Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yelling into the wilderness and barely getting an echo....

Here's what's happening right now: Very soon.. possibly within the next two months, I might be moving to Humboldt County. It's a positive move, to a 55+ building for low income people that is right on the coast! It is a beautiful place and I'm in the application process right now.

I have removed a lot of my personal information here because 1) I don't feel like having it on the web for everyone to read forever and 2) I simply don't care to discuss it any further.

Hope everyone understands. I will still be commenting at other sites because that doesn't cause me the same level of anxiety. Perhaps when I feel a bit safer and less vulnerable, I will post here again. For now, until the move takes place, I am on hiatus.

And I really do wish all of you peace. That's not just empty words.