Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just another day in paradise.....

My cold has turned into bronchitis. Oh my gosh.. I am sick!

The past few years, I get sick a lot more often. Part of it is probably a natural consequence of getting older but certainly that's not all of it.

Yesterday, Charles Eisenstein's latest article on health, obesity and culture showed up on Reality Sandwich. It's a good read. If you get the chance.....

He makes many good points.. but that isn't the real point of this post...

I almost got robbed this morning. This is something that's going to come up frequently for a lot of people during this season.

It was in the parking lot at the grocery store. (At Fulton and Hurley, for you Sacramento readers.) I can't live without Havarti cheese so I decided to go buy some, along with drinking water and some tortillas. The drinking water is quite heavy in those large cases and I was putting it into the trunk.

As I tossed my groceries into the passenger seat, a guy came up right behind me. There were other empty parking spaces. It was still fairly early. He wasn't just trying to pass me to go into the store. I turned around, looked right in his eyes and said (or croaked, as the case may be), "You scared the hell out of me! Stand back!"

Surprisingly, he did just that ~ muttered a weak "I'm sorry" and took off in the other direction.

I mention this because it is one of the very good recommendations I read somewhere. When someone approaches in that manner, look them straight in the eyes ~ letting them know you've seen them and will recognize them ~ and then speak up so that others will hear you.

It may not work in every case but it worked in this one.

(Just in case anyone is wondering, I did make a police report so there is a description available if he tries to do that again.)

Wishing everyone safe shopping!



3brainer said...

So sorry to hear you are ill. I also have noticed that after 40 it becomes gradually more difficult to heal injuries and recover from illness.

I applaud your approach to dealing with the suspected robber. I have used a version of that tactic successfully in the past.

But the real reason for my comment here, is in regard to you buying bottled water. I would like to suggest that you buy a filter for your faucet, or a pitcher type filtration system if your tap water isn't to your liking. There are excellent options for reasonable prices; you'll actually save $ in the long run. Carbon filtration is one of the most reliable ways to remove trace chemicals from water. If there is fluoride in your tap water, you'll need a more expensive filter. Plastic bottles are made from petroleum products and use even more oil for transport. By some estimations the yearly equivalent of 100,000 cars! Not to mention how many wind up in land fills or worse yet the oceans where they break down to microscopic size and ingested by fish to later work up the food chain back to our tables.

Clean drinking water is important, but there is a scam happening out there that not only rips off consumers, but also is terribly unsustainable. Plus the FDA standards for bottled water are less stringent than the EPA standards for tap water, so there is no guarantee the water in the bottle is any safer or better anyway.

That said, drink lots of fluids, stay warm, and avoid the "holiday" madness and get well soon.

Woman in a Window said...

You are very lucky (and smart!) He might have been after more than your purse or groceries.

(On the way home from work tonight I heard a police report that sickened me. An 87 year old woman was sexually assalted in her home by a 19 year old. This poor old lady had managed to make it through 87 years, I assume, unscathed only to be overpowered in her living room. Some days my stomach can't handle this. Stay safe Chani.)

Amy Y said...

Oh my! How scary! So glad you are alright and knew how to handle the situation...
Hope you feel better soon! Have some nice soup!

Anonymous said...

Yikes- good thinking on your feet Chani! Get well soon!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm sorry to hear about the brochitis. I hope you feel better soon. And I'm so glad you had the presence of mind to confront the would-be robber. I'm not sure I would have.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The fact that the guy went the other way instead of into the store when confronted does sound suspicious, but it's possible he was just going to ask you for a handout. It's hard to know, but far better to err on the side of caution.

You should not be eating dairy products, including Havarti cheese, with an upper-respiratory infection.

I hope you feel better soon.

Merelyme said...

this is really good advice...i will have to remember this.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Chani, I'm so sorry you're sick. Please be careful as bronchitis can be very, very nasty. I'm glad you were okay this morning.

Border Explorer said...

Quick thinking! Thanks for sharing that tip with us. I had not considered how the economic downturn will increase the likelihood of this sort of thing.

Do take good care. I hope your health is improving. Bronchitis is miserable.

thailandchani said...

3Brainer, thanks for letting me know about that. :)


Erin, I'm with you! Sometimes I can't stand it! I got a call tonight from someone I know in *Thailand*, for heaven's sake, who had heard about the teenage kid who was held captive for a year in Tracy. There are some really sick people running loose.


Amy, thanks. I can't imagine why I got so sick! This is unusual for me. I'm definitely going through a lot of tea though!


Starr, I'm trying! Thanks for the good wishes.


Ruth, thanks. :) When I'm confronted with a situation like that, the old me comes out. The old me is very firm and hard. Not too many people would risk taking me on.

I don't say that with any arrogance or smugness at all. It's not a side of me that I like - but it is occasionally useful.


Susan, I'll lay off the dairy products. Anything to help me breathe freely again! LOL

You may be right. He might have been asking for a handout but he got too danged close for comfort!


MerelyMe, good idea! Keep it in mind.. because it actually works. I just had to put on that side of me that is not to be trifled with. :) If he had any sense, he knew his groin was in jeopardy.


Jen, thanks. I'm sure I'll get well. It's just that time between Point A and Point B. Ugh! I really dislike being sick! But at least it's not shingles.. so I should probably stop kvetching.


Carol said...

I'm glad that you're safe and I hope that you feel better soon. One thing that would be worse than getting robbed is getting robbed while ill.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was not going to say it, but since 3Brainer did -- she's right. Bottled water is much less regulated than tap. For the cost of a couple of weeks of bottled water, you can invest in a filter system. Much lighter than all those bottles.

What I was going to say, though, is that sounds really terrifying and I am impressed at your presence of mind!

Brandi said...

so glad you are OKAY.

and sorry to hear about the bronchitis-that sucks.

feel better soon!

Angela said...


I used to get bronchitis on a yearly basis and I remember how awful it was. Hope you're better soon! I use a Britta water filter and love it - no more lugging water from the store and it's better financially and green-wise. Thanks for linking that article - it was fascinating! And good for you for dealing with that potential criminal! Maybe you kept him from going on a spree, who knows?

thailandchani said...

BE, the economic situation is definitely having an impact on crime in this area, even though no one is discussing it openly.

The bronchitis isn't quite so bad now... but it is definitely annoying to listen to me. :)


Carol, very true! I hadn't thought of it that way but.. yes :)


Emily, it really wasn't as bad as I would have thought. So much of it is just a matter of being willing to stand up to them. Of course if he'd had a gun, I might have responded differently. Then I would have physically attacked him.

It's interesting to me how little advice there is "out there" for dealing with criminals - yet there's bound to be an increase in it.

People will be robbing each other because of Christmas. The pressure is so high - and that's not to mention the economy.


Brandi, thanks. :)


Angela, I do have a filter in the refrigerator... but it makes the water taste a little funny. Maybe it's some kind of setting.


MsLittlePea said...

Last year there were reports of mothers being hit in the face and mugged in the parking lot of the Target I live near. The assailants were OTHER WOMEN waiting for these mothers to start strapping their kids in and get good and distracted, then walking up to them asking what time it was or get this, parenting advice. It made me sick to hear about it. So we should all remember that women are also victimizing other women. We can never be too careful.

I hope you're feeling better. Ginger is good for respiratory ailments, at least that's what my mom says.... get well.

Ian Lidster said...

May healthy days return soon.

Sherry Peyton said...

Chani, so sorry to hear you are ill. I'll pray for your recovery. And I am so glad that you thwarted an attempt to rob you. I have learned a few tricks of my own after years of defending criminals I tell ya! LOL. You did a good thing. Being observant is the most important thing of all. Never get wrapped in your own thoughts as you are walking to and from the car, have your keys in hand, and try to walk out with others are all good tips.

Leann said...

I am truly sorry to hear you are under the weather, but certainly will send good blessings your way. I have heard that if you look at them in the eyes and let them know you will recognize them and are not intimidated that they will most likely leave you alone. I've never been afraid of being robbed/mugged/home invasion etc. This year I am. There are so many people who are doing without which rises the crime rate. I am trying to take extra precautions, being more aware of who's around me, etc.

Anonymous said...

Scary! I'm glad it worked and the guy backed off.

Anonymous said...

Scary! I'm glad it worked and the guy backed off.

PeterAtLarge said...

"Quick thinking" is right. But it also took a lot of courage on your part, Chani. I'm impressed. Get well soon.

Joan said...

Cripes Chani I'm so glad you are alright!(not to mention quick on your feet and brave as hell)

I'm sending healing thoughts to you today... be well soon.

Relyn said...

Two things: 1) Good on you for being brave and standing up for yourself. 2) So sorry you are ill. Take care of yourself and feel better soon. But, also, when you are better, don't rush back in and overdo.

Blessings, ~ Relyn

jen said...

talk about quick thinking...i am sorry that happened to you.

get well soon.

Janet said...

I would never think to do boldly look someone in the eyes in that situation. Good advice.

And sorry to hear about the bronchitis. I wish you speedy healing.

painted maypole said...

thanks for the reminder to keep alert.

be well!