Sunday, April 27, 2008

Word verification....

Just a note to those who may come by here....

The word verification has become too difficult for me to process. There are specific reasons for that. My eyesight is not very good even though I've had surgery - and the letters often flip around. Additionally, I have spatial perception problems which makes it hard for my brain to process the mixed up font sizes and shapes.

I wanted to note this for anyone who is accustomed to receiving comments from me. I don't want it to appear that I have disappeared or lost interest. That is not the case.

I am still reading. :)



WendyB said...

It has been driving me crazy too. The letters are completely illegible, yet comment spam still gets through. Ridiculous. And of course there's no way to get in touch with a human at Blogger to complain.

slouching mom said...

I've noticed this problem big time this weekend. I think Blogger has changed the letters so that some are thick, some thin -- and I am totally stymied by it. It takes me two or three times to get the sequence right, and I don't even wear glasses.


flutter said...

me too, have you tried hitting the little wheelchair on the side?

meno said...

I HATE WV, so i understand completely. I hardly ever get any comment spam, and when i do i just delete it, no big deal.

Olivia said...

Oh, me too, Chani. I just give up as well.

I myself had it on my own blog for almost a year and never even knew, because it didn't offer it to me. I never knew until someone complained.

So to everyone on Blogger---check and make sure under Layout and Comments that you have "show word verification for comments" turned off. The default is on.

So if you never changed it, you have word verification. Note that it also says "Blog authors will not see word verification for comments."

Check your Blogger blogs, everyone!



SUEB0B said...

It has been much on my mind as well. The "words" seem to keep getting longer and longer, and I often have to type them 2 or 3 times to get them entered correctly.

I looked at Blogger for about an hour trying to find a contact email but I can't find it. I know there is one there SOMEWHERE but they bury it really deep.

I don't feel like I can get rid of mine however, because I have had comment spams - hundreds of them - that got me locked out of my own blog and filled my comment sections - even those that were months old - with thousands of lines of links to porn sites. Bah.

Anonymous said...

Me, too - they've changed the fomat of WV and it is absoltely illegible (even with reading glasses!) SOmetimes I try 3 times then give up in frustration.

Anonymous said...

Ditto the comment right before mine - I have just read a couple of posts and the WV font is CRAZY. I've never clicked it, but what happens when you do the handicapped symbol? Maybe that would help, I assume it's for those with vision problems.

painted maypole said...

i think the word verification has gotten WAY harder over the past week - i think they've changed the thickness of the letters and how close they are to each other. I have good vision and I'm really having a hard time with it, too. Please, people, ditch the word verification!!!

Tai said...

I ditched my WV a while ago and so far have only received a few spams...not so bad!

Thanks for popping by my blog, I'll come visit you, too!

thailandchani said...

Wendy, I'm not surprised there is no human available. They don't want the blowback.


Sarah, argh! indeed! :) I was managing them with my eyesight.. but now that the spatial aspect is involved, I'm going to really have to be committed to saying something because I'll have to get someone else in the house to enter the letters.


Flutter, yes. I did try that. It involves a download and then listening to the letters. Too much trouble, imo.


Meno, that has been my experience as well. I rarely get any spam - and really question whether it is worth it to protect myself at the expense of completely annoying others. Like you, I just delete it.


Olivia, thanks for the instructions! That baffled me for a long time. I didn't know how to turn it off. :)


Suebob, have you considered comment moderation? That would probably discourage them because they want the larger audience.


Citizen, that is what I was doing... 3 strikes. It got to where I couldn't even do that. It was giving me a headache.


De, it no longer serves its purpose if the majority of readers can't make out the sequence. It was a good idea at its inception - a long, long time ago - but it just doesn't work anymore.


PM, I'm with you! People need to come up with another way to protect themselves from spam.

Maybe there are alternatives we don't know about yet.

Right now, comment moderation seems to be the only alternative.


Tai, thank you for coming by. :)


niobe said...

WV should be put out of its/our misery!

Anonymous said...

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