Sunday, December 24, 2006

Foggy Day and Long Walks...

I know this will probably sound bizarre and weird (as if anything at this blogspot sounds "normal and average") but I love fog! Maybe it's the mystery of it. Maybe it's the muted tones. Whatever the reason, I love taking long walks, hearing the faint wetness of my footsteps and the quick clicky sound of my dog's feet. The whole world seems so quiet, so approachable, so embracing.

It's a foggy morning here in River City. (Perhaps someone can correct me but if I'm not mistaken, Bangkok is also called "River City".) There are times when the fog gets so thick, we can't see a quarter mile ahead. Those are my favorite fog days for walking. These are times when going to the American River which runs through this city is especially appealing. The fog seems to rise up from the water itself, creating an eery view. It feels like the veil between this world and the spirit world is a bit thinner.

A check of the morning news indicates the malls will still be open today, a marathon day for retail workers who will be at it until 0'Dark Thirty tonight. The parking lots are already full.

And while the crazy shoppers are busy with their pursuits, it's a good time for a walk to a local restaurant for a cup of decaf and an English muffin.

I hope all will have a peaceful day, one that brings you fulfillment of your hopes and dreams, whatever they may be, seasonal or not.

(Yes, P. The picture above is Hong Kong. :)




MsLittlePea said...

Sounds nice! Hope you have a good day!!

Anonymous said...

On a foggy day not long ago, I dropped my daughter off at school. It wasn't foggy there, so I assumed it had burned off, but back at home, it was still foggy. It was strange. Had I been going somewhere else, I never would have realized the fog was local to my neighborhood, and even stranger, because we're located in a high spot, rather than in a valley where I'd expect fog. We usually vacation on Cape Cod, and it's always foggy there at night.

I'm home "alone" today with the kids, so it's just like any other day here. I must admit, I'll be glad when the whole business is done because it's just a lot of work. Bah humbug.

jen said...

i love the fog as well. dreamy and mysterious.

and peace to you, my dear elder friend chani. today, tomorrow, and every single day.

Potato Print said...

Hi Thailand Gal

I love fog too. It makes the world seem private. Thanks for the special wishes today.

Ginnie said...

Walking with the fog folding around you is a real treat...driving in it is scary. It's Christmas Eve and my kids have arrived from NY state and are now down with the 2 boys...leaves me just enough time to send best wishes to you for a wonderful Christmas, Chani. I enjoy our friendshipl.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I flashed on a coffee shop I like in the old part of Sacramento and wondered if you had gone there. It's on a corner - I can't think of the name, but have had lunch there many times.

I would have liked to join you for coffee and English muffins with marmalade.

Have a happy day tomorrow, and in the relative quiet around you, contemplate the shortest distance between Northern CA and Thailand. I think if you take the heart route, it's not far.

Thinking of you in SF.


KC said...

Wishing you an unusually foggy forecast. I like the thought of you walking in a deep fog and feeling embraced!

(what a lovely coment from heartinsanfrancisco)

meno said...

i like fog because i can feel alone without being alone.