Sunday, March 07, 2010

Forkin the Road...

I have put down the deposit on a new apartment and will be moving at the end of March.

I'm at peace with having done the best I can in this situation. I'm not sorry to have stuck it out because, truthfully, it shows more character than to run. In the past, I've always run. Without exception, I run. This isn't running. This is completion.

Her son says it would be wrong to tell D because it might upset her. I'm willing to go along with that. For now.



Gail said...


Well, I hear ya - so clearly. Moving on isn't always a 'feel good' thing, huh? Oh folks will say "good for you, and "you are so strong" and so forth when in actuality all we want is for 'it' to be the way it was. I feel the heaviness in youir words and from here, as best I can and if you will allow me the honor, I will carry this loss with you and quietly cheer your coruage to go on.

Love Gail

Leann said...

Good luck with your move Chani and I truly hope that things get more on an even keel for you. Tell her, don't tell her, how much will she remember?

MARY G said...

It's not really closure because the dementia disease doesn't allow for it. But I admire your courage and your clarity.

Anonymous said...

You did the best you could for as long as you could. That's honorable and admirable.

Cecilio Morales said...

Yayyy!!! This has been the longest move ever; and you haven't even started. Good luck!

dikvipreal said...

Thank you for sharing.

getting rid of age spots said...

Good luck with your move! I wish you all the best for the new chapter in your life. It's time to stop running and face your problems head on.

Unknown said...

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