Monday, October 23, 2006

Watching the morning news....

Just a quick thought today. I am extremely low-energy which occurs on occasion. It doesn't come from the ether, though. It comes when I spend half the weekend sitting at the computer, eating junk food. Yucky! No more! I'm off the junk food for the forseeable future. (Yeah, until my housemate offers me more of that delicious pumpkin bread!)

V. is gone for the week to go spend time with his girlfriend. He has now been sober for five days. Yay, V.!


Politics is the ongoing dialogue about "how things should be" rather than "how things are." When reality doesn't match some folks' closely-held personal views, they grasp that with which they are comfortable and ignore the conflicting data.

Magicians take advantage of this by creating illusions that appear to be very real while they are actually not. Endless repetition of the illusion serves only to reinforce the view of something being "magic and correct" when it is actually an illusion and false.

Constant repetition of how someone believes "how things should be" instead of "how things are" has the same effect. Rather than admit their closely-held personal views may be wrong, they turn illusion into an alternate, wrong reality.

This seems to be happening a lot these days.

I need a break from US politics. My positions seem to remain basically the same, no matter how much of this stuff I read and watch. Yay, liberals. Boo, neocons. No adoption for Madonna. Yay, Barack Obama! Yes, he should be president. If only it could be. Boo, Iraq. Boo, Iran. Boo, North Korea. Boo, Bush. Boo, Rumsfeld.

Yay, CSI: Miami. Yay, Judging Amy. Yay, taco salad. Yay, Thailand. It's going to be one of those days! I'm going to go over to Target, look at inexpensive digital cameras, buy two beef hot dogs and be back in time for daytime re-runs of Judging Amy. Some days just need to be that way. Even Shanti The Wonder Dog agrees.

Peace to all, and if someone finds my brain, please return it. I miss it.

Thailand Gal



Stephen Newton said...

Sounds like you do need some comfort food, Gal. I was listening to Tony Snow spin more confusion today and I thought how appropriate that the former Fox newscaster was named Snow, for Snow Job. He is the perfect spokesperson for our unperfect President.

Thailand Gal said...

Ah, yes. It's been a comfort food kind of day. It's utterly pathetic when my brain decides to take a powder and gives me no clue when it will return. It could be in danger out there somewhere. Meanwhile, there's always Judging Amy. :)

Tony Snow. It sounds like one of those cover names ~ like Molly Hale or Valerie Plame.

Hm. The makings of a conspiracy theory here.

Thailand Gal