Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some people simply amaze me...

This won't happen here very often but I really need to bring this to the attention of those who read this site and those who may find me through a Google search.

It is not often that I will publicly bring someone to attention. This person has been mentioned on two other blogs and that is how I found out about him.

There is only one word for this man and it is outside the language bounds of this particular blog. Suffice it to say it is a slang term for a bodily orifice that is located in the rear end of most human beings and animals. In fact, that word isn't strong enough. I could think of many more but out of consideration for my readers, I'll leave it to your own imaginations.

For more details on this story, please visit here or here. Both Matt and Tatt2dude have done a good job of providing the basics on the activities of Aaron McCreanor. I just have a few things to say that they have not.

So that you will know what I am talking about, I will quote Tatt2Dude:

Aaron McCreanor is a regular visitor to Thailand. He has a web site and also produces videos of his adventures. Where Aaron differs from many tourists is that he takes pleasure in meeting girls and talking them into having his name tattooed on them whilst filming them being tattooed, at the same time he makes jokes about them out of earshot on his video. He then posts these videos to his website and You Tube. (Video web address and bebo web address)...

I made the mistake of watching the video and was appalled by the callous disregard for two other human beings, even though he thinks they are nothing more than "Thai hoes", undeserving of common human decency.

He laughs and giggles through the entire thing like a 14-year-old boy in the locker room, as though what he was doing was funny, manipulating these women into getting his name tattooed on their bodies. They weren't real people after all. Like most people of his ilk, he sees them as little more than objects who exist for his pleasure.

He takes a great deal of pride in the fact that he will return and continue with these activities.

As we all know, Thailand has a reputation for its s*x industry. There are many reasons why it exists and not the least of it is the plethora of western men who flock there because they believe it is nothing more than their personal playground, nothing more than a place to find cheap rent, cheap booze and cheap s*x.

It is reprehensible and someone has to do something about it. Someone has to take a stand. I'll probably end up being blocked by the Thai government for saying this but.. say it, I will!

It is the responsibility of the Thai government to monitor these men and kick them out of the country. It has a duty to protect its own citizens. There is no way Aaron McCreanor should ever get another entrance visa.

If the situation is ever going to change or improve, someone has to do something. The Thai government has done nothing. They turn a blind eye to these men because they bring money. They allow the exploitation of their own citizens to rake in western mammon. Shame on the government! Shame on them for making it bloody hard for decent people to get a retirement visa but continue to give visas to these young men who have no other goal than to turn the entire country into a tawdry playground.

Deny his next request for a visa. Persona non gratis. Perhaps then people will take the government seriously when they say they want to change Thailand's image.

And you, Aaron McCreanor, are either the maddest person I've ever read about - or you have no concept of acceptable human behavior ~ the latter making you a sociopath.

(Aaron, don't bother leaving your illegible comments all written in weird texting language because I will only delete them. You have no voice here.)

As for the rest of you reading, do you agree that such people should not be allowed in the country? Do you think any person who has shown themselves to be of low character should be kicked out of any country? At what point has someone forfeited his or her right to visit a foreign country?