies ~ you know, like a cheesy B movie from the 60s!

Funny thing is that when I think of absolutely terror, ugly men with chainsaws are not the first thing to come to mind. Instead, it is zombies... those mindless creatures who exist on instinct and programming. All of their thoughts and actions coming from some central database.

Sound like anything familiar?

So... what is on the other side of your screen?
Think about it! :)


Snoskred said...

Congratulations on your new monitor. ;) At least you'll be able to view all of my site at once now.. I think you were one of the last people still using 800x600 to view my blog. ;)

If I'm being transported anywhere, I choose Ikea. Just to look at all the pretty things..


Jan said...

Glad you have a new monitor. I don't like the zombies. What IS out there??

Rimarama said...

Yikes! I would rather not be sucked in to my monitor. But I would like to wander around the cosmos for awhile and return intact.

Victoria said...

Eeek - now I've got *that* to wonder about! LOL! My husband is a tech freak and we have two big screens. They bother me.

Um, congrats on yours? =)

painted maypole said...

right now, you are on the other side of my screen! :)

meno said...

ha ha! I know what you mean. The Mister has a computer downstairs with some kind of huge widescreen monitor. I can't even use it without feeling like i need to back up and defend myself.

flutter said...

This kind of freaked me out!

jen said...

it is a little overwhelming, isn't it? all this technology.

i picture either gerbils or little rumpled men typing furiously on a gigantic keyboard. you know, either or.

Robin said...

I heard from a talk that once you look at the content on the monitor screen, the size no longer matters.

Just like watching a movie, if we are enjoying the show, u forget the screen size.

Enjoy your new toy..

hel said...

I see Artificial Intelligence.

Millions of computers gaining consciousness, absorbing our thoughts.

Julie Pippert said...

So DO you like it?

Can I say I LOL at this?

With you, laughing with you! My husband won a GINORMOUS flat screen TV and I still haven't adjusted.

TV people are supposed to be small, not life sized.

It overwhelms me, and then he wants HD to make it even more real. I am asking him if he has any senses!

Using My Words

Sober Briquette said...

Behind my monitor? Dusty stuff.

Oh, and glad I looked - my book list.

No imagination here.

Tabba said...

I see The Matrix - the infinite pieces of code raining on into...infinity.

Either that or Cheney & Bush staring back at me laughing and so satisfied with themselves.

Angela said...

Agggghhhh! Zombies scare the crap out of me.

Anytime I watch my daughter in front of a monitor, I worry. I hope she remembers that there's always fresh air outside.

Ian Lidster said...

Hmm -- I never thought zombies might be there. I like to think it's my creative muse there in the void beyond. Or maybe the answers to all my questions. I still have many.

Janet said...

All I know is that there had better not be a video camera recording me sitting here. If I show up on some new reality TV show called, "What Do People Really Do at Their Computer Monitors" I am not going to be happy.

Hear that monitor people? You've been warned. ;-)

crazymumma said...

You need to google David Cronenburg's Videodrome. Gross,disturbing, but long before Stephen King explored the idea.

Christine said...

zombie REALLY scare me! now i keep seeing them in my head!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Mary said...

I knew you must have said something on your blog about your 22 INCH MONITOR! Wow. I just got my ruler out. Mine is almost have that size...