Thursday, October 05, 2006

Don't Forget This Face, Folks!

Don't forget this face, folks! Apparently, a judge in Sonoma County, California has seen fit to dismiss all charges against John Mark Karr, the man who claims to have killed Jon Benet Ramsey. As we all know, that was baloney but he does have a quite a reputation. (I have to stay legal here.)

Just keep an eye out for him. Only Ghod knows where he will turn up next.

The thing that truly amazes me about this is that the judge threw the case out because he believed there was insufficient evidence. While the District Attorney's office irresponsibly lost the computer seized from John Karr's Petaluma residence at the time of the original arrest, they did have a zip drive and mirror copy of all the contents of the hard drive. Judge Wong (remember that name, Sonoma County residents) did not believe the jury should see it.

So... while under the Patriot Act, someone can be harrassed, jailed indefinitely without charges and tortured during interrogation for holding certain political views, they can't manage to come up with one thing to keep an admitted pedophile behind bars.


In another neon display of ignorance and stupidity, one man, the father of a child victim of pedophile Richard Alan Davis, commented glibly on Court TV that "we should have left him in Thailand." Of course, he immediately backtracked when the interviewer commented that Thai children might be just as important as American children. The intent of the original comment was glaringly obvious. Apparently the man is a real advocate for children, as long as they aren't little brown or yellow children in third world countries! The whole interview was in this vein, that he should have been left in Thailand, that he is Thailand's problem. Uh. Hello? He's a US citizen. He is the US's problem, like it or not. He had outstanding warrants in this country. The mistake made on Thailand's end was not doing a thorough background check. He never should have been there.

I will leave it as is. No sense quibbling about it now. Anyone who reads this blog is smart enough to read between the lines.

As it stands right now, John Karr is a free man. He can go anywhere in the world he chooses.

Presumably, his property was returned to him which will include the photograph of JonBenet Ramsey with her mother sent by the Boulder DA's office to trap him in Bangkok.

If I lived in Georgia right now, anywhere near JonBenet's grave, I would be watching for him there.

This is not the last we've heard of that sick son of a b****. Of that, I am certain. I am not seeking vengeance against him but children must be protected. He has been very clear about his fantasies and his intentions.

Oh. He's holding a press conference in the morning. He'll probably say he's going into rehab.

Whatta world!

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Dogwalkmusings said...

My thoughts too. We haven't heard the last of this nut case.