Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thailand Gal's Secret Garden

These two pictures are part of my "secret garden" on the patio and backyard, taken with the digital camera I bought recently. Heaven only knows if I can learn how to use it!

I've also filled the side of the house with more growing "stuff". Good thing the landlord is rather tolerant of my peculiarities. The most she has commented is that it reminds her of "Children of the Corn." Hm. Somehow, that may not be a compliment. :)

More to come. I wore the batteries down. When V. gets back, perhaps he will show me how to take pictures inside.

Thailand Gal


jen said...

ooooh. i want to sit back there and drink some Tom Kha Ki (spelling that wrong) with you. it's perfect. so glad you have a space like that in your daily life.

Lucia said...

Your garden looks lovely...a perfect place to relax.

Thailand Gal said...

Jen, that would be a wonderful idea! I can definitely make some tom kha ki. (spelling close enough). I hope to take some more pictures of the garden from another angle when I get the hang of using that contraption. Too bad it isn't a few months ago when the crepe myrtle was blooming. :)

Lucia, thanks. :) It is very relaxing. It also keeps me plenty busy. LOL


Thailand Gal