Friday, October 06, 2006

What JMK might say at his press conference....

I was thinking this morning while gardening that he will no doubt come up with something utterly laughable.

Perhaps he will tell us:

1) I am going into rehab. It was only because of my drinking that I have done such horrible things...

2) Fooled all of you! I'm really an out-of-work actor, preparing for the part of The Most Hated Man In The World. Buy my book!

3) I've decided to run for Congress....

4) Sorry to have caused so much trouble but I told a bunch of lies so that I wouldn't spend the next twenty years getting cornholed in a Thai prison...

5) Read my blog!

6) Buy my book!

7) Watch my interviews on TV for the next two months while Diane Sawyer, Chris Hansen, Matt Lauer and Katie Couric all compete for my attention...

8) Yes, I really do wear my pants up around my eyebrows. It is not an affectation.

9) I am NOT pasty and I do NOT look like Lee Harvey Oswald

10) I'm really a nice guy..... You just don't understand me.

11) I need money for my sex change operation. Buy my book!

12) ???

Undoubtedly, this should be an interview to behold. I'll be watching Jay Leno for the next week.

I am not ordinarily so tasteless but this has struck my absurdity bone. I promise to return to some normalcy next week. In fact, this entry might not be up for more than an hour or two.

May all have a peaceful weekend ~

Thailand Gal


Dogwalkmusings said...

Leave it up.

meno said...

Ha ha ha ha.
But not as tasteless as this creep. He deserves it all and more.