Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Nothing in particular...

I don't have anything in particular for Wellness Wednesday today. Frankly, I'm becoming disgusted and tired of the heat. For the next three days, we will be over 100 degrees and that basically means I am trapped inside. Usually I like to go for long walks in the morning and spend time in the garden. This summer has been the hardest on me yet as I have no heat tolerance since I had shingles.

So I am here with my Joseph Campbell DVDs, prepared to spend hours in front of the TV. I might even order pizza. Diet be damned. The DVD I am watching now is all about western mythology and it's quite interesting. He is discussing the parallels between ancient western mythology and the origins of Judeo-Christian thought. I also have two or three more DVDs, covering a range of topics from heroes to the power of myth.

Later, I will watch the DNC again, hoping for an inspiring speech.

So... over and out for the day. Hope everyone has a good couple of days.



we_be_toys said...

I have to admit - I didn't watch a bit of the Democratic Convention, except for Hillary's speech, because it was such dull pap. It isn't going to affect how I vote, so really, why waste that time?

I hate the heat too! I'm a big fan of Joseph Campbell myself - order a pizza and hunker down, girl!

Border Explorer said...

Heat--so hard to endure, especially with tender skin.
I look forward to your insights from Campbell. He's likely to have more substance than convention blah blah blah.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

I have to admit I have avoided the DNC because of all the spin doctors and blah blah blah that goes one. Hillary's speech was great though, and of course I'll be watching when Obama speaks.

Enjoy the DVDs, I never saw the Power of Myth series, but I've got the book. Fascinating stuff.

Melissa said...

Heat, diets, politics, you name it. I am tired of them all and so I have therefore voted myself onto my comfy little couch to recover my sense of self. I can't wait to sit back, eat some pizza, and finish reading the most amazing self empowering book I have read yet, The Pink Forest by Dana Dorfman. A pure delight when everything else gets frustrating.

thailandchani said...

Toys, I agree. It is dull pap. I will listen to Bill Clinton tonight but that's probably going to be the end of it for me.


BE, no doubt! The DNC is really an infomercial. Joseph Campbell is something so far beyond that, that I don't have the words for it. Historical context. Perhaps that's what he gives.


Bea, it really is. Hearing him is far more impacting than reading him. If you get a chance to get the DVD.. do! Bill Moyers does such a good job interviewing him.


Melissa, I'll be curious to hear your impressions of that book. I just looked it up on Amazon.


slouching mom said...

i am intrigued by how bill clinton will handle himself tonight. and i'd like to hear obama.

other than that?


Sorrow said...

Gosh I hope those DVD are not the ones where Bill Moyers was interviewing him...

Defiantmuse said...
you've planted the seed.
I think I know what we're having for dinner.
and *no* DNC for me.
I can't deal.

Pecos Blue said...

Hope the heat spell breaks soon.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope the weather breaks for you, Chani.

I love Joseph Campbell. He's an extraordinary researcher and theorist. And I HAVE been meaning to write about The Shack. In addition to the surgery issue with the piggy, and trying to help my FIL long distance, we had a school crisis and had our water pump break. It's been a week. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Same to you - hope the heat passes and you get your energy back.

Amy Y said...

That picture makes me feel cool :) It's finally not so hot here in Denver... perfect timing, really, as I'm sure a sweaty delegate is an unhappy one.

What did you think of Clinton's speech? I hope you caught Kerry's, too... I was quite impressed ~ for the first time. I wasn't crazy about him when it was his turn to run. I missed Biden but heard I didn't miss much.

Crashdummie said...

Lets face the fact, anything worth having in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening ;)

enjoy that pizza.

Vodka Mom said...

I am a bitch in the heat. (no, I did not say BITCH IN HEAT...)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Nice hopeful picture of the snowbird. I would just die in such unrelenting heat. Go toward the snow, Çhani, go toward the snow.

hele said...

Here it is hot and dusty. No rain yet. So to me that bird look heavenly as well.

Olivia said...

Yes, but we KNOW you are having a great time there, Chani---it sounds like the absolutely PERFECT evening :)

Wish I could have joined you,

Love, O

thailandchani said...

Sarah, so what did you think? I thought Bill Clinton did a good job - but he was also being very, very 'safe' in everything he said.

John Kerry went a bit further out on a limb than Clinton. That surprised me.


Sorrow, yes.. they actually are. :) But that's only two of them. I also have Mythos and another one here.


C, did you enjoy your pizza? :) The DNC isn't that bad.. and it's good to keep a finger on the pulse of the culture. Forewarned.. and all that.


Pecos, thank you. :) Just one more day after today.


Jen, ugh! That all sounds horrible! I guess I'll take the heat over that kind of stuff!


Citizen, thank you. It's going to be a couple days of grapes and cottage cheese - and now a detective novel. It's too hot to think!


Amy, I was far more impressed with John Kerry than Clinton. John Kerry gave a good blend of "pump em up" and facts to make it definitely worth hearing. Clinton unfortunately sounded a bit like he was hawking a product. I half way expected him to pull out a bottle of Kaboom.


Crash, I often feel that way. All the foods I like are fattening. Dang!


VodkaMom, I just melt. No energy. No enthusiasm for anything. Well, that's if I stay inside with the a/c. If I go out, it's the nausea, light headedness and difficulty breathing that gets me. :)


Susan, yes! Humboldt! Humboldt! We might be able to see a bit of snow there. Then we'll leave and go to hotternhell Thailand where I'll be inside nine months of the year! Why does my spirit's home have to be so HOT??? Where's the justice in THAT? LOL


Hele, that bird looks heavenly. I wish I could look out the window and see *that* instead of sweltering concrete.


Olivia, actually it was okay. I just got lost in the DVDs and then watched the convention. I had a fan blowing on me the entire time.


seventh sister said...

Joseph C. is always good company and the convention has been entertaining. We get to hear verbal acrobatics after watching physical ones for a couple of weeks. I hope your heat wave is over soon. Ours lasted over 40 days of temps in the triple digits. I was having sever cabin fever. The dog did not even want to go outside. Thankfully now we are having temps in the 80's and
90's. Feels much better.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm sorry that you're having such a heat wave. We rarely get to 100 here, but I hate it when we do.

I missed Bill Clinton's speech, but I loved Obama's last night.

Hope it cools down for you soon.