Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Madonna and Imperial Hubris

So Madonna wants to adopt a little baby from Malawi.

Give me a break!

Perhaps she is competing with Angelina. Perhaps she wants to clean up her image as a self-absorbed, self-centered hedonist. Perhaps she is sincere and really does believe that a child can have a better life with her than with his own father.

Either way, I ain't going for it.

Malawi is one of the most under-developed countries in Southern Africa. It has an extremely high incidence of AIDS. All of these things are certainly relevant to the argument but I have another perspective to present that has nothing to do with that.

If Madonna truly wanted to help this child, knowing he has a living biological father, why doesn't she contribute monthly to the family? Keep them together. Allow the child to grow up in his own culture, surrounded by his own relatives and perhaps even give him a chance at higher education where he will contribute to the well-being of his own country. How can it be in the best interests of this child to be pulled from all he knows, brought to a foreign country with a foreign culture?

It takes a special hubris for citizens of certain countries to believe their way of life is the only one worth living. I don't blame Madonna. She was trained to believe the way she does. She is trained to believe that satisfying her own desires, regardless of the impact on others, is the highest value. If she wants it, she should have it. If she doesn't want it, she should be able to throw it away. There is nothing inconsistent in her actions and her cultural background.

I hope, by all that matters to me, that she will not be able to adopt that child. If she is truly trying to practice nam jie, perhaps she would be willing to commit to a monthly income for the baby and his father for the remainder of their lives.

Now that would impress me.

May we be protected from the strong ~

Thailand Gal


meno said...

This is a bit hard to swallow without choking isn't it? My guess is that she will get what she wants.

Stephen Newton said...

Yes, I couldn't agree more. Why not adopt a child in THIS country? There are enough of them without anyone. It's apparently cooler and more hip to adopt children from other countries.

Thanks for stopping by, Thailand Gal. I hope your drreams come true.

Lucia said...

In Nairobi a couple of weeks ago, I read a newspaper opinion column that made these same points--the importance of growing up in one's own culture if at all possible and keeping children near extended families if at all possible. Ain't that the truth. I'd like to believe that money doesn't make everything possible...but maybe it does.

Annie said...

How nice of you to leave a comment on my blog..which in turn brought me to yours! I find that so interesting...the journey.

I have read many of your postings here and am now hooked. I don't wish you luck on your plans, however. Luck has nothing to do with it. Based on your attitude and actions you ARE going to Thailand. Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?

I'm impressed with your writing abilities. Either you attended a reallly good high school, or you went to college...or you have worked very hard in the years since college to cultivate a very well-educated wasy of expressing yourself. Whatever did it -- it shows.

I shall return and pls visit me again, also!

Thailand Gal said...

Annie, yes.. I am familiar with law of attraction. I also believe I will get to Thailand. It is my spirit's home. My spirit longs for it. When that is the case, we manage to create what our spirit needs. It's not so much a matter of practical effort (although there is that.. LOL) as it is a process of remaining open to see the opportunities.

Thailand Gal