Saturday, November 11, 2006

Odd habits, Odd facts... Effluvia...

Okay. So I stole this idea from several blogs I've seen over the past few weeks. Lists. It's all I can do today since I seem to have exceeded my capacity for discussing anything deeper than the parking lot puddles at the convenience store across the street, caused by this morning's rain.

So, here's 15 things you probably wish you never knew about another human being:

1) When I left Thailand, I snuck a small bag of soil out in my bra. It's in a box on the bookshelf. I also have a long locket-style necklace that holds a small amount of it. When I go back, I will return the soil to its rightful owner.

2) I drink Diet Coke daily and eat only once a day.

3) My dog sleeps on the bed with me.

4) I can't stand to see people hurt and cry during some of the daytime talk shows.

5) I have a hard time letting go of things people give me so have a cardboard box in the closet which holds all sorts of little treasures.

6) People get annoyed because I speak softly. I'm constantly chided to "speak up".

7) I have a bad habit of startling people because I am very quiet. This irritates my housemates in a way you can't imagine.

8) When I become frightened, I can not utter a word.

9) My cell phone ringtone is "Fur Elise".

10) I take a book with me everywhere.

11) I am terrible at anything related to money. In the overall sense, I don't care much for money and don't like dealing with it.

12) There's an older guy here in the neighborhood who always wears shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, even in the dead of winter. He always wears a fisherman's hat. He carries a large messengers bag. I don't know where he is going but he walks to and from daily. I wish for the courage to speak with him. He's probably an interesting person.

13) I have only experienced one "one night stand" in my life. I was driving from Baltimore to Tucson and met the guy in a coffee shop. It was in Woodbridge, Virginia. Something about the soft rain and the Blue Ridge Mountains...

14) I have a morbid fear of anything rotting. I'm compulsive about cleaning the refrigerator. Perfectly good stuff probably gets tossed because my eyesight is bad and I can't always read the expiration date.

15) I have tried ~ It was a waste of money. And I'm sometimes afraid I will never meet a suitable man again.

Your turn. Tell me something quirky, odd or irritating about yourselves. :)

Peace to all,

Thailand Gal



caro said...

I talk to myself. Out loud. In English when I am feeling strong and joyous and in French when I am troubled or sad. My daughter once walked in on one of my imaginary invectives ( the recipient:our lovely Stephen Harper) You should have seen the look on her face ha!

Anvilcloud said...

I am also a Diet Coke drinker, but I sure eat more often than once a day. A cat sleeps on the bed with us. He prefers to be at my feet, but it drives me crazy, and I seem to getting him to stay on Cuppa's side lately.

ecm said...

It's amazing how much you can say in a list! I also fear I throw out too much food but it usually gets to the rotting stage :( Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

I jerked off this morning thinking about Thailand Girl.

Cuppa said...

I have no sense of direction AT ALL! AC has a built in compass in his head, but I get lost all the time. I take maps with me wherever I go and when we go out on the bikes I take a GPS and extra batteries just in case I need help to find my way home.

Thailand Gal said...

Caro, I often get into rather complex conversations with myself, answering, asking and commenting. When I am very calm, I try to say things in Thai since it is a new language for me. Most of the time, it's just plain old English though. :)

Anvil, I've never understood those who don't like animals on the bed. It's cozy to have our pets with us. (cringe ~ Thailand Gal admits too much, yet again! LOL)

ECM, I kind of like the lists and always enjoy them on other people's blogs. You're right. You can tell a lot!

Anonymous, I hope you didn't strain your thumb and forefinger. I understand a topical analgesic will help with the pain.

Cuppa, I can relate! I get lost in my own house. :)

Thanks, everyone :)


Thailand Gal

Brenda said...

You know those little sperms that show up in eggs? I remove them. They make me sick to see them.

meno said...

I also take a book with me everywhere. It helps me to be less impatient when i have to wait. I am a terrible waiter.

QT said...

I am an animal lover and I have attempted to become a vegetarian more than once and failed.

I am a coffee snob, I bite my nails, and sometimes pull out my eyelashes.

Lucia said...

I've seen lists on blogs lately and was thinking about them too. It's amazing how much a list can tell about a person.

I love the soil in the bra. I brought back a jar of sand with little shells from the Sahara, but I didn't even bother to hide it to sneak it in.

I'll be thinking about you those couple of nights I'm in a frou frou hotel near the airport in Bangkok. It'll be like being in Thailand but not really being in Thailand.

jen said...

i smuggled sand from cambodia.

i also pick at my eyelashes.

KC said...

I have a tweezing problem.

I really like maps and have a fairly good sense of direction and was called "Map Girl" by the group of friends I backpacked through Europe with during college.

I have a navel ring (not many in my profession do! At least not that I know of!)

(that was fun!)

Ginnie said...

Interesting list, T-gal. I guess the most unlikely thing I do is listen to LOUD raucus music when I'm on a long trip...especially Heavy Metal (which I got to like thanks to my 2 boys...musicians.)
At home, or with other friends, it's usually the classics! (What a phony, huh?)

Dick said...

I like to read and always carry a book. That probably comes from living on an island in my past where access was only by ferry boat. Lots of waiting time. Nelson DeMille is one of my favorites, too. I wish he had written more titles than he has.

I find I don't need booze to get high- I am doing it now on love. A nice feeling and positive in all ways.

Gobody said...

Interesting list, none of it that bad really. I can live with a person like you. I wonder how my list would be like! :)

Thailand Gal said...

Brenda, I made scrambled eggs this morning. Yes, the little "sperm". Erm.. you've changed my life. I'll never look at an egg the same way again. :>

Meno, I do it for the same reason.

qt, doesn't everyone pull out their eyelashes? :)

Lucia, there's something about rocks and soil. I used to save it from all my travels but finally settled on Thailand's alone. Eventually, I will return the soil to Thailand. Huzzah! That will be a special day! :)

Jen, sand from Cambodia! Yes!

KC, now I will always wonder.. does my doctor have a navel ring? Hm. It will only make her more interesting if she does. :)

Ginnie, heavy metal? Really? Last time I took a long drive, I blared mor lam music. Every time I stopped for a light, people in the other cars looked at me like I was nuts. (g)

Dick, see my note on your blog about Nelson DeMille.

Gobody, write one! :)

Peace all ~

Thailand Gal

Pam said...

I always carry a book andCD player with me.

I scream out loud when I am home alone to dump stress.

Z said...

Only my family know this .... until now.

I love the smell of dog paws. I don't sniff strange dogs of course, that would be very odd. But I have sniffed my own dogs' paws since I was a child.