Monday, January 15, 2007

Working Outside....

This past few weeks, I've been spending some extra time dredging up jobs I can do at home.

This is probably everyone's ultimate dream, to work at home in PJs, drinking coffee, watching the morning shows. I entirely understand it. Most jobs can be done from home but corporate manager types don't want to lose control over their employees. There is an underlying belief that no one would ever do a good job unless there's someone watching over, making sure they do it.

Under most circumstances, I can find things to do often enough to supplement my small pension and bring in a little extra cash. I also sell on eBay. There are certain things I won't do though, like sending sp*m. Those jobs are not hard to find at all. "Data Entry at Home! Get Paid to Place Ads". Yeah, right!

This past few months have been a bit dry so I decided to place a call to one of the temporary agencies I work with on occasion. I'll take low-level, cattle call jobs. I can't seem to cope with jobs that require interviews. My objective is just to make a little extra cash. I don't want to get involved in corporate crippety-crap.

The agency I called had a job that sounded like it might work out. I agreed to do it and then they came up with this nonsense:

AR: "We need you to come in and fill out paperwork."

TG: "What paperwork would that be? I'm already registered with ****** (agency name)."

AR: "Well, we need you to fill out a new I-9 and W-4."

TG: "All my information is the same as it's been for five years. Can you fax me a W-4 and I'll fax it back to you? It would save me a long walk."

AR: "No. We can't do that. We haven't seen you for a few years and would like to meet you again, you know, just to get to know you."

TG ... scratching head. Thinking. Get to know me? Are we going to be dating? You want to marry me? Have sex with me? Why do you need to "get to know me"? It's a job, for crying out loud, not a relationship!

I've decided to put some extra energy into eBay for the next month. There just seems to be this ingrained part of me that copes very poorly with being asked to do things that make no sense, just to be doing them. There is something that feels dishonest about it, that many of these things take place simply because someone has the power to do them.

Of course, perhaps I'm wrong ~ but that's my take on it anyway. Anyone agree? Disagree?




Bob said...

My reaction to their request was the same as yours - nothing has changed so why force me to do this? Some clerk who is implementing this directive either can't or won't take the initiative and sign off that your information has been verified. If there is any other reason for the requirement for them to see you personally it should be communicated to you.

meno said...

This strikes me as odd too. Who knows what the real reason for this is? But i say no sex with AR unless he/she buys you dinner first!

QT said...

Oh Chani, I am the same way but the burdens we have now thanks to the Patriot Act are unbelievable.

In my field, we have to update forms ANNUALLY now. Just to make sure you are who you say you are and not a terrorist. Believe me, it is so annoying and people get very defensive (I don't blame them!)but we are threatened with big fines if we don't do it. Many of the forms have to be signed originals, but I would think they could mail them to you and you could mail them back? That's what we do.

Secondly, I always say if you can operate outside the corporate engine, more power to you.

Anonymous said...

"just to get to know you."

I am not sure one can "know" someone just through the form or paperwork via fax or email. So yes, I think that to meet someone in person matters a lot when it is about to be hired, even though they have met you a few years ago.
For the job I am doing right now, I first applied via an email, then telephone, then meeting in person. I understood and agreed with the process, although I had already met last year the guy who hired me.

Lucia said...

Corporate shmitziness. They ask for things like this just because they believe they can. There isn't a humanness, but more a level of control, even by the most menial office staff.

The Atavist said...

There seems to be this compulsion that some people have to create complication for its own sake. Many government forms (for business, mostly) make you submit information that no-one elever looks at, compiling data that no-one is interested in. Now that turns my crank.

dmmgmfm said...

I've recently had to complete yet another stack of OPI paperwork to be sure I am not a terrorist trying to infiltrate the government by using a computer that is hooked up to the federal network. I can't even get my email to work half the time and they are worried about me hacking defense secrets? I think not, but I do it because I love my job.

I agree with qt, if you can operate outside of the corporate (or federal) engine, more power to you!

Girlplustwo said...

ah..chani...i feel the same way. simply put, save me the bullshit.

but i have authority issues. big ones.

do you sell your books back on amazon? i've made a few decent bucks doing that.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's very simple. They want to make sure you haven't grown three heads, or a penis.

This is why I have always been underemployed, which is employment world terminology for crappy, poorly paid menial jobs under people who are half my age and have one forth my IQ but consider themselves my 'superiors."

Anonymous said...

Bureaucrats are bureaucrats.
I hate it when people enjoy wielding trivial power over others.

Pam said...

There's that power and control thing again, hard to get away from it.

Girlie said...

LOL. Control freaks for sure.