Saturday, October 28, 2006

ET Is Phoning Home...

Ever since I got sick earlier this week, I have this major "girl" thing going on. You know, feelings out of wack, crying at Hallmark commercials and being very overly sensitive. Last night while reading email, a post came in from a guy who is currently preparing to go back to Thailand. I got unglued. Of course, dignity is very important and he certainly never knew it. Being envious is a disgusting trait and I was feeling it, so maybe a break from too much talk of Thailand is in order. I'm tired of feeling like ET. Somehow, I have to make peace with this.

Bonnie commented that I am being "dangerously open" here and should be more careful. In some respects, I think she may be right. I've edited out some of the more eggregious stuff. There's baring one's soul ~ and baring one's soul. It's important to remember this is all visible on the web. I forget that sometimes. :)

I saw Bonnie last night. We went downtown to a rally where Cindy Sheehan was due to appear. It was very brief, only two hours so we weren't able to meet her personally. The turnout certainly isn't what we expected but it was still nice to spend time among likeminded others. There were also a group of counter-protesters with some rather disgusting signs. I can't begin to imagine why anyone would feel the need to stand on a street corner with signs that say things like "F*** Cindy". Do they honestly believe they are presenting their view in a way that will appeal to others? Perhaps to others with small minds and limited vocabulary but, overall, I'd say they are not serving their side well. They are not upsetting anyone and only making themselves look like idiots.

Bonnie drove me home and we talked a bit about our ballot-counting days. Twice a year, we all get together and count ballots for local union elections. It's a temp job and there is always an interesting collection of retirees, disabled folks, old hippies, young hippies and others present. It's become tradition now for us to get together each August and December, sit at long tables and discuss the issues of the day over a few hundred thousand ballots. It typically lasts two or three days. We have a good time and make a little extra money. It's an odd little community we've formed. Even with six months separation, we all reconnect and the conversation flows as though there hadn't been a break. It's all good.

May all have a peaceful, restorative weekend ~


Thailand Gal


Ginnie said...

This was an interesting post and I have the same feelings at times...I want to be open and completely honest on my blog but I've disciplined myself to keep it within bounds. I write mine out ahead of time and let them go unpublished until I read them over at a later date and see if it still rings true and is not hurting me or anyone else. (At a later time I will tell you about my ties with Thailand...I think you would find it very different from what you imagine!)

Bonnie said...

If you go too long without Thailand, I'm having you committed. Something will be seriously wrong. I'll believe it when you show up in jeans and a t-shirt. You up for it? LMAO! - Bonnie

Caro said...

I have spent the last hour reading your blog and a very potent mixture of feelings has washed over my soul. I am not big on computers and technology. Have never bought into this "computers are the wave of the future" kind of mentality. I never would have "met" you Thailand gal were it not for the damned keyboard at wich I am pecking away like a poorly coordinated fool. How is it that a 37 year old massage therapy student from Laval, Qu├ębec can so stongly identify with a middle-aged woman she most likely will never meet? Hell, I am just glad you are there... Be well.

Thailand Gal said...

Ginnie, I would truly enjoy hearing about your connection to T-land. Knowing how well you write, it will be a sheer pleasure to read, I'm sure. :)

Bonnie, I ain't wearin' no jeans and t-shirt. I *said* I am going to hold off on a lot more T-talk on the blog, not come back to the dark side. Get used to it. You crack me up! LOL

Caro, Welcome to the land of blogging. If there is any way to find likeminded people, it is definitely the internet. Thank you so much for your kind message. I'm glad people are finding some value in all this blathering I do. :)

Gobody said...

I have read your last post most probably before you edit it and I didn't see anything which I felt was too open or revealing! I have never lived in USA, so I don't know what kind of danger you are talking about, but for me the only danger out there is the dark thoughts in my mind :)

Keep well and in peace

Thailand Gal said...

Gobody, I expect what I am being warned about is becoming too vulnerable. Sometimes it's best to hold back a little bit to stay safe unless we know we are dealing with trustworthy others. This isn't cultural really ~ and I would imagine is a general rule everywhere. That is something I'm not always good at. That's the reason someone brought it to my attention.

Yes, I do believe you read the unedited version.


Thailand Gal