Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thailand Gal Standard Time...

Well, I finally got done changing all the clocks in my little space here. The only things that manage themselves seem to be the cell phone and the computer. Everything else required human intervention. Three clocks, a couple of radios, the DVD player, the VCR, the TV in my den and the TV in the bedroom, the coffee maker, the radio, the automatic sprinkler system for the garden, the clock in my car and assorted other gadgets needed my gentle touch to be in synch with the rest of the state.

I don't know why but these changes always mess me up. Perhaps it's being overly routinized which I tend to be. I awoke at 3.00 AM, really 4.00 AM, read a few blogs, had a quick quipfest with a guy in the UK who is apparently on-line most of the time and tried to go back to sleep. As always, I use the radio as a soporific. In the middle of the night there's not a lot going on so I listened to a recovery program and heard the heartwrenching story of a former heroin addict. I finally began to drift off again.

Shanti the Wonder Dog who is as routinized as her owner wanted to be let out and fed at 6.00 AM, really 7.00 AM. I did my duty for God and Dog and tried once again to go back to sleep.

Only to awaken once again as the house came alive. PJ taking a shower, Christina, the young woman who is temporarily staying here, getting up to take care of her kid, V. making coffee... I hear it all. I rarely sleep deeply enough to drown out sound.

So, I finally gave up and got up at 7.00 AM, really 8.00 AM, for good. I'm tired. It will take a few days to adjust to this new schedule. Does anyone else find this custom odd and outdated? Maybe it's just me ~ but I have always preferred Thailand Gal Standard Time which translates directly to "when I bloody well feel like it."

Peace to all,

Thailand Gal


Dogwalkmusings said...

"When I bloody well feel like it" works for me!

Gobody said...

It works for me too. But I like the winter-time because it adds an hour to the day, so if you wake up at 7, it should be really 8 not 6! Or did I get something wrong?

Thailand Gal said...

Gobody, I believe you are correct. I will have to fix that. Linear thinking is lost on me. Thank you. :)

I prefer winter also. It's cozy.. and I like cozy.

Thailand Gal