Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea: The more things change..

So... North Korea supposedly tested a nuke last night. In an underground location. They know it was a missile. It may or may not be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It may or may not have been the equivalent destructive ability of a few tons of TNT.

The test is questionable, according to this morning's press statement. No one really knows what they did, not according to the US media or the international media.

The fact that the fear frenzy is beginning is not. Watch for the propaganda machine to be in full swing for the next two or three weeks in order to make an attack on North Korea more palatable to the masses. Cause everyone to fear another bogeyman on the international stage. Conjure up Stalin and Mussolini. Talk about terrorists recruiting on YouTube. Everyone is out to get us and attack our precious way of life. Mass fear is the exact outcome desired by those who see endless war as a means to their own ends. If I am wrong, well, call me Cleopatra and feed me grapes.

Meanwhile, here's some stuff we're not hearing about this morning (or any time in the recent past) ....

The US Congress has passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 which gives the President dictatorial powers with no provisions for oversight by or accountability to the Legislative branch of government. George Bush can now become "king".

On October 1, Bush and SECDEF Rumsfeld deployed a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, an attack submarine, a submarine escort, a US Navy flagship, two destroyers, two war frigates, two battle cruisers, and a combat support ship to the Persian Sea and the Arabian Sea, firepower sufficent to mount a war on Iran when they arrive on or near October 21.

Emails have come to light, one of which shows that Jack Abramoff knew and spoke with Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove about "the upcoming war on Iraq" nearly a year before it began.

According to the Department of Defense website this morning, 2,729 soldiers have died in Iraq as of 6 October 2006.

The US did not approve of the coup in Thailand so it has placed sanctions. “More than $16 million in counterterrorism and other training for the Thai military; $3.29 million in peacekeeping training; and $4 million for Thai arms purchases” will be affected, according to the paper.

I think it's time the rest of the world sanctions the US until it can, once and for all, mind its own bloody business and stop trying to take over the world.

May the world find peace ~

Thailand Gal


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