Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wellness Wednesday - Cheap and Easy Pampering

Last Friday, I finally decided to get a manicure and pedicure. I'm not good at those kinds of things, completely lack patience for it, and want to stay with my program of making sure I receive regular touch.

At least where I live, there are nail salons and day spas on nearly every corner. They're surprisingly inexpensive and it feels great to sit back and have something like that done.

At first, I was reluctant because using those sorts of services seems disgustingly bourgeois, not in keeping with my usual pragmatic simplicity.

I began to enjoy it despite my almost puritan asceticism, especially considering the man massaging my feet was one of the most beautiful Vietnamese men I've ever seen. Eye candy. (Yes, even at my age, we can appreciate such things!) He massaged my feet, my ankles and my calves with sea salt and some other substance that felt like a lotion of some sort. He made my typically flip-flop-clad feet pretty and soft.

I drew the line at a toe ring which I declined.

Then it was onto my nails. Acrylic nails which I desperately need since mine break so easily. My nails are usually cracked and broken, causing me to look rather neglected. He even talked me into coloring them. He massaged each finger, my palms and hands. I sit here typing with pretty plum-colored nails. (Typing is not so easy with them but I'll put up with it.)

I recommend this. It cost under $40.00 and I left feeling renewed and pampered.



painted maypole said...

good for you!

i have NEVER had a manicure. i did have a pedicure, and was pleased with how great my toes looked afterward.

Julie Pippert said...

It sounds wonderful!

I have had a manicure done maybe three times? Did not enjoy it at all. There was no massaging. Rubbing on of lotion, painful cuticle pushing and clipping, then painting of nails. I felt like they couldn't wait to be done. I felt like I couldn't wait for them to be done.

I have fairly nice nails naturally so...there they are, au naturel.

If I found a nice place that did good pedicure like that? I'd be all over it.

QT said...

Ooh, I love both and keep up on the pedicures regularly. I have also noticed a trend here of more asian men who perform these tasks - it is definitely recent.

I am glad you were able to do something so relaxing for yourself.

Matty said...

If I could find a place like that I'd be a regular customer. For $40 all I got was my feet soaked...toenails cut, filed and painted. No massage,,no oils..nada!

Anonymous said...
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Suki said...

wow, sounds like a luxury to me!

And 40 dollars works out at Rs 160... which is not much unless you're a broke college student like me! :P

Congratulations on having found this :D

we_be_toys said...

I'm not much for the whole spa/salon thing either, but once in awhile, a really good pedicure is divine!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Ahhh. I love manicures and pedicures and have finally learned to handle my own ascetic leanings.

I keep my nails fairly short, though, because I can't function very well when they get long.

So what's next, a facial and full-body massage?


Mariposa said...

I just had manicure and pedicure yesterday too! I had it while waiting for a friend...LOL Though I usually do my own nails, sometimes, having it done in the salon feels's relaxing! But I'm weird, when I have nothing to do on a weekend, I beg people to let me do their nails...I love doing it! I find that relaxing too!

Christine said...

i'm so jealous! manicures here are ridiculously expensive compared to back home in Cal. i wish we could see a picture of your new nails. ;-)

niobe said...

I'm trying (and failing) to imagine your plum-colored nails. They sound beautiful.

Mary said...


I have acrylic nails and keep them short, just peeking beyond my fingertips so my fingers can fly across the keyboard! And the feet. You remind me to indulge once again.


Anonymous said...

Several weeks ago, I went for a facial. It was a wonderful experience, and I wanted to write a post about it. But then I cancelled my follow up. I just can't bring myself to spend so much time and money on something not necessary. Then again, I admire your resourcefulness in finding a way to receive "touch," which is not something I, as a wife and mother of two small children, am lacking. I probably say, "don't touch the mom!" at least once a day.