Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bits and Pieces...

Last night, I spent a very pleasant time on the phone with a friend. We got into a discussion about what we wanted to do as kids. We all had some wacky dreams. Some wanted to be doctors or lawyers. Some wanted to be singers or actors. Some wanted to be princesses. My friend wanted to be a famous poet. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were her heros.

I wanted to live in a lighthouse. That was my dream. I imagined a lighthouse on a cliff, somewhere in England or Ireland. It was foggy and the ocean would pound up against the rocks. Funny thing is that I never really gave much thought to people living with me but I had a big dog. I also had cats and an entire wall filled with books.

Told you I was a weird kid!

We then went on to discuss the weird things we believed as kids. My friend believed that when she had chicken pox, she would grow a rooster head. I believed that if you cut a human being in half, it was the same as cutting balogna. You know, we'd be sliced like something at the deli. I also believed I invented peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We both laughed to the point of tears. It was a fun conversation.

For the ex-drunks out there who might be wondering: V. was sober for two weeks. He fell off the wagon last night. Reminds me of the child's rhyme: "Same song, different verse, a little bit louder and a whole lot worse." I know we are never supposed to give up on a suffering alcoholic but he is really trying our resolve. I'm not even bothered to be angry with him this time. While I wish him well, I can no longer participate in his drama. He is a 14-karat a*hole (pardon my language) when he's drinking. He's not abusive or loud but his unreliability and his lying are something I can simply no longer tolerate. There's a fine line between encouraging and enabling. I'm not crossing that line.

May all have joyful memories today ~

Thailand Gal


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