Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Inspiration....

Try this:

For the next few days, find inspiration in every person you meet. Deliberately look for it, regardless of who it might be or the circumstances.

It changes the landscape.




flutter said...

That is asking a lot.

I will try.

Olivia said...

I do believe you, Chani. I will do this. I watched a film recently about Mother Theresa that inspired me along this line, but never followed through. I'll let you know what happens... xxoo, O

Brandi said...


kaliroz said...

We must be on the same wavelength. I just wrote about the bus driver who inspires me every day with his simple kindnesses.

Defiantmuse said...



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

This is so interesting, Chani. This is very similar to a series of exercises that I'm trying from a book called STEERING BY STARLIGHT: FINDING YOUR RIGHT LIFE NO MATTER WHAT! by Martha Beck. You might enjoy it.

hele said...

What a wonderful idea. I am so going to try this.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

What a daring idea! I know in theory that everyone is my teacher, but this would actually put that belief in action.

You inspire me, for starters. I will try to consciously regard everyone as an inspiration, although honestly, some inspire me NOT to behave as they do.

Anonymous said...

Chani, I can actually say that most of the time, I already do this. And why? Because I've been reading your blog for so long, it has changed my way of thinking.

Thank you.


jen said...

i'll be interested in hearing how this practice unfolds for you.

womaninawindow said...

Sure as shit, it does. I like this. I'll do this.

painted maypole said...

wow, now that's a challenge. I'll try.

(love the picture. always love the pictures, but this one reminds me of the time I was a camp counselor and woke up a campground of sleeping children to show them the northern lights. Most were distinctly unimpressed. huh)

The New Mom on the Blog said...

Guess what?! I do that every day but still get back-stabbed and betrayed over and over again.

My hubby say, I never learn my lessons...

but well there I go again, finding inspiration in everyone I met...and hope that eventually, this particular person would be different...

Defiantmuse said...

I suck. lol. I made the decision to try this when I read this yesterday. And then had a completely awful experience w/ Monkey's pediatrician yesterday and walked away fuming. Arghh..

thailandchani said...

Flutter, I know it can be challenging. The main thing is that 'inspiration' doesn't always mean 'warm and fuzzy'. Sometimes it means 'this is a good example of how I don't want to be' or 'this is a good example of how we shouldn't be in the world'. :)


Olivia, I'll be curious to hear about it. Recently, I watched a documentary about Mother Teresa and it affected me the same way.


Brandi, :)


Kaliroz, it was a great post, too. Someone else wrote about a bus driver who had the same affect. Check out "Guilty With An Explanation" and search the posts for 'bus driver'. (Assuming you have Google Reader :)


Muse, LOL :)


JenA2, I might check that out. I heard Martha Beck on a radio show recently and she sounded reasonable, if a bit biased in cultural values. Still.. interesting ..


Hele, I hope you'll post about it. :)


Susan, yes.. that's the point exactly. Inspiration, like everything else, is two-edged. Sometimes we can be inspired to change our own thinking because of seeing the results of someone else's bad thinking.


De, thank you! :) I feel really honored that you would say something like that.


Jen1+, some days it's better than others. Some days I feel overwhelmed by it because the trying is so hard. Some days it seems useless because that day is filled with jerks and some days I can't imagine anything else.

All it takes is one. And I'm satisfied.


Erin, I hope you'll write about it. :)


PM, kids don't get it about things like the northern lights. And like most of us, they're disappointed when they're older that they didn't get it. Right of passage maybe? :)


New Mom, that sounds awful! I can't imagine the kind of environment you must be in - but I hope you are able to get out of it.

Trust me on this: That's no way to live. People are not like that at the core. People don't stab each other in the back unless they're living in fear for some reason.

Don't change your way of being.. but maybe change the scenery. :)


Muse, if you were fuming, there must have been a good reason. See my message to Flutter. :)


Carla said...

A fabulous thought, Chani. I'm presently reading a book called, "The Art of Possibility," and the authors suggest looking at how you can contribute positively to whatever situation you are in. I find that changes the landscape too. Attitude is everything.

crazymumma said...

I can but try I suppose.

Mariposa said...

IT Guy and I just watched the film The Secret...and we have resolved to commit to doing this everyday...and to see this here just feels good!

RKK said...

I love this, and am working on it!

niobe said...

I tend to go through life mostly oblivious to others, so this would probably be a good exercise for me.

slouching mom said...

yes. i will do this.

thailandchani said...

Carla, it sounds interesting.. but that focus is definitely on "doing" and not "being". What about "being"?


CM, yes.. you can. Si, se puede :)


Mariposa, I'll be interested to read your impressions of The Secret.


RKK, I was rather amazed at how satisfying it is! I've only been doing it this week.. and am already gathering quite a few positive experiences.


Niobe.. yes.. I think it would make you feel less alone.


SM, I hope you'll write about it. :)


sexy said...


Leli said...

This post is inspiring in itself

Leli said...

This post is inspiring in itself... Hope I can visit Thailand one day.