Monday, September 25, 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole...

Today will be a crowded day for us. So far, V. is still sleeping and we will leave him to sleep until he wakes up naturally. Then it will be off to the hospital and then to the clinic. Who knows what we will meet there. Our highest hope is that he will cooperate with us, without having to call Che for back-up reinforcement. We'll just have to see how the day developes. I am afraid for him and want to make sure all goes well. It is not my style to be melodramatic but I don't believe he will live another week if we don't get him help right away. It is far more than just his "being a drunk" as one of his friends says. He is in the grey area between life and death. His spirit is fading away. We will do all we can to bring him back to the life side with the knowledge that we can not choose for him or the fates.

Meanwhile, I have time here to answer Bonnie's question about clothes. It is something light to keep my mind away from all we have to do today!

When I was a teenager and in college, I loved clothes! I was always the one to buy the latest thing and am not afraid to go out to the edge with fashion. Even though I am short and on the pudgy side (not fat or obese - but round, stocky build), it never stopped me from buying the latest stuff from the magazines. I love color and design. Before I chose Thai, I always wore Bohemian clothing.

When I decided to create the style I have now, it was to have a taste, not to get drunk. (Perhaps this is a bad analogy at this time.) Additionally, if I had been able to leave for Thailand when intended, I would be buying Thai clothes so I just began early. I mix traditional clothing with everyday Thai clothing and do a lot with accessories. This is the point where a digital camera would be useful! (laughing at my own foolishness in not owning one yet!) For special events, I will wear very traditional clothing that stands out. It has taken me a year or more to complete this wardrobe.

Anyone who sees me will obviously know that I am dressed in a distinctly Asian style. I also buy a lot of fisherman's pants, Thai tops with a bit of a traditional flair, sarongs, skirts with a traditional look, lots of Karen Hilltribe jewelry and denim from northern Thailand. I also use a lot of Thai scarves. Instead of a purse, I carry a Buddha bag. They cross over the chest to one side rather than over the shoulder. I get comments at the local Thai stores for food supply. They like to tease me and we laugh together. If I am lazy one day and wear an old pair of jeans with only a Thai top and rubber flip-flops for shoes, they tease. "What's the matter with Thailand Girl today? Are you sick?" It is all in good fun. (One day, I will tell the lemongrass story!)

All of this to say ... I do not look like a clown but no one would mistake me for average, either!

This play with fashion is enjoyable and it reminds me of my spirit's home, makes me feel "connected" and others seem to enjoy it, too. So it is all good.

Honestly, I buy much of it on eBay from a few favorite sellers in Thailand. I buy so much that shipping is disounted. That helps, especially with winter coming and I will be buying more!

I will check in later today to give a progress on V. Please think good thoughts for him and for his life.

May all have a wonderful and peaceful day~

Thailand Gal

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