Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Lift Each Other Up....

Thank you all... for the beautiful and uplifting comments you left for me on yesterday's post.

It might seem silly that I say they lift me up - but they do. Anyone who downplays the importance of the things we say to each other on these sites isn't thinking. I've seen some amazing things happen - here and on other sites - when someone cuts a vein and lets it bleed into the template.

I'd like to say I've given a lot of thought to what to post tonight... but it's not true. A stomach bug bit and I've been trying to think about how to install cable in the bathroom. You know, when I can stay out of there long enough to string the wire and hook up a TV.

I know. TMI. But it's the truth - for right now.

I did want to say thanks though. I feel uplifted by the things all of you said (minus the troll) and it's a good reminder for me, too, to leave nice comments for everyone.

We can influence each other.

Tell me about the nicest comment you've ever received on your site. :)



Defiantmuse said...

I dunno about a specific one but your comments in general always lift me up.
it's true.

Sorrow said...

I always like it when some one says " You have brightened my day"
I don't know, but it's nice to know that the light of my soul, my being, shines bright enough to brighten a dark day some where out there in the Verse.
And you are welcome Chani, for what you give, it's easy to return ..
All that care..
all that light..
all that Love..

Girlplustwo said...

i am glad you felt held. i know for me, having someone comment that they hear me, that they get me, it means everything. being heard.

we_be_toys said...

I've been really lucky, so far. All my commentors have been really pretty lovely!
I'm glad that you knew we were there for you yesterday. It never seems like much to give - a little kindness - and yet we all can feel it's effect upon us, knowing that someone has seen us, has cared about us.
Shine on Chani!

Say It said...

so far everyone has been more supportive and kinder than I ever could have imagined on my blog. It continually lifts me up and makes my day.

Feel better!

Kathryn Knoll said...

I find your blog entries thought provoking, challenging, intelligent, articulate, sane, human,real, honest, especially honest. When I want to peel back the veil of illusion that so surrounds and tries to fool us, I know I can get truth and compassion here at your site. As for the "troll", that one got a heart drawn around them asap! Thank you for your brilliance!I send you some Reiki and pray for your speedy recovery.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

So sorry you are feeling under the weather. I hope you can break out of the bathroom soon!

You couldn't be more on the spot about how the kindness of strangers (well, not really strangers in this case, just other bloggers)can effect your spirit. It's a huge part of what makes blogging so incredible.

I too have been lucky enough to avoid the trolls. Everyone who visits my site is very supportive and kind. Some of favorite comments are the ones that let me know I've made them laugh or smile that day.

Excellent post! Even if it was composed in the loo.

Anonymous said...

I had problem with one twisted commenter for a while and I just kept deleting. I have a few who have been critical, and those I respond to. But the vast majority of my commenters are supportive and kind - so much so that I would be hard pressed to pick even a huundred of the best comments. The comments of my readers sustain me, and I'm grateful.

MarmiteToasty said...

Ive only had one negative troll post......

Most of me maties that comment know that Im 'well ard' and can take a joke.... and I find 'compliments' sometimes hard to take.... its not that I dont know Im a good person etc, its just hard if anyone says nice things to me LOL

Are you the lovely lady that use to comment on dear Wendy's blob?


LittlePea said...

I don't know, I always receive nice comments so I've been lucky but I do remember the very first blogger to befriend me. It was Laurie and after reading her blog for the past couple years, I'm not surprised that she was my first blogfriend.

Amy Y said...

I have been getting lots of positive reinforcement on the surrogacy journey that I'm currently on ~ which is just wonderful and makes me feel so good.

I hope you feel better soon!

Woman in a Window said...

Yes, your comments are always thoughtful. I've been mostly lucky that way (so far.)

Cable in the BATHROOM? REally? Oh, wait, I think that was a joke. Get better.

Sarah said...

you do have a very supportive core group of commenters...

someone once told me that i (my site) was a part of her morning, and that when she wasn't able to access my site, it felt like there was a hole in her day.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I can't think of a particular one that stands out but nearly all who read my posts are supportive and absolutely lovely. I really feel as if I have a very real online support system, for which I am most grateful.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Feel better soon!

flutter said...

"it wasn't your fault"

Olivia said...


I too hope you feel better soon. I feel exactly the same way about the comments on my blog. I couldn't pick out any one in particular as they all touch me.

Being with company, being away from the internet, and being with family who have absolutely no idea who I am and who do not care either helped me to see just how much I rely on support and encouragement from my community. I don't know what I would do without it.

Thank you in particular for being such a wonderful part of it.