Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend: Just a Bunch of Random Stuff.....

Does anyone like the lampshade in that picture above? I used to hand make those in the 80s and still have a bunch of them around the house. Arthritis has taken over my fingers too much to make them now ~ but I certainly did like doing it.

How about that interview with Sarah Palin and Charlie Gibson? There's something to be said for research and a comprehensive understanding of world and domestic politics. She seems to lack both. She didn't know what "the Bush Doctrine" is! She can receive all the briefings in the world for now - but if she doesn't have a context to put it in, she'll just keep flubbing up.

Last night, a friend and I went to Chipotle for dinner. Not too impressive overall but the conversation was reasonably good. As usual, we talked about religion most of the evening. Even when we disagree, we're fairly good about staying balanced with it - and it's a welcome refuge to spend four or five hours with someone who shares my cultural point of view.

Chipotle though. We won't go again. In general, I don't like "order it here and pick it up over there" restaurants but especially didn't like that they asked my name when I ordered and then handed me a little flashing gadget that beeped loudly when my food was done. The food was okay but nothing exciting and I really didn't like that beeping thing - or being asked to identify myself in a fast food joint.


I like my anonymity.

It's finally cooling down! It was cool enough last night for a light jacket. Not being a hot weather person, this is my season coming up.

Now I have to order more clothes. It takes weeks for them to get here. Which card should I max out this time? Citibank or Wamu?

Okay. So all of this is totally random, irrelevant and insignificant flotsam. That happens sometimes. Even around here. :)

One more thing: Perhaps a bit sensitive but not intended to be offensive or confrontative. There are two of my favorite sites that I can no longer visit because of the page loads. Sure, I can rezd them in Google Reader but I can't comment - and there's just no pleasure in it without being able to comment. The loads are very, very slow and all the ads have to load in before I can see the text. The ads bounce and some of them are actual videos. I like y'all - but don't like being marketed to so aggressively. I want to read what you have to say but that's the operative phrase: what you have to say ~ so you might want to check your page load and make sure people can get in. If any of you want to know from me whether your page load is too long, leave a note and I will tell you privately. Thanks. :)

Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend.



meno said...

That is when i like to amuse myself by giving them a fake name.

Missy Toe or some such foolishness.

slouching mom said...

Flotsam has its place. ;)

I was very impressed with Charlie Gibson. Not so with Sarah Palin.

But then you knew that already.

PS Excellent article here by Eve Ensler if you haven't read it yet.

thailandchani said...

Meno, I do that, too. M thought it was a little strange until I explained to her why I was doing it.


Sarah, that was a great article! Eve Ensler is a good writer and I agree with a lot of the things she says.


Anonymous said...

Lampshades are very hard to find. I guess in our disposable society, people just buy a new lamp and shade. It would never have occurred to me to make one. Very nice.

I have been places where I have found myself being asked something personal that I have to say out loud within hearing of others... sometimes something that I can't make up, and I wonder if I'm the only paranoid person who is bothered.

MsLittlePea said...

Recent conversation I had with someone undecided who likes Palin because in her words,"she's a mom like me..." :

Me: Come on, you can't be serious. She had to be told what the Bush Doctrine was!

Her: Well neither did I.

Me: Well you're not running for VP are you? Don't you think someone running for the number two spot, especially someone who, has a huge chance of becoming THE PRESIDENT of this country should know about a policy that might send your three sons to war someday??? Or should we just all check the box because she's a mom?

Her: Good point. Still undecided though.

Christy said...

I like the lamp in that spot. I like that nook.

Sarah Palin.

I saw that part about the Bush Doctrine and I flinched for her. I guess it is good to know--that she isn't well-versed.

I love Joe Biden.

But really, despite McCain's age, I vote the president only....and I sometimes think all the focus on the vice-president is just a commentary on the political savvy of the candidates' machines--which I don't care about.

I'm a mom, too, btw. But I am not a mom like her. Just because we could both spew offspring doesn't sway me at all.....

Crashdummie said...

"Which card should I max out this time?"

Why chose when you can have both? ;)

Brandi said...

chani I have to respectfully admit to being flabbergasted. C'mon-we live in a texting, self absorbed society. I don't think the kid making six bucks and hour or anyone around even noticed-or cares about the name. ;-)

but dang, I do love their veggie soft tacos! YUM!

hele said...

I enjoyed chatting with you. As always ;)

jen said...

i sold a lamp stand yesterday at our garage sale that would have matched that shade quite beautifully!

did you know Chipolte is owned by McDonalds? I just learned that recently, another reason to be turned off by them.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Pretty lamp shade. I like the lamp it adorns,too.

I always give a fake, often fanciful name at Jamba Juice when I buy smoothies. A little fantasy doesn't hurt anyone unless you forget, as I once did, that I had ordered as "Jade."

Sarah Palin does know who Bush is, right? So why quibble? :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

She might not know there were two presidents with the last name of Bush, though.

I owe you an e-mail despite the fact that you were so kind in answering me so promptly. My apologies about my bad behavior. As you may have guessed, I'm somewhat scattered these days.