Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sawadee bpe mai....

It is 12.01, January 1, 2550, at this very moment in Khon Kaen, Thailand. So, for me, the New Year has begun.

(*Note: This post was written before I knew about the bombings in Bangkok and the cancelation of New Year's celebrations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. May peace be with my Thai and farang brothers and sisters. Sunti phap.)

My wishes for this coming year:

1) ... that the US will get out of Iraq, bring the soldiers home and work on finding a new way to settle disputes,

2) ... that those who suffered through Katrina will finally get some support from the government,

3) ... that all who need food will have it,

4) ... that all who need shelter will find it,

5) ... that all who need medical care will find it available,

6) ... that all who want an education will receive it,

7) ... that peace will become a priority throughout the world,

8) ... that all children will be safe from exploitation; sexual and commercial

9) ... that all who are lonely will find companionship,

10) . that all will find their souls content, fulfilled and joyous.


Sawadee bpe mai,



Lucia said...

I join you in your wish for peace, and enough to go around. I love how aware you are of the world and of both the good in it and the things that need improvement.

May this new year bring you joy and happiness, and allow you to get a little closer to Thailand.

Sevenwinds said...

Pray for the people of Thailand as they are undergoing a great upheaval right now with all the bombing in Bangkok. May the new year bring peace to all.

Girlplustwo said...

i stand shoulder to shoulder with you, chani. thank you for standing up for what you know to be true, every single day.

you inspire me.

happy new year. and peace to our thai brothers and sisters. please.

meno said...

Amen sister, amen.

LittlePea said...

Happy New Year Chani!!

Anonymous said...

I am home for a minute from a crazy party at my Trinidadian neighbors' house because I'm getting too drunk for 10:00 p.m. Your comment on my blog was such a nice thing. Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot to me that anyone gets anything out of it except me. Bless your heart.

I wish everyone in the world could have peace. But part of me realizes that craziness is a part of life. Men will always want war, there will always be something to fight about, and if there isn't, we will find something (witness the women at Macy's today threatening to pull each other's hair out. Next we will have wars over jersey dresses!). I don't understand it, I do understand it, and then I don't understand it again.

Pam said...

A thoughtful list from a thoughtful and insightful person.
Bless you.

Stephen Newton said...

Great list, TG. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I agree with (and support) all of your hopes.

My thoughts are with the Thais and the Spanish peoples during these times of bombings.

KC said...

If only one of your wishes come true, it will be a better, better world.

Happy New Year!
(and ditto what Lucia said!)

Maria said...

How beautiful... Thank you! May all the kindness in the world be at your doorstep. :) Happy New Year! `M

heartinsanfrancisco said...

A perfect wishlist, Chani. May all of them come true, and may you have a front-row seat from which to see it.

We are all in deep trouble with our souls when bombings and wars are seen as acceptable ways to solve problems.