Sunday, November 04, 2007

NoMo NaBloPoMo.....


Sorry to say... it simply hasn't worked for me.

No one is seeing my posts because I'm stuck in Google Reader and Google Reader holds my posts for over seven hours. I've tried to get technical help from Google and I get no response. Apparently very few people visit this site independently and it feels like a ghost town.

So... I'm going to decline NaBloPoMo and just go back to posting when I feel like it. I'm still going to stick to the positivity theme but this turn of events is not making me feel positive. It's making me feel horrible. This is supposed to be a satisfying hobby. It's supposed to make me feel a sense of community, not another source of aggravation. I just feel desolate. And I feel pressured because posts are backing up. I would rather write one good post and leave it up for a few days than struggle with this damn technology and timing that feels more a hindrance than helpful. I don't want to cater to Google Reader or Technorati.

I'm not disappearing ... but I am going back to not posting on Saturday and Monday. Since I've committed to Sacred Life Sunday, I will continue doing that.



Mary said...

Oh, Chani. I'm glad you dumped the headache. Your blogging is perfect the way it is.

That NaBloPoMo sounded like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me.

niobe said...

It's hard to be positive when you have those kind of external or internal pressures. I think you're very wise to let them wash over you and to let go of what makes you feel trapped.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I prefer to post when I have something to say, or to share. If I felt compelled to put up something every day, I think the quality would suffer.

I would rather read your posts, which I do not depend upon Google Reader or any other entity for, when you feel moved to post something.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." You are wonderful just as you are.

Angela said...


I love your blog. I'm not sure why but it takes literally forever to download - like 5 minutes. Sometimes I get tired of waiting. Any idea why that might be? Glad you let go of the NaNoBloMo or whatever it was. :)

painted maypole said...

I have my own NaBloPoMo issues (you can read my post about it)... but my basic thing is this... if it works for you, do it, if it doesn't, don't. So glad you've let it go. That IS positive. go you!

thailandchani said...

Mary, it's really not NoBloPoMo that I have a problem with.. but when Google Reader holds my posts (from 9.10 AM until 7.30PM today, as an example), I feel like a post no sooner comes out than I have to write another one and then wait another 7+ hours. Just not my thing.

I can't stand those readers. Honestly! What happened to clicking on blogrolls?


Niobe, exactly. It just doesn't work for me.


Susan, thanks. I guess I'm just not willing to try to satisfy some d*mn software package that drives me bats!

I'm going back to my blogroll!


Angela, if I knew what kind of system you have, I might be able to come up with some explanation. When you are loading it in, keep a watch on the bottom bar of your browser. It will say what's taking forever to load. If you happen to note it, let me know and I'll do what I can to either fix it or get rid of it.

Thanks for letting me know. :)


meno said...

Right on! You should only do this if you feel good about it. I too would rather read one good post than 3 okay ones.

It's okay, we still like you. :)

Carla said...

You've just voice why I didn't join in the first place. I'm not even sure what Google Reader or Technorati is, so I can't even help you there.

flutter said...

This one showed right up!

thailandchani said...

Flutter, it only took 5 hours instead of the 10 it took for Sacred Life Sunday.

It's ridiculous! Who can work with that? :)


Carla, you mean there are actually some people left who don't use Google Reader? :)


Meno, that is how I feel, too. Basically it's as though it was meant to be.. or not meant to be. I couldn't even get anyone to come to the site because of GR delays.. and all it did was irritate me. Who needs that? :)


liv said...

I can't say I have had this problem. All of your posts are here in my reader. I look at my reader probably 10 times a day, and haven't experienced what you're talking about. I say do what you want, post as often or not, and just roll with it.

Journey Through Life said...

Having just discovered your blog, I can't comment on any of this! I do use Google Reader successfully though.
Anyway, I am glad you will be blogging in a way that works for you.
I will be back!
PS. I have added you to Soaring Free Souls now!

slouching mom said...

My first comment on anyone's blog since last Thursday (that's a record silence for me), and the (dubious) honor goes!

Because I needed to say that I'm glad you dropped NaBlo whatever... And in general I am mystified by its purpose. It seems to me that people post frequently enough already (myself included, of course), so what is the point?

Someone clue me in!

I'm having the same problem with Reader lately.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't use Reader, but your feeds come through on what I do use.

mitzh said...

I am just happy that you're here... :)

Julie Pippert said...

Other than Sunday I've seen your posts, but I admit I haven't checked posting time versus reader display time. I often have to comment late in the day or first thing in the morning.

But hey you know, it's one of those optional things. In or out, what's the diff?

You post frequently (which I appreciate) and from your heart, which might or might not be every day, as it goes.

Using My Words

thailandchani said...

Liv, I know they eventually show up ... but ten hours of silence after posting doesn't make me happy. So.. I won't do it. Maybe this sounds kind of selfish or silly.. but I have to honor my feelings about it.

Hopefully, I will really be able to produce a couple things of quality each week that will be of interest to people who come by.


Annie.. hi. :) I'm really glad to have found Soaring Souls and will look forward to participating.


SM, I'm glad I was your first comment. :) NaBloPoMo is good for discovering new blogs and making new connections but I can do that without participating. There's nothing to stop me from reading and commenting. I just don't want the aggravation of ten-hour delays on GR.


Anvil, I'm glad to know they are coming through okay in some other place. :)

I would like to go back to my blogroll. When someone posts, I want to be able to read it before they've already moved on and there are dozens of comments already in place.

I'm kind of weird about time, I guess.


Mitzh, thanks. :) I'm happy that you're hanging around, too. It sure would be good to know how you create all those beautiful templates.


Julie, I do compare the post times with Reader times and there is too much disparity for it to work.. for me anyway. As I said above, I like things to be timely... and I like to see other people's posts before they're old, too. Several other people have the several hours of delays, too.

I will try to post something good. I'll have to cater to Google Reader in the respect that I'll have to post in the evening and set it for midnight which doesn't make me particularly happy.. but what's the choice?


Jen M. said...

I placed your blog in my favorites. I've never used feeds or anything - I just go over to my favorites and go down the list. It's long, but I manage to visit everyone's blog a couple of times a week and read through the entries.

I think your blog is perfect the way it is.

Anonymous said...

So far, I haven't yet had the urge to quit NaBloPoMo, but believe me, the second it turns from entertaining to headache, I'm dropping it. (Something tells me NaNoWriMo will go down first)

Anonymous said...
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Rimarama said...

Chani, don't beat yourself up over the NaBloPoMo thing. There are many of us who have chosen not to do it! I prefer blogging to remain a pleasurable hobby for me, not an albatross around my neck!

For what it's worth, I've noticed that some days it takes Google Reader ages to update my site, as well. Also, before I started using Mozilla as my internet browser, it took forever to load your site. It's a lot faster now, but I've noticed (and I'm not sure if there is anything to it) that sites who link to the "blogger chicks" blogroll take a very, very long time to load in Internet Explorer.

Here's to not posting every day in November ;)

jen said...

sister, I FEEL YOU. I didn't sign up for it on purpose b/c of this.

And a pox on google reader. i, too have had posts in the vapor for hours on end.

Christine said...

i don't do a reader. i use my blog roll/book marks. in fact i have lots of book marked blogs that i need to add to my blog roll.

Snoskred said...

I've been off sick with the flu for a few days.. but i haven't noticed any delays with your posts lately. Sometimes what you see and what others see in their reader isn't the same thing.

Did you ever manage to sort out feedburner?

Blogger and Google is the problem, honestly. Since I moved to my self hosted Wordpress blog, I see my posts show up in seconds with GR.

I guess it depends on whether you're prepared to invest money into this hobby or not - it did cost me a little to set it up, getting my own domain name etc. You can get a domain name for as little as .99 cents a year from time to time. I have a huge dedicated server doing not much, so if you wanted to consider the wordpress option I can organise really cheap hosting for you on our server. It would solve all your reader problems because I would set up exactly the plugin that I have for you, which I know works. Just shoot me an email and we can chat about the options if you're interested. I might not get back right away at the moment due to this flu, though.