Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pull The Lever on the Skinner Box....

Is anyone else out there sensitive to the weather?

When I went for groceries this morning, the clerk presented the usual, supposedly neutral, question, "Are you enjoying the sunny warm days?"

Truthfully, the answer is "no".

I like variety in weather. It is the middle of January. It shouldn't be constantly sunny and in the mid-60s.

(I'm aware of the horrid life-threatening weather in other parts of the country and can imagine those who would happily give me the finger for complaining.. but.. I'm complaining!)

When I left Los Angeles, it was largely because of the 10-year drought. Day after day, the weather was the same. I felt like I was in a Skinner Box.

When I left Tucson, I left because the weather was the same every single day. As they say, Tucson has two seasons: summer and Christmas.

This part of northern California is becoming the same which is part of the reason why I am looking at moving to Humboldt County. There are actually modified seasons there. There's rain.. and fog.. and cooler temperatures during the winter.

What a novel concept!

It has been the same here for so long that I'm beginning to feel like we're stuck in a Groundhog Day sort of universal time glitch.


Bring some rain, clouds and cool weather! I want to make soup and cuddle under a blanket. I want to drink tea while listening to the rain fall on the roof.

Pull the lever on the damn Skinner Box already! :)



Anvilcloud said...

Have I got a place for you!! :)

flutter said...

think it's seasonal affective disorder?

Carol said...

I can understand that! It doesn't seem right to have the same weather day in and day out. There needs to be some rhythm in life!

Colorado's seasons seem to be trying to level out. The high temps the next few days are predicted to be in the 60s and 70s. Nice,, but weird...

I hope that you find a place that feels right for you.

jen said...

it has been an odd winter. your post makes me wonder how it'll feel to be in the tropics, same weather round the year with rain added in for fun. (where i'm headed, but also perhaps for you one day?)

Michelle said...

You know, my dad is thinking the same thing - of moving out of Northern California because of the weather. But also the expense.

starrlife said...

New England is nice in that it has 4 distinct seasons, sometimes all in one day! I noticed that in Hawaii, the 80 degree non-variation was a bit boring.

Woman in a Window said...

Yes! The variety, I need it.

Driving the kids to school today I said to them, "Hey, guys, only three more months of winter." And my son said, "Ugh, 90 days?" It excited me to think that I will get sick and damn tired of this and then...uh, sweet change.

Only 90 days to go. (Remind me of this in about 14.)

ewe are here said...

I'll admit to liking the variety of having a proper autumn, but not winter. Much too cold here for someone who grew up in California and Hawaii.

Z said...

Maybe you should move to England. You can have all the seasons in one day here, and we never know quite what to expect. Today we've had frost, rain, high wind and now calm damp. Yesterday, we had bright winter sunshine.

Not too good in the British winter if you have aches and pains though. Doesn't half ginger up the arthritic hip!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I enjoy change, too, but having lived in many places with deep and bitter winters I rarely complain about the Northern California weather. Especially in these grim times when so many people are newly homeless.

Complaining about the weather is a luxury for those of us who live indoors.

Olivia said...


You should be here. That is all we have: rain, clouds, cool weather. Today, fog. Fireplace going all the time for heat.

I don't know, but I think that for me different climates fit for different times in my life. Then some things I can rule out permanently, like the extremes of below zero winters, snow, and Phoenix summers. I'm not sure that I could settle on a monoclimate somewhere, which is one of just a few things that keeps me from living in Hawaii.

We are all so different with climate, but I think even those of us who live indoors (like me) like various things.

Wish I could do a rain dance for you,


Deodand said...

I also have a place for you - it's Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I don't live there but I know they advise people with migraines not to live there because of the extreme changes in weather. You can seriously go from a bikini to a parka in less than a day. You'd love it!

All kidding aside, I know what you mean. People bitch about the cold & snow but in my mind it's just part of this place. Our ecosystem wouldn't function as it does without a proper winter.

disa said...